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  1. Alanna says

    The reason I don't run a lot of races is strictly due to cost. I've only done 4 races in the last 2 years… I paid just over $100 for my full this weekend and that was the early fee (w/tax & online fee). My husband's entry was $25 more. Unfortunately when you live in a big city the choices are all pretty expensive. There aren't a lot of small community races like in the states either, but I think that's due to safety and insurance costs for organizers – it's just a different system. I'd love to find a $5 (or even $15) race!

  2. Stephanie Anne says

    There are no 5Ks near me less than $25… I wish there were! Most of my triathlons average 60-90 so its tough on my wallet too!

  3. Holly says

    @Crystal. Sounds kinda like the Dave Ramsey plan 🙂

    Glad to know I am not the only who who tries to stick to a racing budget.

  4. Wells L says

    Seems this topic brought the comments –
    I prefer $15 or less for 5K's (though if it's a special event with a special meal or special activities I don't mind paying $20 – $25 for a 5K . . . well, that would require something super special!).
    I don't have a half marathon limit – I'll do the race if it sounds like fun or has something special.

    I create an annual racing budget (and transfer money monthly into the account) which includes all aspects of racing (fuel, gear, travel, food if traveling, shoes, etc). It's the bottom line – I can do whichever races I want to as long as the money is in the account.

    Oh sure, I'm certain everyone has been disappointed by a race (or two or ten).

    Have fun on your group run tonight! Can't wait to hear how you felt about running with a group!

  5. Crystal says

    we have an "envelope" for our racing money. We put in $100 each month. Some month we dont use it all but some months we will use it plus the surplus due to signing up for halfs. there is a 5k race pretty much every weekend in the summer. last year we did almost all of them, this year we will only do the ones we really liked, but we are adding in more half's, or at least my hubby is. 🙂 it depends on what the charity is too. if it's going towards something i really like i'm willing to pay more!.

  6. Pretend this is real says

    I'm with you! There's a marathon near me that costs $35… I refuse to pay $30-$40 for a 5K when I could get 26.2 for the same price!

  7. Sarah says

    There was a Turkey Trot I wanted to do last year…but $25 for a 5k is ridiculous. And there is a half marathon by me that is $90. $90?! No way!

  8. Shannon says

    I do have a cap – I will NOT pay more than $25 for a 5k. That's just crazy. I can go buy a cute tech t for that much!

  9. BabyWeightMyFatAss says

    Well there are some are just absurd. There was 9 mile race on 9.11 this year that was like 65 or more and you didn't even get a medal I think. But here in IL, I would be hard pressed to find 5k's for $15. Minimum here I think is 22-25 so that can include a t shirt.

  10. Michelle says

    I really don't have a cap for races. The 5k and 10k races I do on base are 5 dollars or are free so I guess that makes up for spending more money on other distances. I paid 40 for my last half marathon which I thought was fine. Some of the prices for full marathons are ridiculous!

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