Wrightsock Review Layered Running Socks

Wrightsock is a sock company focusing on footwear for athletes, including runners. Their socks are made in the USA and vary in thickness and styles. Wrightsock is also known for their “anti-blister formula.” This is a full Wrightsock review.

I received some socks from the company to try out and will share my full product review. Wrightsocks features a double layer which is designed to reduce blisters while running. Continue reading to learn more about Wrightsock and if I would recommend them for running.

Wrightsock Review

Wrightsock Review

About Wrightsock

Here’s some information directly from the Wrightsock website about their products:

In competition, your feet are subjected to extreme stress. As your body heats up, your feet get wet, hot and chafed. The combination of moisture, heat and friction often leads to painful blisters and discomfort that keeps you from performing at your peak.

How can you eliminate this problem? Wrightsock Double Layer Socks are the answer! Wrightsock Double Layer construction coupled with the most technically advanced fibers, delivers the blister protection that you need. Wrightsock Double Layer provides year round comfort and performance with no blisters – guaranteed.” – source

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Wright Running Socks

Wrightsock Review

Wrightsock Fit and Comfort

I tried out the Wrightsock SLT in a size small. I normally wear size 6 shoes. During my Wrightsock review I found the socks fit me well and some some ankle coverage to avoid having your running shoes rub around the lower ankle.

The fit was not too loose and also not too tight. Some pairs of Wrightsock have a bit of support on the bottom arch.  You can see this in the photo below with the gray stitching sewn into the bottom of the sock along the arch.

The feel was comfortable, although I have no evidence that arch support played any role in my running performance. For me support in that area of the sock has not made a difference but it could depending on your footwear needs.

Wrightsock Reviews

Wrightsock Function

I have mostly worn the socks on my most recent four to five mile runs and have had no blisters. I have had no chafing either on my feet or while wearing the running socks.

In terms of cost, Wrightsock socks are very reasonable in price compared to other running socks I have seen on the market. I washed the socks several times and have not had any holes appear in them or snags. The socks are durable and long lasting.

Wrightsock Running Socks

Wrightsock Style

During my Wrightsock review I learned the socks are available in a variety of styles. When I’m running in the summer, my preference has been for the lower cut socks.

Although I’m sure some of the thicker socks will be great during winter. Over the years Wrightsock has also expanded their runner socks line to include various cuts, styles and colors.

Wright Socks Review

Wrightsock Review

Wrightsock Fit

During my Wrightsock review I learned about their size chart. Their adult size chart is above. I found the socks to fit true to size as me I wore a size small and my shoe size is a size 6.

If you have children, there is also a size chart for kids sizing on the Wrightsock website. Older children might fit best into the women’s sizing as their feet grow. It would be beneficial to check both charts and compare to your child’s shoe size.

Wrightsock Review

Wrightsock Review

In Summary

Wrightsock is a good running sock option for runners looking for running socks. The double layer anti blister technology is interesting and the socks are well made and last through many washes. Runners can be very particular about their socks so it’s important to hear a review and research all running socks available on the market before making a decision on footwear.

What kind of socks do you wear for running?

Disclosure: I am not compensated for product reviews, unless otherwise stated. I was given a free sample of the product in exchange for writing a Wrightsock review. All opinions and thoughts here are my own. Some links within this post are affiliate links.

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70 thoughts on “Wrightsock Review Layered Running Socks”

  1. My biggest issue is them being the right length to not look dorky but also not being a barrier between back of foot/ankle and the shoe.

  2. i had an issue my last 1/2 marathon with my feet sliding in my shoes so I wish I would have had some anti friction socks.

  3. The biggest problem I have had is constantly getting holes. Also, sometimes my sock snags my toenail and I don’t even have long toe nails! Then it bleeds 🙁

  4. The biggest issue I have had with socks is that they slide down too far in the back and cause blisters from my ankle rubbing the shoe. GRR!

  5. I can’t seem to avoid blisters if I don’t use some type of blister blocker. After the Akron marathon I had a blister the size of texas on my arch, and I even stopped at a med tent to get it wrapped. Awful!

  6. I follow you via my google reader. I HATE the tiny no-show socks! They are so popular, I don’t know why. What’s wrong with covering your ankles and NOT having your socks ride down the back of your foot??!!

  7. I have a pair of pink socks (of course) that look cute, but always slide down during longer runs. I hate that.

  8. Oh and my issue is with socks — unless I’m working out I HATE wearing socks. So my workout socks have to be awesome or I’m constantly thinking about them!

  9. My biggest issue with socks has been them slipping in back and getting rubbed on my lower ankle. I’ve def started buying them a tad taller.

  10. Luckily, my experiences haven’t been too terrible, but I often get blisters on long runs, especially when it’s really hot out.

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