10-Miler Training Plan for Running a Race

10 Mile races are very popular in the fall. Many runners will begin training for this distance in late summer. This is perfect timing because it is just before the holidays when a lot of people want to get in better shape. Today I am sharing a 10-Miler training plan for runners.

It’s also in time for fall half-marathons and marathons. I have run a spring 10-Mile race about three times now. I have also run a fall half-marathon. The 10-Mile distance is great for half marathon training as it’s usually the last long run in the training plan.

10-Miler Training Plan

10-Miler Training Plan

10 Mile Training Plan

The last time I ran a 10-Miler I had about three months to complete my 10 Miler training plan. Having a training plan can help you commit to what you are training for. I was a little uncomfortable when I first posted this, but this post has become very popular for anyone who wants to run a 10-Mile race.

At the time I wrote this, I really needed to commit to what I was saying which is training for and running a 10-Mile race in three months. Here’s the basic plan I outlined for a 10-miler training plan.

A successful 10 Mile race includes training runs in addition to cross-training. Yoga, strength training and biking are great forms of cross-training. Many runners will also opt to swim. You can also add walks to your training plan.

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Essentially, during my last training cycle I needed to have one long run a week, progressively becoming longer up until race day. I wanted to make sure to go to yoga class at least once a week.

Yoga is a great cross-training method for me. I knew I needed to do more abdominal work, leg and arm work – so I added in at least one day a week for strength training. This is a 12 week plan however you can adapt it to fit your needs or if you are looking for a 10 week 10 mile training plan.

Scheduling Your Weekly Long Run

In the past I’ve done my long runs on Saturdays but I had not really been feeling weekend workouts at the time. I also really like sleeping in (that is, when my daughter isn’t waking me up!) and really enjoying some rest and recovery – both physically, and mentally from the week.

This last training plan I tried long run Fridays, with the idea that I could always move them to Saturday if weather is really bad. For the most part I knew I need to be running outside though in order to build up endurance. This tactic worked really well for me.

Alternately, some runners have their long run on Sundays as they work their way up on a 10 Mile run training plan.

10 Mile Race Training Plan

10-MIler Training Planclick image to enlarge

How to Train for a 10 Mile Run

This image above shows my actual training plan for my last 10-Mile race. Note two rest days a week, this is a workable and realistic plan. It will not take up your entire life! In fact it’s perfect for anyone short on time or for busy working adults or parents.

I hope this schedule is helpful in preparing for your race. It’s a great plan for anyone who has already built a small running “foundation.” I had two rest days in there and then two other days to run shorter distances or cross-train. Daily walks with my rescue dog Lulu are in addition to my above plan.

Walking is a great exercise for “active recovery” for both runners and non-runners alike. I would describe that foundation as being able to run a 5K comfortably, or a 3-Mile run. This plan works off of that base.

This is also a light plan, it does not include heavy mileage which is great if you are a recreational runner, if this is your very first 10-Mile race or you want to be especially kind to your joints. I’ve always been a low mileage runner and I’ve run more than 40 road races to date.

10 Mile Race Training

10-Miler Training Plan

In Summary

I’ve run several 10 mile races over the years and this plan above was very helpful to me. I hope it helps you as well as you train for a 10 Mile race, or even a longer race. Again, this plan is easily adapted to a half-marathon as well.

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Figure out the start date of your race, and then work your plan backward week to week. You can see in my example when I started my training by the dates in the left hand column. Once you can run a 10 Miler an easy transition is to tack on three miles and run a half-marathon.

There are many ten mile races in the fall, so right now it’s a great time to start training for your race. Also, be sure to read my half marathon training post for information on how I train for that distance.

What is your favorite racing distance?

12 thoughts on “10-Miler Training Plan for Running a Race”

  1. That looks like a great training plan. It looks really, really manageable. Putting the cross-training in between the run days is a GREAT idea. I unfortunately always slack off on that towards the end of my training plans and I think I wind up paying for it on race day. Putting your long run on a Friday is smart because you have a lot of flexibility, like you said. My long run day is Sunday and it’s a bit stressful when the weather is bad because it can be hard to have time for a long run during the workweek.

    I may be doing the 10 Miler too depending on if my friends do it.

    Once you get done with this…it’s only 3.1 more miles until 13.1! You should totally run the half at the 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon one month later. Heck, most training plans only take folks up to 10 miles before race day.

    I just looked at your list of previous races and I saw that you ran the 2012 Lakewood Summer Meltdown. That was my first-ever 5K!

    • I’m already looking at this week’s forecast. May move my Friday run to Saturday (a few degrees warmer), but like you said there is that flexibility! I thought about running the CLE half again but it could be sold out by the time I survive the 10-Miler. We’ll see!

  2. I wish I could run! My husband and I just bought a treadmill and we have an elliptical machine. We have been moving on them every night together. I do the elliptical. Let’s just say that I have no business running.

  3. Good luck with your training! The Hermes 10-miler is by far one of my favorite races! I’ve run it the past 3 years as a training run for my spring half marathon. I’m sad that I won’t be able to run it this year since my spring half is the following day! If you ever want to run together, let me know!

  4. WOW! That is amazing. And I thought running a 5K was long 🙂 Keeping a schedule like that keeps you on track, which is great, especially for something like this! I’d love to know what your eating plan is…I’m always looking for healthy meals! Can’t wait to see how you progress. Good Luck! ~SITS Girl Tribe~

  5. What a goal, I’m cheering for you. I’m hoping to do some running this summer, so I will spend the winter building myself up. I live in Pittsburgh, weather is a mess right now. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

    SITS girl tribe:)

  6. I’m very impressed! My husband runs marathons, but I’m more of a walker. However, one of my goals this year is to run a 5K, so time to get moving;) I’m in your SITS Girls Tribe!

  7. Hi, happy to meet you Holly. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love running but haven’t aspired to run a marathon. I do appreciate you posting your work out because I do want to get faster and would love to see what worked for you.


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