My name is Holly. I’m a wife, mom, rescue dog parent and small business owner. I’m also a Midwest native and the writer behind Welcoming Simplicity.

This is the space where I talk about the topics I am most passionate about: wellnesshomemaking, saving money and gardening. This blog has chronicled my simple living journey since 2010 and has helped me gather insight and inspiration from others.

Whether you are learning home canning for the first time, dealing with pests in your garden or trying to figure out how to pinch a few more pennies out of your budget – this is a place to find encouragement and direction in the art of simple living.


I grew up in Ohio and was raised in a blue collar family. I was one of the first in my immediate family to go to college and save for a short stint in Indiana when I was a working journalist, I’ve lived in Ohio my entire life. Right now I reside in thriving Cleveland, Ohio.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends. While I’m social by nature – visiting local wineries, traveling and seeking new challenges – I also appreciate alone time. I feel most at home when I’m sipping a cup of homemade cold brew coffee and filling out my daily planner.

I’m driven, organized and independent. Creative release is important to me and one of the reasons I started blogging. I’d also like to be an art museum docent someday, but in the meantime I’m crafting kids art projects and painting rooms in our 1950s cape cod.

In addition to spending time with others, some of my interests include shopping at garage sales and collecting Lake Erie beach glass. Also, a side note, just to clear this all up, white nail polish was my favorite color before it became popular.


I’m also stubborn, overly ambitious (sometimes to the point of exhausting myself) and struggle with patience. Stress often gets the best of me, and I find it hard to stop and take time for myself.

I have a tendency to take on too much and struggle with wanting to do it all. Motherhood has, of course, added another complex layer to this equation!

In 2015 we had a baby girl who turned our world upside down. Being a mother is teaching me to strive for less than perfect, embrace the messes and practice better self-care.

I’m also a former dog hater, turned dog lover. We adopted our rescue pup Lulu, a Lhasa Apso mix, in 2012. Lulu is a reader favorite and I try to include her recent shenanigans and stories both on the blog and my social media channels.

garden box
I enjoy homemaking and embracing a more simple way of life. While I value today’s modern conveniences, at my core I’m an old soul. On the weekend, when I’m not cleaning up messes from said projects, you can find me home canning and listening to vinyl records.

I’ve been an avid gardener since childhood. I was elated  six years ago when we finally moved into a home with a yard. My husband built several raised beds and a cold frame box.

I plant a vegetable garden each year and my focus is on edible landscaping and organic gardening. In 2014 I crossed an item off my bucket list and became a Certified Master Gardener.


I take a common sense approach to life. I’m frugal and practical to my core. I prefer to spend money on experience rather than things. I strive to save, reuse and reduce whenever possible.

I use several smart phone apps to help me save money when I shop and I’m a coupon clipping fanatic. It would be best if you were not behind me in line as I will hold it up! This blog is an outlet to share my top tips for saving money, so that you too, can live a frugal lifestyle.


Emotional and physical well-being are also important to me. Fitness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

In 2010 I became serious about running and went on to complete 10 races the same year, including my first half-marathon, a 12K and a 10K. To date I have now completed more than 40 road races including a 5K with Lulu and a total of three half-marathons.

I enjoy practicing vinyasa yoga regularly and just recently have taken up strength training again.

While I’m passionate about fitness, there are a few foods I can’t say goodbye to: boxed macaroni and cheese and sea salt caramel ice cream (my pregnancy craving that has now turned into a lifelong craving!).


In 2013 I broke free from cubicle life and launched my own business. I provide writing, editing and proofreading services to businesses of all sizes.

Most people hire me when they need to outsource additional work during a busy season, or because their company is too small to have a full-time writer on staff.

Prior to having my own business I was a newspaper reporter. I covered crime and have many interesting stories from that time, which for now, we will save for another day.

In the meantime I blog as a way to help others live frugal and simple lives and to keep my writing chops as fresh as possible!


Again, thank you for stopping by!

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