How Much Does Poshmark Take

How Much Does Poshmark Take?

If you’re new to buying or selling clothing and accessories on Poshmark you may be wondering how much does Poshmark take? This is a valid concern from both the buyer and seller side. In addition to knowing about fees, it’s important to see how these fees compare to other platforms for a full picture. I’ll … Read more

Plato's Closet Selling Hacks

Plato’s Closet Selling Hacks

I’ve written before about ways you can get cash for your old clothing. One of the most popular ways is to sell your items to Plato’s Closet. This is a popular resale store for gently used, trendy items. Learn Plato’s Closet selling hacks. Today I’m sharing some insider tips from my personal experience selling at … Read more

Gift Ideas for Poshmark Sales

Gift Ideas for Poshmark Sales

You joined Poshmark, a popular clothing selling app and website. You listed some of your clothes for sale and finally made your first sale. Now how to package your item for shipping and what kind of gift ideas for Poshmark sales? Many Poshmark sellers like to include a gift or freebie in with their item, … Read more