Gardening in Winter

Gardening in Winter What to Do and When

For gardeners, the dead of winter is their worst enemy. It’s the one time each year they can’t busy themselves outside. This season can be extremely frustrating and easy to wish away. However, there are several ways you can enjoy the gardening in winter. We are in the middle of winter right now, but the … Read more

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care in Northeast Ohio

When we first became homeowners, I wasn’t sure where to begin when it came to the lawn or garden. Everything was overwhelming. We knew we had to mow the lawn, so we started there. Over time we learned better mowing techniques to strengthen the grass, purchased a new mower and switched to organic lawn care … Read more

Garden in August

What to Plant in August for a Garden

“What to Plant in August?” Around this time of the year, many gardeners give up. Their once thriving June crops are slowly dying and turning yellow, beaten down by the summer heat and wildlife. Or they may simply be tired of tending to their garden as the novelty of growing their own food has worn … Read more

Winter Lettuce

Winter Lettuce Seeds and Varieties

One of my most popular posts is how I have grown lettuce before during the winter. Today I wanted to expand on that topic a bit more and get into the different winter lettuce types, along with seeds and other growing options. Enjoying fresh, home grown salads all winter can’t be beat. If you want … Read more

Ordering Roses

Ordering Roses Online Bulk, Rose Bush

In the past I posted about all these plant and seed catalogs I had gathered. In January I often order seeds, and one year in February I ordered rose bushes and some fruit trees. Did you know you can order fruit trees online? What about ordering roses? There is still time right now for ordering … Read more

Hardneck Garlic

Hardneck Garlic Varieties and Harvest Tips

Most people know garlic as garlic. It was the same for me, until I discovered there are two types of garlic, softneck garlic and hardneck garlic. Now, planting the hardneck variety in my home garden is one of my favorite fall activities. I prefer planting hard neck garlic for several reasons, one being this variety … Read more