Drymax Socks Review Socks for Runners

Drymax socks in the past offered me an opportunity to try out a pair of their moisture-wicking socks. I selected a pair of “no tab” socks for my Drymax socks review. A 3-pack of socks costs various prices depending on style.

Today I’m sharing my personal experience with these running socks. I’ll explain all of the pros and cons of these running socks, how they worked for me and how they hold up longterm.

Drymax Socks Review

Drymax Socks Review

From the Drymax website

“As a runner, moisture is your feet’s worst enemy. Moisture causes blisters, discomfort, Athlete’s Foot and allows odor causing bacteria to flourish.

However you also know your feet are going to get wet, either from sweating, stepping in a puddle, running across wet grass or getting caught in the rain. You can even get splashed at a race water station and instead of the water going in you, it goes on you.”

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Drymax Socks Review
Full Review

I have to admit when it comes to footwear my focus has been on the running shoes – not the socks. After I started my Drymax Socks review, I was shocked at the difference in not only padding but also genuine good quality of the socks. I would also like to mention that Drymax socks are made in the USA.

My socks have been through several washes and have held up well. I have opted to wash Drymax socks with sport detergent because of the moisture-wicking capability they have. The padding on the socks is comforting.

I wore the socks on both a half-marathon and for a 10K. I trusted Drymax from the start and these socks did not let me down. If you take anything away from this Drymax Socks review, realize I ran more than 8 miles for the first time in my life wearing these socks, and then actually ran all 13.1 with no blisters. I had blisters previously on 6-mile training runs prior to using Drymax socks.

Drymax Socks Review

Drymax Running Socks


In Summary

This is one brand of running socks you might want to try as a runner. These are my favorite running socks out of all I have tried. I appreciate the padding, durability and they do not give me blisters. I would highly recommend Drymax socks for long distance running and racing in particular.

Do you wear special socks when you run?

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