Filling Breakfast Foods and Quick Recipes

When I commuted and worked in an office I preferred packing my breakfast during the week. The only hindrance was it was difficult for me to come up with “grab and go” options. I struggled with figuring out how to make a filling breakfast that would keep me satisfied until lunch.

Now working from home I still struggle even with the convenience of a kitchen. How to make a filling breakfast is not a fool-proof strategy. There is a lot of trial and error. However, over the years I have developed a few tactics to remedy this struggle and I’m sharing those tips today.

Filling Breakfast

Filling Breakfast

In short, a filling breakfast should begin with high-quality, dense foods. A filling breakfast needs to be well balanced. Foremost it should include protein, followed by fat and carbs. I really try to make sure I eat enough protein first if I don’t hit my protein and water goals I tend to struggle with hunger pangs.

If you track macronutrients this might be familiar to you. I like to drink a lot of water before I eat my breakfast, this also helps with satiety. I have a 30 ounce tumbler to help with this. I also like coffee so I do drink coffee in the morning and with my breakfast.

Why Doesn’t Breakfast Fill You Up?

Some days a breakfast that is normally filling to me just won’t be enough. Good examples are when I had a high-intensity workout the day before. This often leaves me hungry that evening or the next day. Another example is when I was pregnant and nursing – no amount of breakfast could keep me full.

But there is hope. It’s important to listen to your body during these times. You might need a larger portion or more calories because of the expenditure. You also might be dehydrated so again remember water intake as well.

A Quick Way to Breakfast Hunger

Have you ever had a bowl of cereal and milk? Likely the cereal was something light such as Cheerios, and if you are like most American adults, you are probably drinking skim milk or 1 percent milk. Although this is starting to change and more studies are finally confirming whole milk is best among milk products.

Without fat or protein you are left hungry a few hours later – or maybe even within the hour. I’m not here to bash milk or whole grain cereals – I still like and enjoy both as an adult, But I also know that meal will not keep me full for very long and it’s better as a light snack between meals.

Filling Breakfast

Healthy Filling Breakfast

Today I will share filling breakfast ideas that can be molded into any lifestyle. My tips include specific easy to make breakfasts you can prepare.  While I now work from a home office and can prepare food that doesn’t need to be packed, I also have friends who work in offices and prefer to make and eat breakfast at home.

Also, depending on my schedule I still like to have “grab and go” options available. My suggestions will include both along with tips on how I prepare the foods or ways you can modify each meal to your liking.

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Healthy Filling Breakfast

We’ve all heard about the importance of eating breakfast, and most intriguing to me is that “eating a good breakfast actually helps you eat fewer calories over the course of the day,” according to an article on WebMD. In this article, Elaine Magee, RD, suggests striving for breakfast combinations filled with fiber, protein and fruit.

Filling Breakfast Foods

The fiber, protein and fruits selected should be low in fat and sugar. No matter what I try to tell myself, that cheese danish from Starbucks is never a good idea. Here are a handful of filling breakfast ideas.

Try one, or many. Find which options resonate with you for ease of preparation and for leaving you full. Also, be encouraged to modify. Spices can be added. Portion sizes can be changed and more – to make the breakfast more customized to you.

Homemade Yogurt Parfait: Top your favorite yogurt with granola (maybe even homemade). For a high-protein meal choose Greek Yogurt or plain whole-fat yogurt. Instead of choosing a yogurt with fruit or sugar added – add your own. Use honey or maple syrup for natural sweetness and top with fresh fruit. I like to use berries myself. If you don’t have granola, Grape Nuts are a high fiber, filling healthy alternative.

Homemade Egg Sandwich: Use whole-grain English Muffins, add one egg and one slice of cheese for a wholesome breakfast sandwich. Need more? Add a slice of ham or bacon or sausage to the sandwich for more protein. You can also add green such as spinach or mix-ins with the egg such as scallions.

Simple Breakfast Burrito: I like to make these and wrap them in wax paper to eat later. Use whole wheat tortilla shells. Toppings can vary but typically include scrambled eggs and cheese along with spices and your choice of meat (optional). I have also made black bean and cheese burritos and while I usually eat them for lunch they are a good breakfast option as well. Just pull a burrito from the freezer and reheat.

Easy Breakfast Bake: I like to make this one for dinner as well, but the leftovers and great for breakfast. There are many versions of this recipe but it’s typically a base made from crescent rolls or another breading, topped with eggs, ham and cheese. I like to make a large portion in a 13 by 9-inch glass pan so the leftovers last several days. I also have added potatoes to make an even heartier meal.

Peanut Butter Toast: Use high-fiber, whole grain bread and natural peanut butter when you make this toast so it’s very filling. I really like Ezekiel Bread or Dave’s Killer Bread for this meal. Natural peanut butter needs to be mixed and then stored in the refrigerator. It should have no oils or sugars added. If one slice isn’t enough, try two. This is also my favorite meal prior to running a race.

Cottage Cheese with Fruit: Make sure to get whole-milk cottage cheese. Usually it will have about 13 grams of protein per serving and is a good option for filling breakfast low calories. Top with fresh fruit or homemade jam. For an added boost, eat some whole-wheat crackers, such as Triscuit crackers, on the side with this breakfast.

Egg and Avocado Toast: Start by toasting one slice of whole-wheat bread (again see above for my hearty bread recommendations). Then make one over-easy egg. Top the toast with the egg and then finish with some slices of fresh avocado. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. My favorite salt also has naturally occurring minerals to give you an added nutritional boost.

Healthy Protein Smoothie: In order to make filling breakfast smoothies, I would recommend adding at least a tablespoon of nut butter. You can also add protein powder (Purely Inspired is my favorite and offers 20 grams per serving). For eye health, add a tablespoon of flaxseed oil. Use whole-fat yogurt or kefir as the base. Then add as many fruits and leafy greens as you like. For natural sweetener use honey or real maple syrup.

Oatmeal With Toppings: Overnight oatmeal is portioned out the night before and left soaking in a liquid such as almond milk, and in the refrigerator. It sounds unappealing but it really isn’t bad especially in the summer if you want a cold breakfast. This oatmeal is often served cold but you can warm it up too.

All of the toppings are also added the night before. Alternatively, make fresh oatmeal. In both cases, be sure to use real whole-grain oats. Top with nut butter, chopped nuts or fresh fruit. I like to add chopped pecans, a bit of coconut oil, vanilla extract and dried chopped cherries!

Filling Breakfast Ideas

Filling Breakfast

In Summary

When making a filling breakfast, be strategic about the types of foods that make up that breakfast. Choose high-quality, whole foods. Also choose a combination of healthy fats (in moderation), protein and fiber – all of which will help keep you full.

Lastly, we can often mistake thirst for hunger. Start your morning by drinking a large glass of water (yes, even before your coffee!). In addition, if these breakfast ideas still do not fill you up enough – be okay with eating a morning snack. And drink some more water with that snack as well.

I frequently eat a morning snack when I am planning a lunchtime workout. If it’s been four hours since breakfast I need another energy boost in order to complete a decent workout.

What are your “go to” filling breakfast ideas?

6 thoughts on “Filling Breakfast Foods and Quick Recipes”

  1. I do mug eggs….nuke 1/3 c egg whites with 1 real egg, stir, add ‘omelette fillings’ like cheese, mushrooms, etc. nuke til almost firm and take the mug with me…. eat it along with an apple.

    Waffle sandwich — eggs, nutri-grain waffle, sometimes cheese. add a banana on the side….

    • I wonder how it would taste if I made like a breakfast scramble the night before and then reheat the eggs in the wheat shell in the a.m.? I could try that.

  2. I just found a great combo that tastes good (almost too good, like a dessert treat for breakfast) – hard boiled egg, a handful of macadamia nuts with banana slices and a cup of coffee. It is deeelish, and also holds the hungries away until lunch. I struggle with finding easy, portable bfasts as well, so I will be checking back to see what others are doing.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Mel. I often eat hard-boiled eggs for a snack or salad but have yet to eat one that way in the morning.


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