Barre3 Review Membership, Cost and Online

I had the opportunity to try a class at a Barre3 studio. Classes are offered seven days a week here and a handful of the classes include child care. Today I’m sharing my experience taking a class with a Barre3 review.

Barre3 was founded by a husband and wife team who had two children and understood the need for child care for parents who want to work out. Because of this, all Barre3 locations nationwide offer child care. Now there is also a Barre3 Online option if you feel more comfortable working out at home rather than in a studio. I will share more about Barre3 Online too.

Barre3 Review

Barre3 Review

About Barre3

In 2016, Barre3 opened in Solon, Ohio. This was the second Barre3 studio to open in the Greater Cleveland area and where I took my class. The first Barre3 studio opened in 2008 in Portland, Oregon. Today Barre3 is a franchise with more than 150 locations nationwide.

When I received the invite to visit Barre3 and write a Barre3 review, I already had a little bit of understanding of what the experience would be like from reading about Barre3 when a Portland-area blogger began attending classes when one of the very first Barre3 studios opened. I have also taken classes at another studio offering exercise bar workouts.

What Do I Need for a Barre3 Class?

After signing in, there is a long hallway alongside the Barre3 studio. There are cubby holes for boots and belongings, hooks for coats and a comfortable bench to place belongings (such as your water bottle or a workout towel) as you get ready for class or to sit on while removing shoes.

There are also small lockers for those who prefer to secure belongings during class. Each locker key has a Barre3 wristband attached. Upon entering the studio each guest picks out a set of weights.

Weights range in size from one pound up to five pounds. Guests can also grab a complimentary face towel. I went into the class assuming I wouldn’t use a towel but I actually ended up sweating more than I expected so I would recommend considering bringing your own towel.

To review, these are the items you will want to consider purchasing and bringing to your Barre3 class:

Barre3 Review

How Does Child Care Work at Barre3?

One of the biggest advantages to Barre3 classes is the child care offering. Protocols may vary by location but I will share how child care worked when I took a class. Upon arrival, you sign in and drop your child off in the childcare area which is a small play area at the front of the building enclosed by a waist-height door.

Children need to be signed in and have their shoes removed prior to entry to the area. The child care option is a really nice offering. One of the challenges I have had personally as a since becoming a mom is figuring out how and when to workout. Barre3 allows moms to exercise outside of the home, all while their child is in a safe environment.

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I liked knowing my daughter was nearby while I was working out and that someone could easily reach me during class, if needed. There is also a unisex bathroom on-site with a changing table and even extra diapers. The space was comfortable and easy to use and I was able to easily change my daughter before we headed home after class.

Barre3 Review

Barre3 Review

I brought my own water bottle into the class along with a light full zip-up fitness jacket (which I quickly removed after the warmup). A few women wore grip socks. I wore regular workout socks into the studio but noticed others were barefoot, including the instructor.

Other props used during the class are a Barre3 core ball and a mat. Both are provided by the studio. As far as attire, I found yoga clothing to work fine for the class, however, next time I would probably wear a more supportive sports bra (the Juno bra is one of my favorites!) for the impact from the warmup. The warmup as a bit higher intensity than I had expected.

What Can I Expect During a Barre3 Class?

Each guest selects a spot in front of the exercise bar which can be in front of a mirror or in front of a plain wall. As a new student I opted for the mirror. Class was mid-morning and pretty full the day I attended with close to 20 women in the class. Men are welcome at Barre3 classes, too.

Each class is 60-minutes and structured the same: a warmup, leg work, combination work with light handheld weights, seat work, core work and stretching. Instructors can customize their classes a bit, depending on student preference.

Barre3 Review

In the class I took there was not an actual abdominal routine – which I did miss. Instead there was a longer relaxation and stretching period. Many of the leg moves during the Barre3 review consisted of holding a position for an extended period of time and then creating small movement to work the muscles.

My quadriceps, in particular, were burning the day after my Barre3 workout. While the cork floor provided some cushioning, I missed having supportive shoes during this part as the balls of my feet were uncomfortable.

Barre3 Review

Next we moved onto arms. My weights were light at two pounds each. For the most part this worked well, but I did notice some guests had two sets of weights. Next time I would probably grab two different sets of weights because for a few of the moves I could have used more resistance. The instructor brought out mats and we moved to the floor for the seat portion of the class.

This part was intense! Two days before I had done a booty workout on YouTube – so I was already hurting. Overall, though, this was probably my favorite part of the Barre3 class. We finished class with light stretching and then moved into the relaxation and meditation component.

When class ended we put our weights away. The instructor cleaned the Barre3 core balls and mats. It was nice to not have to worry about cleaning the other items. Before or after class, guests are welcome to make a cup of coffee, snack on an orange or refill their water bottle with the water bottle refilling station in the studio.

Barre3 Pricing

Barre3 Review

How Much Does Barre3 Cost?

Let’s talk about Barre3 Pricing. Pricing may vary based on location. When I attended Barre3 classes were $23 each at Barre3 Solon and class fees are location-specific for each Barre3 studio. However, if you purchased a class pack at Barre3 Solon you could pay less per class depending on how large of a class pack is purchased.

For example, a 20-pack of classes was $300, or $15 per class. The studio also offered a Barre3 membership which includes unlimited classes for $150 per month if you are interested in Barre3 Membership cost. For child care, the cost was $5 per child or a 10-visit pass for child care could be purchased for $45. By buying in bulk, the pass would save you 50-cents per visit.

Barre3 Child Care Pricing

The child care fee covers the 60-minute class and a short period of time before and after, allowing parents to use the restroom, get ready for class, put shoes back on after class, etc. At Barre3 Solon, child care is offered for 12 classes per week as part of its Barre3 pricing. You will need to check with your local studio on child care offerings and which classes may be covered.

Barre3 Online

Barre3 Online Review

Since I took my class in person there has been an added offering now of Barre3 Online. This is a nice option if you would prefer to workout in the comfort of your home or aren’t comfortable going to a studio in person. Also, this is more affordable option for Barre3 workouts.

If you opt for Barre3 online you will need some supplies to aid with your workout. Here’s the gear you will want to purchase:

When you try Barre3 Online there is a 15-day free trial option, followed by paid subscription. The Barre3 subscription offers on-demand and live at-home workouts. There are also live workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. Workouts range from 10 to 60 minutes in duration and there is unlimited access to more than 300 workouts.

There are also Barre3 challenges offered online. Like the in studio classes, Barre3 classes focus on strength conditioning, cardio and mindfulness. After the 15-day trial, Barre3 Monthly Subscription is $29 per month. If you opt to pay for an annual subscription instead, the cost is $300 total, or $25 per month.

There are also some Barre3 workout videos you can one-time purchase including:


Barre3 Review

Barre3 Experience

In terms of my overall Barre3 review, I found Barre3 to be an enjoyable workout. I was happily surprised I broke a sweat during the warmup and I was sore the next day from the leg and seat portions. I would have liked more core and back work during the class.

Barre3 wasn’t the most intense workout I’ve ever done, but did challenge me. Whenever I take a new class or try a new workout it’s difficult to work with intensity, not knowing what the cues are or what to expect next. I think over time by taking more Barre3 classes I would get to know the routine and experience a stronger challenge.

Barre3 Reviews

Barre3 Review

In Summary

It’s possible, after learning the cues and Barre3 routine, that future classes would be more intense. I was a little surprised during this Barre3 review that we didn’t use the exercise bar itself more during the class but the use of the exercise bar may vary based on instructor and how the class is customized.

I used the exercise bar for balance on a few exercises and stretches but that was about it. The music during the class was upbeat. The Barre3 studio was clean, spacious and inviting. Overall the atmosphere at Barre3 Solon was welcoming and comfortable.

What questions do you have about Barre3?

Disclosure: I am not compensated for reviews, unless otherwise stated. I was given one free Barre3 class at Barre3 Solon (along with childcare for my daughter during the class) in exchange for writing a Barre3 review. All opinions and thoughts here are my own.

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