Thank you for your interest in advertising on Welcoming Simplicity.

The quickest way to start a dialogue about advertising or sponsorship opportunities is to email me directly at holly (at) hollyhammersmith (dot) com.

Welcoming Simplicity is a website for readers who want to cultivate a healthy home and lifestyle. These readers desire overall well-being through diet and exercise, to make smart spending choices with their money, and to practice simple living through modern-day homemaking and gardening.

My online presence provides an effective way for you to reach a large audience quickly. In addition to the Welcoming Simplicity website, I have an active following on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media channels.

Since 2010, as both a blogger and social media influencer, I have worked with and featured several brands and companies to bring their names and products to my readers and followers. Past partnerships include: Chevrolet, Capital One 360, Vibram FiveFingers and ZICO Coconut Water.

For reference to local advertising, events and sponsorship opportunities, I am based in Cleveland, Ohio. A media kit containing more detailed information about my following is available upon request.

To request the kit please email me at holly (at) hollyhammersmith (dot) com.