I Never Wanted a Dog, Here’s Why

When we adopted Lulu in 2012, many people close to me were shocked. You see I never liked dogs. In fact at one point in my life not very long ago – I hated them. In fact I never wanted a dog.

My distaste for dogs stemmed from a few bad experiences with larger ones as a child, in which I swore I did not want a dog. Over the years I’ve learned my story is very similar to the stories from other people who “don’t like dogs.” Childhood is an impressionable time isn’t it?

I Never Wanted a Dog

I Never Wanted a Dog

My Dog Story

I distinctly remember three childhood incidents that caused me to not like dogs – all of which had nothing to do with anyone I knew or their pet.

Before I share the stories I should also add that I did not grow up around any dogs, whether it be my own household, other family members households, friends, etc. No one had a dog.

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The Incidents

1) When I was about 4 or 5-years-old, I encountering a neighbor dog across the street and I remember it jumping on me. The dog was massive to me. I wasn’t pushed over, but it was really scary for me. Not a good introduction to dogs.

2) Second incident was similar. This time it was winter. My brother and I were outside playing in the snow and a stray dog came after us in the yard. I started to run away from it and was knocked over by it. And then, so politely, this dog decided to pee right next to me, leaving a yellow mark on its “territory.”

3) Final incident was when I was about 8-years-old and was playing with my best friend. I was on a bike and she was walking down our street. A dog came after us. I think it lived on the street and was simply not tied up, or maybe broke loose.

We tried to run away and the dog chased us – literally – a mile down the road. My friend was very athletic, but even to this day we are still amazed we got away, especially with her being on foot. After these incidents I basically decided dogs were animals that barked, chased and knocked people down.

I didn’t like them. Then suddenly in fall of 2012, and after buying our home, my heart changed. There is no other way to describe it. Within a matter of weeks I became hooked on wanting a dog of my own. A small dog. Despite the challenges she still gives us on a daily basis, Lulu has been a real blessing in our lives.

I Never Wanted a Dog

I Never Wanted a Dog

Distaste for Dogs

She has taught me so much already. Among her teachings, not every dog is like the ones I encountered as a child. In the short time we’ve had Lulu I’ve gone to doggy social hours and on numerous walks with her where we encounter other dogs.

I still keep my guard up around unknown dogs, knowing that training and discipline play a key role in how a dog behaves. But more often than not, I’m eager to pet them and say hello. I’m not afraid like I once was.

The Dog I Never Wanted

I Never Wanted a Dog

In Summary

A lot can change for sure! I never thought I would have a dog as a pet and here I am.

Did you grow up with pets?



13 thoughts on “I Never Wanted a Dog, Here’s Why”

  1. I’m actually not a big fan of dogs either. I’m not afraid of them or anything, I just don’t care for them. They are always barking, shedding, drooling, jumping up on you, etc. I was raised with cats and it just seems to me that dogs have so many more bad habits than cats. You can bring a new kitten home, show it its litter box and food bowl and just turn it loose to play. Try doing that with a new puppy. Sadly, my husband loves enormous dogs and always insists that we have one. Right now, we are on our second St. Bernard and have never had anything smaller than a German Shepherd. They are good enough dogs, but I am thankful they stay outside most of the time. #SITSSharefest

    • A St. Bernard would be a lot to handle! We have been pretty strict with house rules and training which has helped create more peace around here if you will. Maybe someday you will get to experience having a smaller dog. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I used to make fun of “dog people” – I mean, c’mon, they’re DOGS! You can’t love them as much as you love people. HA! Three years ago, as I was fast approaching my current empty-nester status, I decided I needed something to help fill the void – enter Henry Jones, Jr. Just “Junior” for short. My life has been completely transformed by this now 67 lb. lapdog. I AM a dog person and I am amazed every single day by how fulfilling I find our “relationship”. I was like you with a few bad experiences growing up. Loved reading your post and your canine baby is just adorable. Happy New Year.

  3. I never wanted a dog either. Growing up one of my brothers was bitten so badly by a dog he had to have stitches. My husband grew up loving dogs. After 5 years of marriage I finally relented and we got a golden retriever. Now we have two and I couldn’t imagine my home without them. Plus, they are so wonderful for my husband both mentally and physically – all those walks.

  4. I had a negative experience as a kid as well. I was bitten by a friend’s big dog once, there were some mean dogs in the neighborhood that used to growl, bark and chase me when I walked to the bus stop for school…As I’ve gotten older and done some volunteering at a dog shelter, I got over the fear. My fiance and I have been talking about getting a dog for years. I think it’s going to happen soon!

    • Lisa that’s very exciting! Do you have any idea what breed you might get? When we started seriously talking about getting a dog I was amazed at all the breeds, personality types out there. I’m sure you will find the perfect fit. There is one to fit every person from what I found.

  5. Good for you and better for Lulu, she now has a good home. Snuffy has another cousin. Does Lulu travel with you like Snuffy does us? These animals bring a lot of happiest to our lifes, don’t you think. Love all 3 of you

    • We have not. We would probably have to leave her in the hotel room alone when we do activities and I think she would bark in the crate. I wish more businesses/attractions were pet friendly.

  6. How often do you have to cut her hair?
    And she is a cutie, don’t think I have seen a pic yet!

    We grew up having huge dogs, so I have never been afraid at all. I am that person who will chase down stray dogs in the street to try and take them to a shelter or something. I hate seeing un-cared for pets around.


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