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In the past, I received an opportunity to try out a Road ID and write up a Road ID review. I selected a black Elite Road ID with a custom engraving on the band. Before I tell you more about what I thought of my ID, here’s a little about Road ID.

Road ID Review

Road ID Review

From their website

“The inspiration for Road ID was born in the fall of 1999. For my father, the inspiration was his concern for me as I trained for my first marathon. My father worried about me logging all those miles and would often tell me to “be safe.” One day, he suggested that I carry an ID so that he could be notified if I had an accident while training.” – source

About Road ID

I selected a Road ID Elite figuring it would be easier to clean being it’s made out of a rubbery material, not cloth. When my ID arrived it came in a small tin box with instructions for cleaning and how to make the band fit.

The fitting is very simple. There are marks on the band where you can cut the band so that it fits accordingly. I made about three cuts before making mine fit right. WARNING: Don’t cut it too short!

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Road ID

Road ID Review

More Information

I selected the black color figuring it would easily match any outfit. And I’m happy to report it does. I wore the ID numerous times during my Road ID review, including during a half-marathon and a 10K race. I haven’t had any issues to date.

After both races I opted to rinse the band in cold water and kinda pat it dry and then let it air dry. I have heard some bloggers had issues with rusting or wear on the metal parts. I figured by cleaning the band regularly I would ward off any salt deposits eating away at it.

Tips for Use

While I’ve been good at wearing my Road ID at races I have to admit I’ve been a slacker when it comes to my routine training runs. Really this band should be worn anytime you are out and about on your own – even indoors at the gym, you never know what could happen.

During my Road ID review, I opted to put several phone numbers and my full name on the ID, and it does give me peace of mind. For inspiration I had room on my ID to put a quote.

Runner ID Tag

Road ID Review

Road ID Customization

Here’s what I selected: “With God all things are possible.” Matt 19:26. Whenever I’ve had a rough spot in a race or training run, looking at my ID gives me inspiration like no other human can. What a great reminder.


Road ID Review

In Conclusion

Road ID is a safety device for runners. The product can be used by anyone for any reason or need. Today the company also makes Road ID tags.

Do you use a Road ID when you run?

Disclosure: I am not compensated for product reviews, unless otherwise stated. I was given a free sample of the product in exchange for writing a Road ID review. All opinions and thoughts here are my own. Some links within this post are affiliate links.