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Holly Hammersmith is an independent writer and editor. She blogs about how to keep a healthy home and lifestyle. Topics include wellness, household, saving money, gardening and more. Holly lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, daughter and rescue dog Lulu.


  1. Heather says

    Great ideas! We are always on the lookout for some great ideas that help us to save money and do require us to sacrifice our comfort level! The tips and trick on this comprehensive list are perfect!

    Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  2. Amanda says

    I calculated that bringing lunch to work every day probably saves me around $2500 a year. Once I realized I could take my family on vacation with those savings, it was easy to stay motivated!

  3. Crystal @EatDrinkCLE says

    Lots of great tips! Another one of my favorites is to start plants from seeds. You save a ton of money and you can plant more interesting varieties.

    Also the dates on food are BEST BY dates – save money by not automatically throwing things away that are likely perfectly fine.

  4. Alison says

    I love these tips and tricks! I’m going to grad school this summer so I need to start saving money where ever possible.

  5. Christine Z says

    Love getting movies from the library! If you play it right and put your name on the ‘hold’ list, you can get movies as soon as they are available on DVD. I may have to try your sourdough starter – I love that type of bread. Been experimenting with kombucha starters and growing our own wheatgrass, so why not add one more! 🙂

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