Sore Spin Bones After Spin Class? What to Do

Have you ever felt like you need to get your spin bones back in shape. One time after taking my first spin class following about an eight month hiatus, my sit bones, aka. spin bones, were hurting! Enter sore spin bones.

Probably more embarrassing though was when I walked into the middle of class accidentally. There were back-to-back classes at the studio and what I thought was the warm up was actually the cool down.

Sore Spin Bones

Sore Spin Bones

Pain After Spin Class

I digress. You might experience sore spin bones when you start taking spinning classes again, whether at home or in the studio. I discovered spinning years ago in the winter time, as a form of cross-training in the midst of some weak hip problems.

At the time I was running a lot and the hip issues were making running uncomfortable. I know spinning isn’t anything new, but for me I had always been afraid to take a class prior to then. It just seemed really intense and fast paced and loud.

My worries quickly melted away after I learned how to adjust my bike and garnered an understanding of the structure of a class. I learned to enjoy spinning. It’s a form of exercise I regularly turn to when I need to step out of my exercise comfort zone or do something different.

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While there are some strength components to spin class, in particular if arm weights are added, I mostly use spinning workouts as a form of cardio exercise. Over the years spinning has gained popularity and at home spin bikes and on demand classes are now commonplace.

Spinning Sore Bottom

My advice if you are new to spinning workouts, just try it. If you are attending a class at a studio you will want to arrive early and don’t be afraid to ask others for help or to tell the instructor you are new.

They can show you how to properly adjust your bike and discuss how to adjust tension on the bike during the class to get the best workout. As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, it is not uncommon to have sore spin bones or a sore spin bum after picking up spinning workouts.

The bike seats are typically rather hard and your body needs to adjust to the seat. When you spin you mostly sit on the bones of your bottom. There is a lot of up and down, stand and sit, working out during the classes too.

Monday’s class went well overall. I am hoping to start going to class at least once a week during the winter months. For me spin class is a great form of cardio. It’s hard for me to get a good sweat going on my own using a bike or the elliptical. I find a structured class helps push me.

Pain After Spin Class

On a side note, and not meant to scare anyone off from spinning, as a petite person I’ve had issues before with adjusting bikes before. When we were living in Fort Wayne I became accustomed to the lower handlebar bikes at classes there.

Most recently when I’ve taken studio classes the bikes look simliar to the one below. There are a a variety of spin bikes however depending on where you take a spinning class and/or if you opt to purchase a bike and take classes in the comfort of your own home.

Solutions Butt Sore After Spinning

The handlebars on this model bike seemed so far away from me. And this was even after adjusting it as best I could. I hope I can get used to this new setup soon. And my sit bones too.

The seat wasn’t very cushy. I might have to invest in a pair of these padded biking shorts! These shorts have great reviews and having sore spin butt after class is a very common complaint among both new and seasoned indoor cyclists.

The same company that makes those padded shorts also makes padded indoor cycling capri pants. These are a popular option for cyclists who prefer a capri or longer cut pant for their comfort during workouts.

Spinning Bones

Sore Spin Bones

In Summary

It’s common to have some posterior soreness after spinning class. This discomfort usually subsides after you begin taking spin classes or riding your home spin bike more regularly.

Have you had this problem after indoor cycling?

6 thoughts on “Sore Spin Bones After Spin Class? What to Do”

  1. I have never been able to successfully condition my spin bones. I made it through 30 minutes of a spinning class before the screaming pain did me in. The instructor then called us out for leaving so I never went back. Have you tried the padded shorts? I’ve considered it if I ever get over my last experience.

    • I haven’t tried the shorts but thought about buying a pair when I was taking classes weekly last year. I’ve also thought about buying the cycle shoes. But for now I just tough it out. My bones still hurt today and it’s been 48-hours now. Pathetic!

      I think it depends on the softness of the bike seat and the positioning, to some extent.

  2. I love spinning!!!!! I haven’t been going lately but I am going to after Vegas. I miss it sooo much! I hope to put a spin bike in my living room one day


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