Energy Savings Tips for Your Home

We recently had some home insulation work done and it really improved the comfort level in our home. While that is a larger project to tackle, there are a lot of small and affordable fixes you can do yourself today. Today I’m sharing my energy savings tips.

These tips can help to both improve the comfort of your home in the winter and to save money on home energy bills. The easy home energy savings hacks to help you save on home energy costs during the winter and conserve natural resources. Most of these tips relate to saving on electric and heating bills.

Energy Savings Tips

Energy Savings Tips

Home Energy Savings

In the winter especially we tend to be inside more. We also need to keep our homes warm and use lights more often because there are fewer hours of daylight each day. This can add up to more home energy costs. Today the tips I am sharing can help combat those costs.

These tips can be implemented immediately and are cost-effective and easy to do. You may try with just one tip or try several. In addition to saving more money, you can also help to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

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Energy Saving Tips in Winter

Here are my tips for how to save on home energy costs. Each tip contains a few action points along with any products that can help you implement the tip more effectively.

I was invited by New Day Cleveland to share energy savings tips with viewers. Click below to watch a video below featuring the tips, then scroll down for more information.

Energy Savings for Home

1) Lower Your Thermostat: Even by lowering your thermostat by just a degree or two, it can help you save money on your utility bills. In particular, try to lower thermostat temperature when members of the household are at work or school. Also, consider lowering it at night a few degrees. This is one of the easy home energy efficiency improvements.

2) Keep Window Coverings Closed: Another one of my energy savings tips for winter, and a great way to save on energy costs is to make sure you close all curtains, blinds or shutters at night. If you have guest rooms or rooms that are rarely used you can keep those window coverings closed 24/7. This helps to insulate the home and windows.

3) Use Draft Dodgers to Halt Drafts: Purchase or sew your own draft dodgers, also known as door snakes, to keep cold air from coming in at the base of doors. You can also use these on windows with a sill or ledge. These are especially helpful around older doors and windows.

4) Use Energy Efficient Lightbulbs: Studies show that LED lightbulbs are the most energy efficient bulbs on the market. They emit less heat and last a very long time. Replace CFL bulbs and incandescent bulbs in bulk, or as they burn out.

5) Caulk Gaps Around Windows and Doors: Caulking is an easy project you can do on your home’s interior any time of year. Around windows and doors and trim we find the most gaps and sometimes you can even feel cold air entering around these areas.

  • Caulk: Usually rated by lifespan and surface you are applying it to.
  • Caulk Gun: Use to apply the caulk easily and efficiently.
  • Weather Seal Foam Tubing: Use to fill larger gaps, then caulk over the foam.

6) Hang Dry Clothing: Use a clothes drying rack, or clothespins to hang dry clothing. This way you don’t use the dryer as much and save on energy costs. This helps to save on utility bills and I have personally found clothing lasts much longer when not dried repeatedly in a dryer.

7) Turn Off Your Lights: Be sure to turn off lights in rooms you are not in or using. Try to be mindful and break the habit if you tend to forget and leave them on. Teach children to do the same.

  • Night Lights: Great to use to reduce usage of room lights in the evening.

8) Negotiate Utility Bills: In many states, including Ohio, you can select your utility supplier and negotiate rates. This will help you save money on utility bills. Learn more about this by reading my negotiating utilities post.

Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

Energy Savings Tips

In Summary

Start today by implementing just one of these tips or several and you can experience immediate savings on your home energy bills. In addition to saving money you can also conserve natural resources by using less energy and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

If you want to take your savings a step further, consider buying some of the products mentioned to help save even more on your bills. There are a lot of ways you can live practically and save money every day, these are just a few tips in regard to your home energy costs and with energy saving tips in winter.

What else would you like to save money on?

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