FuelBelt Sprint Palm Water Holder Review

Have you ever wanted to take a water bottle with you on a run, but didn’t want to carry something too heavy? This was my conundrum until I found a small “palm size” water bottle, perfect for long runs. In response to this purchase I am writing up a FuelBelt Sprint Palm Water Holder review.

Fuelbelt Sprint Palm Water Holder Review

FuelBelt Sprint Palm Water Holder Review

FuelBelt Review

As the temperatures in the midwest heat up every summer, I’m reminded each year how much I need a water bottle I can hold while running. I can’t picture kicking out long runs without hydration.

I always make a point to try and hydrate before and after a run, but on those longer runs I’ve found myself parched here and there during the run.

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Water Holder for Running

Now, there is the Camelbak, but my long runs are anywhere from five to 10 miles, and in Ohio, not Arizona. The Camelbak is a great option if you run ultra distances though. Originally I wanted to get the Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Flask.

After some research I concluded that carrying a 18-ounces was going to be too much weight for my arm to bear. It doesn’t sound like much but when you are running 10 miles the last thing you need is your arm to hurt from a water bottle.

I went searching for a smaller bottle, only to find that most handheld water bottles that are on the market right now are between 22-ounces and 10-ounces. I opted for the 10-ounce. Some water is better than none, right? I purchased a FuelBelt Sprint Palm Water Holder for an affordable price.


FuelBelt Sprint Palm Water Holder Review


• This water bottle fits my hand really nicely and I have small hands. No gripping is needed.
• It has a pocket which is convenient for keys or for holding energy chews or a GU Energy Gel.
• This water bottle, the Sprint Palm, is easy to drink from, whether you are stopped or are mid-run.


• I wish the pocket on the FuelBelt Sprint Palm Water Holder were larger. It does not hold a cell phone.

FuelBelt Sprint Palm Water Holder Review

Fuelbelt Sprint Palm Water Holder Review

In Summary

This is a good small water bottle. Thank you for reading one of the Fuel Belt Reviews.

Do you take water with you on you runs?



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  1. If that ends up not being enough water I really recommend the amphipod water belt line. Great for the long runs!

  2. I love my Sprint! Definitely perfect for shorter runs, but totally with you on the small pocket complaint – it doesn't even hold my ID, so for now I have a post-it with my info until I can afford a RoadID.


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