ZICO Coconut Water Review and Benefits

The folks at ZICO Coconut Water contacted me in the past asking if I would try their coconut water product and write up a ZICO Coconut Water Review. At the time I had tried coconut water once before and was not impressed but wanted to give this hydration drink another chance.

I don’t remember which brand of coconut water I drank and did not enjoy, but I know it was not ZICO Coconut Water. In recent years ZICO Coconut Water is the brand I’ve been seeing everywhere, including for sale at Trader Joe’s, so I decided to give coconut water another try and share my experience.

ZICO Coconut Water Review

ZICO Coconut Water Review

ZICO Drink

I was sent the natural (plain) flavor along with the new flavor – chocolate. Believe it or not a latte flavor has been debuted as well. During my ZICO Coconut Water review I drank the ZICO Coconut Water over ice, and found the dilution helped the drink last longer and also mellowed the taste a bit.

In fact the taste wasn’t very strong. I found the drink to be very refreshing. I naturally do like coconut so I found the taste palatable too. The chocolate flavor reminded me of drinking chocolate soy milk.

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ZICO Coconut Water Reviews

ZICO Coconut Water Review

ZICO Coconut Water Benefits

It was thinner in consistency, but had a similar distinct cocoa flavor. Needless to say my sample bottles were drank rather quickly! Coconut water in general, including ZICO Coconut Water, is touted for its high potassium count (more than a banana).

Now you might wonder, is ZICO Coconut Water healthy? It’s also touted for its electrolytes, which help replenish and rehydrate the body following rigorous activities such as running and power yoga. I tried the drinks both after exercise and just alone.

ZICO Water Review

ZICO Coconut Water Review

During my ZICO Coconut Water review didn’t notice any physical difference in my body besides simply feeling my thirst quenched, similar to sipping a sports drink.

The only drawback to ZICO Coconut Water is from what I’ve seen locally even a small individual bottle sell for a few dollars each. The price is a bit steep for my everyday needs.

ZICO Water

ZICO Coconut Water Review

In Conclusion

ZICO is a hydration drink. Coconut water is commonly used as a natural hydration drink for athletes, runners and anyone in daily life.

What do you use to stay hydrated?

Disclosure: I am not compensated for product reviews, unless otherwise stated. I was given a free sample of the product in exchange for writing a ZICO Coconut Water review. All opinions and thoughts here are my own. Some links within this post are affiliate links.

28 thoughts on “ZICO Coconut Water Review and Benefits”

  1. I’ve never tried coconut water and would love to give Zico a taste for a healthy hydration alternative to energize me for my afternoon runs!

  2. Okay I really hope I win this! I love coconut water because it makes me feel good and it’s a great substitute for more artificial recovery drinks.

  3. Holly! This is awesome! My new favorite thing to do is drink coconut water during my yoga practice (especially if it’s a tough/hot practice).

  4. I had Zico at a spaghetti dinner before the Cleveland Marathon (even thought I wasn’t running). I am not a fan of coconut stuff at all but I loved Zico!

  5. I’ve only tried coconut water once, and I wasn’t the biggest fan. I’d love to try ZICO though – I hear wonderful things about their chocolate flavor!

  6. I’d love to try Zico because I’m a cyclist and am always looking for different ways to hydrate better. I struggle a lot with hydration because I sweat a lot. I’ve tried coconut water in the past and love the flavor.

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