Cash for Clothes Ways to Earn Money Now

Seasons change, styles come in and out of fashion, weight is gained or lost. Or, maybe you just lost interest in your wardrobe or desire a refresh. Whatever the reason, if you are looking to downsize some of your wardrobe, or to spruce it up with new pieces, it’s helpful if you can get cash for clothes you no longer use or wear.

Today I’m sharing ways you can easily and instantly get cash for clothes you no longer need. Sometimes you might also be looking for a way to make money quickly. Selling clothing you don’t wear or need is one way you can earn cash on the spot. I’ll tell you exactly how to do this.

Cash for Clothes

Cash for Clothes

Why Sell Clothing?

In some cases you can walk away with cash on the spot, in other cases it may require the sale of your item – but in all cases you have the potential to make money on gently used clothing and to put that money toward your next purchase, a long-term financial goal or whatever you like!

Clothing you sell can be your own, your significant other’s or your children’s. If you really want to go the extra mile you can also ask family and friends if they have any clothing they no longer want or use that they would be willing to give to you. Especially if you are in a hard spot this is a great way to earn some extra money to get by.

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As much as I enjoy finding a good sale on clothing when I’m shopping for myself, I also like to recoup the cost I spent for an item when the time comes that I no longer need the clothing. Sometimes it’s an item I thought I would love – and didn’t – or in other cases it’s an item I wore and enjoyed but just do not enjoy any longer.

Cash for Clothes

After having a baby, a lot of items in my wardrobe changed, and even a few years later, I’m still finding ways to get cash for clothes on some of my older items. Finding ways to earn money back on my clothing allows me to reinvest in new pieces for my wardrobe without tapping into my budget, or tapping only lightly into the budget.

It also keeps my wardrobe current and fitting well. There are many places that buy clothes and offer cash for clothing that I will share in this post. Now that my daughter is growing I also do the same with her clothing.

Money for Clothes

Cash for Clothes

Ways to Get Cash for Women’s Clothes

Some of these venues to earn cash for clothes will vary depending on the type of clothing. But whether you have baby clothing, children’s clothing, teen clothing, women’s clothing or men’s clothing – there are multiple ways to sell your clothing and earn cash.

I am going to share several methods that have worked for me. Some are online and others are in person. You can try multiple methods or pick out the ideas that you would feel most comfortable with.

Sell Clothes for Cash

Cash for Clothes

Here are my suggestions on where to sell used clothes for cash:

1) Garage Sale: Don’t discount having a garage sale as a way to get cash for clothes. I had success this year selling baby clothes at my garage sale. One of my tips is to make sure you display the clothing in a way that makes shopping easy and fun.

If the clothing is thrown in a box on the ground, it’s likely shoppers won’t even notice it, and if they do, they aren’t going to bother to stoop over and dig. Keep this in mind while you determine where to sell used clothes for cash.

Some of my suggestions include using hangers, clear labeling and organizing by size. Adult clothing can be more difficult to sell at a garage sale – but not impossible. Read my garage sale hacks post for more tips!

2) eBay: I’ve been selling on eBay for a decade and it’s still my go-to for items I cannot sell anywhere else. With eBay you are opening your shopping base to the masses. Literally people across the world can look at your item and consider purchasing!


In order to earn cash for clothes on eBay, items should have clear, well-lit photos. Clothing descriptions should be complete and it’s also helpful to include measurements for the item.

You can offer free shipping on the item or ask the buyer to pay the fee. eBay takes a small commission on each sale but I’ve found the amount to be negligible.

3) Clothes Mentor: You may be located near one of the 147 Clothes Mentor locations nationwide! Clothes Mentor specializes in women’s clothing and will offer you cash for clothing on the spot. Accepted sizes range from 0 to size 26, petites and maternity.

They will also purchase handbags, scarves, shoes, fitness apparel and other accessories. Accepted brands include Ann Taylor, LOFT, Lululemon, The Limited, GAP and much more!

If you are in need of business professional clothing for job interviews this is a great spot to shop as well. They also have a lot of athletic wear and casual clothing if you are working from home and want to stay comfortable.

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Cash for Clothes

4) Plato’s Closet: Similar to how Clothes Mentor works, Plato’s Closet is a teen clothing resale shop and they also offer cash for clothing. This store will accept both teen girls, young adult women and young mens clothing, along with shoes, accessories, jewelry and more.

The types of clothing brands that Plato’s Closet stores will accept and trade clothes for cash include Aeropostale, American Eagle, Forever 21, Maurices and more. Clothing should be only a few years old, or less. This is another great option if you are doing back to school shopping or if children are quickly outgrowing their wardrobes. Be sure to read my full review about Plato’s Closet Selling Hacks for all of my tips!

5) Once Upon a Child: I have a little one at home and know personally how quickly they outgrow clothing! Once Upon a Child stores are also retail franchises across the country and the stores will accept cash for clothes when it comes to newborn clothes, baby clothes, toddler clothes and children’s clothing.

Stores will accept shoes, accessories, pajamas, winter wear and more! As with Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet, you may be asked to drop and leave your box of clothing for review – depending on how busy the store is. Then you will return at the specified time and receive cash for clothes.

Items should be newer, gently used or with tags. Depending on where you live there might also be other cash on the spot kids resale shops. I know in my area there is a locally run shop that also gives cash for kids items the same way Once Upon a Child does. Be sure to read my full review about Once Upon a Child Selling Hacks for all of my tips!

6) Poshmark: What happens if you don’t live near one of these stores? Enter Poshmark. This is a social selling marketplace all accessible via the palm of your hand in an app (now accessible via desktop too!). Users are called “Poshers” and offer clothing for sale via a virtual “closet.”

It only takes a few minutes to list an item on Poshmark. Buyers pay shipping and once sold, Poshmark will deposit the cash for clothes directly into your PayPal account or a checking account of your choice. You can earn considerably more per item you sell on Poshmark than you will by going to a resale shop.

However, Poshmark sales usually take longer to occur and then you will wait about a week or so for the buyer to receive their item in the mail and for your cash payment to be deposited. Poshmark also works best for brand new items or items on trend. If you do not have items on trend, but they are in good condition, you might try selling items in bulk or by lot.

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Cash for Clothes

7) Consignment Shops: If patience is one of your virtues, consider taking your old clothing to one of many clothes consignment shops. There are consignment shops that accept all types of clothing from baby clothes to women’s high-end fashion and men’s fashion.

It will depend on the individual shop and where you are located. Visit or call a consignment shop near you to find out what items they typically accept. When you visit the shop they will take inventory of your clothing items and list your items for sale in the shop.

If you are wondering where can I sell my clothes for cash, this is another option items are individually priced and tagged just like at a department store. Once one of your items sells, you will be notified by the shop and receive cash for clothes. Every consignment shop will have their own policies and procedures so check with your individual shop to understand how they operate.

8) ThredUp: This is another online option if you want to sell clothing online Send a bag of your clothing to ThredUp. If you don’t have any of the resale shops mentioned above where you live, or you don’t have the time or energy to sell clothing on Poshmark, another option is ThredUp which advertises itself as the web’s largest online thrift store.


Simply sign up for a ThredUp account and request a ThredUp bag label be sent to you. Fill the bag with your unwanted clothing and mail it back to ThredUp. There is also ThredUp Luxe for sending in luxury brands.

They will look over your items and offer you cash (via PayPal) for your clothing. Right now, as of fall of 2020, ThredUp has been suffering from delays in processing so it may take up to 12 weeks for your clothing to be processed. After that it will go for sale basically on consignment so this is not the fastest option right now but another option if you want to receive cash.

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  • Before beginning your shopping trip, first create your ThredUp account (by clicking my link). You will receive a $10 credit which can be used toward your first order from ThredUp. Please note the ThredUp credit expires after 30 days. Make sure you make your first purchase within 30 days.

9) Donate to Charity: If you have tried all of the above options and have a few items that still have not been purchased or sold, consider donating the items to charity such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army thrift shop or even a local church charity of your choice.

Thrift shops such as these will offer a receipt for your donation for the estimated value of the donation. This receipt should be saved and you can deduct your donation on your annual income tax return.

It might not be direct cash for clothes but, when you donate to charity, you can receive a reduction in how much cash you pay Uncle Sam when it comes to filing your taxes next year!

Cash Money for Clothes

Cash for Clothes

More Tips for Earning Cash for Clothes

All of these options can help you earn cash for clothes but a few tips will help you go a long way. Make sure the items you are selling have been freshly laundered. If it’s a men’s dress shirt or any other item requiring ironing, be sure to iron the item. If you have pets in your home – keep pets and pet hair – away from the clothing.

It might help to have a special portion of your closet for the items you plan to sell or a storage bin. When you sell or donate items make sure there are no wrinkles on the item and fold the item nicely for the buyer.

If you have the original box the shoes came in – added bonus! With online selling, such as with Poshmark, items can be wrapped in colorful tissue paper, as an added touch with presentation. Some Poshers even include a hand-written thank you note with the item they sell.

Cash for Clothing

Cash for Clothes

In Summary

Finding ways to earn money for your gently used or never worn clothing, and knowing where to sell used clothes can help fund your new items for your wardrobe and keep your wardrobe current and up to date.

It’s also a way to dispose of clothing so that it can be reused, worn and enjoyed by someone else which aids in reducing worldwide waste and overconsumption.

• Don’t forget, if you are looking for a Poshmark coupon, be sure to enter invite code HFHAMMERS when you create your Poshmark account to receive a $10 credit toward your first purchase.

Lastly, if any of these means do not work be sure to donate your clothing so that it can go to a worthy cause, someone in need and even offer you a means for a tax deduction!

What do you do with your unwanted clothing?

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