Bondi Band Review Running Headband

At one time Bondi Band gave me an opportunity to try out one of their headbands and write a Bondi Band review. Bondi Band not only makes headbands for women, men and children – they also sell dog collar bands, moisture wicking hats, swim caps and more.

They offer hundreds of headband designs on their site: solid colors, patterns and tons of running and other-related sayings, and custom orders. I selected a moisture-wicking headband in a light blue color.

Bondi Band Review

Bondi Band Review

About Bondi Band

This is my full Bondi Band review. I actually enjoyed the bands so much I bought additional bands myself. I have also found the headbands to last long-term. I’ll share my initial experience and some further comments on these headbands, now, years down the road into using them.

When I did my trial I started out sweat-free and put the band on just above my eyebrows. After three miles the band was half-way soaked. Somewhere between 5 and 6 miles it was fully soaked.

At that point I took the band off and put it back on bunched up a bit just along my hair line to hold onto the ever-flowing sweat. This happened when I was running in the summer in very hot weather. If you place the headband near your eyebrows like I did it prevents most of the sweat from entering your eyes.

I think if it got any sweatier I would have wrung it out with my hands and put it back on. Below is a photo of what the headbands look like:

Running Headbands

Here’s a full description about these products directly from the Bondi Band website:

“The simple premise of Bondi Bands is to offer comfy, colorful, and creative headbands to fit every lifestyle and personality. By using stretchy and breathable material, we allow Bondi Bands to fit virtually every head size comfortably and fashionably. Our buyers constantly search for the newest and trendiest fabric designs and complement them with traditional craftsmanship to bring our customers the best product available on the market.”

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Here’s a photo of me wearing the blue Bondi Band headband. This was when it was colder out and I wore the band over my ears to keep my ears warm. I have found that Bondi Bands work 24/7 year round! They are great for hot weather and also cool weather.


I’ve come to use my Bondi headbands a lot. I will often use them to keep my ears warm when walking outside. Some of my winter hats do not cover my ears tightly. I will wear a Bondi Band over my ears and then put the hat on top to secure the band even better.

Also you can wear your earbuds under your Bondi Band as you can see me doing above in the photo. I have found this also helps keep the ear buds more secure if you like to listen to music or podcasts while running.

When I first tried Bondi Bands I was not used to having fabric on my head. Previously I have worn Goody Slide Proof Stayput Headwraps, but nothing on the forehead. The other option would be to try what I did and roll the band up. Find the fit that works best for you. You might also find you will need to get used to wearing the headbands.

Bondi Band Headband

Bondi Band Review

Bondi Band Headband Fit

During my Bondi Band review I learned the headband fit good. No worries about size here with the stretchy fabric. And it covered up all my “fly-away” hairs good. The edges of the fabric are not sewn shut, only sewn in the back. It has a “raw edge” if you will. My Bondi Bands have lasted for years.

I will say over time they have stretched out slightly and loosened up in the fit. They are not as tight now as when I first bought them. However they are still snug enough they do not fall off my head.

Wash and Care for Bondi Band

In terms of care, I always wash my Bondi Bands with special sport detergent designed to clean athletic clothing. I put the Bondi Bands in the wash with my workout clothes. I let the bands air dry and usually hang them gently on the corner of a foldable clothes drying rack.

Bondi Band Ponytail Hat

After trying the headbands Bondi Band also sent me one of their moisture wicking hats to try out in the fall and winter so I have multiple Bondi Band Reviews. I selected the solid white wicking ponytail hat. I want to share a little bit about this hat and provide some feedback on the product.

Bondi Band Review

Here’s a description of the hat directly from the Bondi Band website:

“Wicking fabrics draw moisture away from the body, pushing to the outside of the fabric, where it evaporates away… leaving you dry. Our wicking fabric is comprised of high-tech polyester, which, unlike cotton, absorbs very little water. (Cotton will absorb roughly 7% of its weight in water, our polyester blend only 0.4%).”

I tried wearing a regular scull type cap to run my Galloping Gobbler Race, but felt my scalp getting itchy from the ends of my hair pushing into the scalp. I basically had to push my hair down and then the shorter strands kinda dug into my scalp.

At the discomfort, I opted to wear a black Bondi Band over my ears. When I went out for a run last month I wore the ponytail hat and really enjoyed it. The ponytail hat can also work if you have short hair you just might have a small opening in the back.

The Bondi Band hat fit comfortable. Not too tight – which I’ve experienced with many other skull caps. I wore the hat when it was 15-degrees and I kept perfectly warm. Granted it was during exercise but still.

No sweat soaking through either. The had did a nice job of keeping the sweat away. The ponytail holder does work although I had to try the hat on a few times to get the hang of it. I have had my hat and used it with long hair and now that my hair is short I have also worn it with short hair. I launder my Bondi Band Hat just like I do the bands.

Bondi Headband

Bondi Band Review

In Summary

Bondi Bands are a great option for runners. Both of these products have been a staple in my running wardrobe for years. Bondi Band makes running accessories for men and women. While I prefer the solid color bands and hats, many runners prefer colorful designs, logos or custom messages on their Bondi Band.

Do you wear a running headband?

Disclosure: I am not compensated for product reviews, unless otherwise stated. I was given a free sample of the product in exchange for writing a Bondi Band review. Some links within this post are affiliate links.

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  1. hi i just wondered if you had a problem with your bondiband sliping off of your head at all. I can’t get mine to stay on for more than 5min.

    • Hi Jen. Initially the bands fit pretty snug. I would say they are more stretched out now that I have been using them for so long. So I think they do stretch over time.

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