Pure Barre Review of Pure Barre Workout

I am almost always up for trying out a new workout. Several years ago I tried out Pure Barre. Since then I have attended several classes and have also taken other barre workouts. Today, in this Pure Barre review, I’m sharing everything you need to know about Pure Barre and taking your first Pure Barre workout.

The studio I went to was Pure Barre Rocky River, Ohio. This particular studio actually celebrated a grand reopening in October 2019. There are now additional Pure Barre locations in the Cleveland, Ohio area including Pure Barre Avon.

Pure Barre Review

Pure Barre Review

What is Pure Barre Workout?

Over the years Pure Barre has added additional classes included themed classes and cardio classes and even Pure Barre GO (formerly Pure Barre On Demand), which I will share more about later in this blog post.

Before I share a little bit about my Pure Barre experience in this Pure Barre review (and how this class differs from Barre3) and help you prepare a bit for your first class, I want to talk about what Pure Barre is and the types of workouts offered by studios.

Pure Barre is a fitness franchise with more than 500 locations throughout North America. More than 550,000 clients attend these studios. The barre workout focuses on small movements that yield big changes in your body. Classes combine strength, flexibility and self-focused time.

Studios offer dozens of classes per week, you can also take Pure Barre classes at home via Pure Barre GO or Pure Barre DVDs. Pure Barre workouts are most likened to a ballet bar workout because they do involve the use of a bar.

I took my first Pure Barre class in February 2014 at Pure Barre Rocky River shortly after a studio opened in Rocky River, Ohio. The franchise has been growing steadily since then with many with good barre workout results.

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Pure Barre Review

Types of Workouts


When Pure Barre first started there was one type of class, although every class was different based on the instructor, music, movements and more. That class is now called Classic Pure Barre.

This is the small movements strength based class that includes core work at the end as part of barre workout abs. This class is 50-minutes, offers a full body workout and is low-impact. This includes legs and barre workout arms.

Pure Empower

In addition to Classic Barre, there is another class called Pure Empower. This class has a cardio component. I took this class before and the instructor incorporated a small step bench to make the class cardio-centric and to elevate heart rate. Pure Barre Empower is 45-minutes.

Pure Reform

Another Pure Barre Class is Pure Reform. This class incorporates a bar workout along with resistance-based training using a TRX band. This class is 50-minutes and focuses on strength, balance and coordination. Resistance bands and sliders are also used in this class.


Lastly, Pure Barre Foundations is a 50-minute class designed for the Pure Barre beginner to introduce them to Pure Barre, class structure and proper form. This class operates at a slower pace and is a great refresher as well if you have’t taken a barre class in a while or if you are looking to learn the Pure Barre workout routine.

Pure Barre Review

What Do You Need to Bring?

When I showed up for class and to write my Pure Barre review, the instructor knew it was my first time because of a new student note in their system. She was super helpful with telling me what supplies I would need and where to sit.

One aspect of Pure Barre I immediately appreciated was I didn’t have to bring anything. A water bottle is optional, if you like. As an avid yogi, I’m used to lugging my yoga mat and yoga towels around. Pure Barre is really simple.

Do I Need Sticky Socks?

That being said, there are sticky socks you can buy for class. I don’t have them and haven’t noticed any issues with doing the exercises. I would recommend you wear black socks though if you have them. If you take Pure Barre classes a lot or are worried about slipping during class the sticky socks would be entirely worth it.

In terms of other clothing, most wear crops or full length leggings to Pure Barre class. For a top a sports bra and a loose fitting tank top works great. I also find it comfortable to bring a lightweight zip up jacket or sweatshirt that I can wear to class and remove once we are through the warm up as my barre workout clothes

Pure Barre has become so popular there is an entire line of Pure Barre clothing. Many enthusiasts enjoy wearing this apparel to show off their passion for Pure Barre or to commemorate moments such as reaching 100 classes or the Pure Barre 100 club.


A few brands for this clothing include Splits59. You can find a lot of great Pure Barre clothing if you shop on Poshmark.

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What Can I Expect at a Pure Barre Class?

Classes are fast-paced and you will probably feel a bit behind or lost when you first go. After a few classes I started to get a hang of the moves and cues. If you feel that way you are not alone! I didn’t sweat much at all during my Pure Barre review but I felt some major muscle burn during the classes.

You perform very small movements over and over. I felt incredibly weak most of the time! Despite all my running and yoga practice, there are clearly muscles in my body that don’t get worked out very often. Pure Barre will fill that void.

Is Pure Barre a Good Workout?

Have you ever done the old Jane Fonda workout tapes? I was immediately reminded of her tapes when I took Pure Barre. Some of Jane’s tapes contain the same moves or very similar ones.

The studio owner told me the Pure Barre-type moves originated in the late 1970s, close to the same time when Jane Fonda started her at-home exercise phenomenon, so the similarities are understandable.

Pure Barre Review

How Long are Pure Barre classes?

As I continue with this Pure Barre review I should note that Pure Barre classes are 45-minutes or 50-minutes each and you are in and out in no time. It helps to show up early though so the instructor can start right on time. If you are new, don’t try going two days in a row. You will be way too sore to do so!

Long-term I can see Pure Barre fitting into my workout schedule as a form of strength training. I do enjoy cardio workouts so I can’t see doing only Pure Barre. I like the variety these classes provide with working out. Anyone who has been exercising for years understands, switching up your routine is extremely helpful in preventing exercise burnout.

Pure Barre Review

Scheduling Your Pure Barre Classes

Also, if you can, schedule your classes in advance. When the Rocky River studio was especially new there was a large draw for classes. Some times such as early morning or after work may also book up quickly simply due to being at popular times.

During seasons such as after Christmas classes may also be busy due to people looking to work out more. You can reserve your spot in a class by going online.

How Much Does Pure Barre Cost?

With Pure Barre you can opt for a monthly membership fee or pay per class. If you buy class packs this is the best deal for someone who does not attend a lot. When I talked to our local studio owner she mentioned that with her franchise she also offers deals via email such as for holidays.

How Much is Pure Barre a Month?

Another point in my Pure Barre review, patrons can buy these deals and use them on their own time, this is a way to save money on Pure Barre classes. For example a class pack special may be 5 classes for $100 instead of $22 per class. Back in 2014 they offered a five class pack for $95 or $19 per class. Prices have not changed significantly since then.

Can You Do Barre Two Days in a Row?

This would be up to you. Like most workouts typically it’s best to rotate muscle groups so the same muscles are not worked two days in a row. Selecting a different Pure Barre workout for day two is an option such as take Pure Barre Classic followed by Pure Reform the next day.

Review of Pure Barre

Pure Barre Review

Pure Barre Classes Online

A newer option to the Pure Barre family is Pure Barre GO. Originally called Pure Barre On Demand this option was introduced in 2018. This allows you to take Pure Barre classes at home within the comfort of your home and on your own schedule. Because the classes are at your home you may need to buy some supplies for class (that the studio normally provides).

As a reminder, items used in Pure Barre classes include:

Sticky Socks
TRX Band (and resistance bands)
Yoga Mat
Barre Ball (mini exercise ball)
Water Bottle
Small Weights (2 pounds is perfect)

There is a cost to Pure Barre GO for a Pure Barre workout. If you are interested in signing up for a Pure Barre GO subscription visit Pure Barre GO online. The pricing starts at $29.99 per month but you can get a free trial when you first sign up. Alternately, you can purchase Pure Barre DVDs to workout at home as well.

What is the Difference Between Pure Barre and Barre3?

If you are wondering about differences between Pure Barre workouts and Barre3 I have actually taken both classes and detailed the differences in my Barre3 review.

Barre3 Review

Pure Barre Workout

Pure Barre Review

In Summary

Pure Barre is a great workout. It’s especially good for muscle tone, definition and strengthening. This is one of many Pure Barre reviews but I hope you found my personal experience helpful.

I would encourage anyone to try Pure Barre at least once. If you are new the Foundations class is a great start followed by a Classic Pure Barre class. With consistency some have significant barre workout results. Don’t forget if you’re looking for some Pure Barre clothing to wear to class, check out Poshmark.

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What questions do you have about Pure Barre?

Disclosure: I was provided one month of unlimited Pure Barre classes in exchange for writing a blog post about my experience. All opinions and thoughts here are my own.

40 thoughts on “Pure Barre Review of Pure Barre Workout”

  1. I have been wanting to try Pure Barre for a while. I grew up dancing and believe the barre workouts will help me get back into shape like when I was dancing constantly!

  2. I’ve wanted to try Pure Barre since they opened the Westlake/Avon location, but wasn’t able to get in on a class right away because the demand was so high! I’m a former dancer and have done a few barre classes before, but it’s not as close to home as I’d like.

  3. I discovered Pure Barre two years ago and I swear by it – It keeps you so toned and lean. It strenghtens for all other activities as well! Clearly, I am obsessed and a true believer. So glad you were able to try it and also fall in love!~

  4. I’ve been CrossFitting as my only means of working out for about 2 years. While I’m happy with the results of CrossFit, I have always felt I needed something to balance out the high intensity and heavy weight lifting. Pure Barre is the best supplement and balance to my Crossfit routine. After a month of classes, I’m seeing improvement in my mobility and strength, and I love that “burn” I’ve only experienced in a Pure Barre class. It truly is a workout for any fitness level, as everything can be modified. I look forward to bringing my mom, and my sister who just became a new mom, to class very soon!

  5. I am hoping to retry Pure Barre soon! The burn is definitely overwhelming at first but if you stick with it, it is Amazing what it can do for your body!

  6. I have been doing Pure Barre for 1 month & absolutely love it. I cannot wait to start my next month. So happy that you opened another location. All that have not tried need to give it a try. Thumbs up!!!

  7. I love Pure Barre. I’ve been going since September because I really wanted to challenge myself to go outside my comfort zone and try some new workouts. Fast forward a few months and I’m totally addicted to Pure Barre. I’ve signed up for a 12 month unlimited package that works at the Westlake and Rocky River studios. I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen from it personally.

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve followed you on Twitter! @colbyers

  8. I love Pure Barre!! I never thought that I would be excited to go to my workout 3-4 a week. I can honestly say I am disappointed when I have to cancel a class.

  9. Pure Barre is an amazing workout. When I have done it in the past I felt taller, stronger, and more confident. I would love to continue and see the way my body transforms from the workout.

  10. I would love to try barre classes because I have heard great things about them! I just had a baby 8 weeks ago and my body looks like a melting candle. I would love to begin rebuilding muscle and getting strong again so I can be the best mama I can be! 😀

  11. I have been doing Pure Barre since August 2013, and I absolutely LOVE it. Typically I’m not the person who does fitness classes regularly. Now I try to make class 4-5 times a week. Best workout I have ever done!

  12. I’ve been hearing rave reviews for Pure Barre from friends for years and was excited when the Rocky River location opened close to home! I consider myself in good shape from regular bootcamp classes, yoga, spinning, ellitical, etc, but I definitely left my first class feeling the “burn”! I’ve been back multiple times now and plan to keep at it!

  13. i decided to re-try pure barre since i am getting married in june and decided that i would like to add this to my work out regimen. im hoping this will help me with my flexibility and toning some muscles.

  14. I love pure barre. I have been going for a month now and I am so glad that I tried to do it. I always wanted to try pure barre after I read about it in a fitness magazine and once pure barre opened in rocky river I jumped on the pure barre bandwagon and have never looked back. Now I have coworkers and friends trying it since I am always talking about pure barre.

  15. I too, recently tried out Pure Barre for the first time and would absolutely LOVE to try and make this a more regular part of my fitness routine and really experience the results PB can get you!

  16. I love Pure Barre! I usually hate exercising but after doing Pure Barre for a few months I find myself actually looking forward to going.

  17. I would like to give Pure Barre another go. I tried it in the fall but just couldn’t get the hang of it. It is really close to my house now, so I would be interested in going to Rocky River.

  18. I too started pure barre in January when the Rocky River studio opened and I’m addicted! I’ve already hit 20 classes and my goal is to eventually be in the 100 club! It’s such a great workout! And it’s even more fun doing this with two of my friends.

  19. i love pure barre. i’ve been going since the very first class at westlake/avon. its truly the best 55 minutes of my day. i love that even after a year i still walk away from the class sore. i am looking forward to signing the 250 barre by mid march!

  20. I bought the 5 week opening package at pure barre and would love to retry. In just 5 weeks I’ve seen significant change in my body and the classes go by so quickly!

  21. I am a dancer, I have been dancing my whole life and graduated from BGSU in 05′ w my dance degree, I still teach and absolutely think dance is an amazing workout! The barre warmup in all of my ballet classes was truly one my favorite parts about the conditioning I received at college. I would love to try this studio!

  22. I was a gymnast for years and have struggled getting motivated going to the gym for a “real” workout. A few years back, I was diagnosed with some severed back and hip problems which has really impacted by ability to workout the way that I want to. I can’t do a lot of jumping or pounding, and have been looking to find a workout that could be modified but still keep my interest. I’ve been thinking about doing Pure Barre for awhile now and have just been waiting for the right opportunity to try it. I would love to find something to keep me active and excited about working out again!

  23. I’ve been wanting to try Pure Barre because it looks challenging but also like a great way to switch things up and work those under-worked muscle groups!

  24. I would love to try Pure Barre because I am obsessed with booty barre classes and would love to compare the two classes. I love the results from booty barre and would love to experience what pure barre has to offer!

  25. I work out at Fitworks and I was talking to a fellow member about Pure Barre. She has taken classes there and loves it. She says she works new muscles she never knew she had! I would love to try this class as I am always on the lookout for something new and I need more strength training in my life.



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