Organic Gardener Gifts for Garden Lovers

If you have a friend who is a gardener on your gift list, I can guarantee they are thinking about their garden year round. In short, they would be the perfect recipient of organic gardener gifts. There are many organic gardening gifts you can purchase for that family member, friend or coworker that will help them foster a green thumb.

From tools that aid in their gardening practices, to educational material and simply neat gardening gifts, this list will provided ideas for anyone that has a knack for growing. Gardening is most popular during the summer.

Organic Gardener Gifts

Organic Gardener Gifts

Gifts for the Organic Gardener

In particular, these organic gardener gifts are ideal for someone who values organic gardening. Also these gardening gifts are affordable and fun. The best part about buying gifts for a friend who is a gardener is that the gifts are typically very inexpensive.

It’s also fun to think beyond the basics – seeds, soil, fertilizer – and give them something they will really enjoy, but that they might never purchase for themselves. Buying gifts for a gardener is a great idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, summer birthdays or just because.

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My Organic Gardening Story

I’ve been gardening for half my life. Yes, I started when I was a teenager. It wasn’t until I picked up my gardening practice again in 2012 (after moving seven times in seven years and finally landing in a home with a yard) that I switched to organic gardening.

Botanical Interests

Organic gardeners typically grow vegetables, herbs, fruits and other edibles. They may also simply practice organic gardening for sustainability reasons or because they want to do what is best for the environment.

Organic gardening doesn’t need to be intimidating, but if you have never done organic gardening and are not sure what to buy the organic gardener you know, here’s a list to help. There are organic gardener gifts that will truly be enjoyed.

Gift Ideas for Organic Gardeners

1) Seed Sprouter Box for Year-Round Growing: Keep the garden growing year-round with a seed sprouter! These miniature gardens allow gardeners to grow edible sprouts such as alfalfa, mung bean sprouts, lentil sprouts and more. Sprouts are a wonderful addition to sandwiches, salads and stir fry dishes. Even more, it’s wonderful to enjoy something home grown during the off-season. When buying a seed sprouter as one of your organic gardener gifts – don’t forget to purchase seeds as well!

Organic Gardener Gifts

2) Gardening Magazine Subscription: Give one of the organic gardener gifts that keeps giving year-round with a gardening magazine subscription. A garden magazine subscription, such as Horticulture, is a wonderful gift as the recipient will actually likely receive six to 12 gifts and be reminded of you each time they check the mail and find their gardening magazine has arrived.

3) High-Quality Gardening Gloves: Without fail, almost every year I find myself buying new gardening gloves. Gardening is hard work and hard on the hands. Gloves bear the grunt of that work but in turn take a beating. A new pair of gardening gloves is one of the best organic gardener gifts. Select mid-range gloves for the best value.

Organic Gardening Gifts

Organic Gardener Gifts

4) Seed Packets for Spring: If you are familiar with the recipient’s garden, or have toured it before, you may feel confident purchasing them some seeds. Many seed companies begin promoting and selling their seeds in the winter. Seeds are best planted within a year so seeds purchased in the winter will be perfect for an early start using milk jug greenhouses. A few common and popular vegetable garden seeds include: tomato, carrots, basil, mixed lettuce and parsley.

5) Organic Gardening Books: Encourage your gardening friend to get back to basics, or learn some new techniques, with an organic gardening book. I really enjoyed reading Talking Dirt, an organic gardening book gifted to me by my husband several years ago. During the off-season, more time is spent indoors than outdoors in the garden, so the avid gardener will welcome the reading material.

Organic Gardener Gifts

6) Espoma Indoor Plant Products: Even when it’s chilly outside, the gardener is nurturing their indoor houseplants. A little glimpse of green indoors is saving grace during a long winter season. Help the gardener give those indoor plants a little TLC with one, or several, indoor plant products. Espoma produces a well-known and respected line of organic gardening products including Indoor Houseplant Food, Shine Leaf Polish and Insect Spray.

Organic Gardening Gift Ideas

Organic Gardener Gifts

7) Gardener’s Scrubbing Soap: After a long day’s work in the garden the first thing a gardener will do is go inside and wash their hands. Make that clean-up experience memorable with a special gardening soap. The soap will help the gardener feel pampered and clean their hands. There are many varieties of gardener soap available including chocolate, basil poppy and lavender.

Botanical Interests

8) Dibblet for Measuring Seed Depth: If there’s one thing the gardener is likely not going to buy for themselves – but that the desperately need – it’s the dibblet! Yes, it’s a crazy sounding item. But really, it’s simply a tapered stick that helps a gardener measure proper depth for seed planting. Buy one, you won’t regret it!

9) Moleskine Passions Gardening Journal: The best gardeners keep track of what they do in the garden each year so they can learn from (and remember) their successes and failures. I love the Moleskine Passions Gardening Journal and even wrote about it before. It’s the perfect way to record garden plans and layouts, to keep track of what was planted and when and keep general gardening notes. It also comes with stickers and a pocket (perfect for storing those seed packets).


Organic Gardener Gifts

10) Herb Markers to Label Plants: Most gardeners have already discovered and value herbs. Growing herbs allows the gardener to harvest and use amazing spices in homemade dishes. It’s easy to start an herb garden, but sometimes difficult to keep track of what was planted. Label the herb garden with these helpful herb markers.

Gifts for Organic Gardeners

Organic Gardener Gifts

In Summary

These organic gardening gifts are fun, affordable and best of all – support the environment. Whether you are buying for a friend, family member or colleague who is an organic gardener – they will surely enjoy one or several of these organic gardening gifts.

Even though it may be the off-season, avid gardeners are thinking about growing year-round. What better way to fuel their passion or hobby, than by purchasing unique and personal organic gardener gifts?

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