Cleveland Home and Garden Show Information

The Cleveland Home and Garden Show takes place every February in Cleveland, Ohio at the International Exposition Center (also known as the I-X Center) which is near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The first time I went to the show was in 2017. Over the years it has become a tradition now for my husband and I to go annually.

These are photos taken at the 2020 show and details about what you will find at the show, ticket prices, hours, parking and other tips for when you go. The official name of the show is The Great Big Home and Garden Show.

Cleveland Home and Garden Show

Cleveland Home and Garden Show

When is the Home and Garden Show in Cleveland?

In 2024, the show runs from February 2 through February 11. The show always starts at the end of January or early February and runs for 10 days and includes two weekends. Usually we attend the show on a weekday (less busy, but typically no celebrity appearances).

Cleveland Home and Garden Show Hours

The show runs from roughly 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays. Weekend hours are either longer (Friday and Saturday into the evening) or shorter (Sundays). All of the information is the guide you receive at the door or can be found on the official website for the show.

It also runs pretty late into the evening so you can enjoy “nightlife” there if you want! There are beer and wine vendors along with mixed drinks for purchase.

Cleveland Home and Garden Show

How Much Does the Cleveland Home & Garden Show Cost?

The Cleveland Garden Show is very affordable, which is one thing we like about it! Every year we have attended we have found Home and Garden Show IX Center Discount Tickets. The discounts seem to rotate each year but have included:

  • Purchased via the Show Website
  • Purchased at Pettiti Garden Center Locations
  • Purchased via Groupon (this year it was buy one ticket, get one free)

Full price tickets for adults cost $15 per ticket. Children age 5 and under are free. Of all the deals I saw in 2020, the Cleveland Home and Garden Show Groupon is the best deal I saw. There are also senior and group discounts available on tickets in terms of Cleveland Home and Garden Show coupons. Be sure to check Groupon too.

Home and Garden Show Cleveland Ohio

Regarding Cleveland Home and Garden Show discount tickets, parking is still $10 per vehicle to get inside. You can pay cash or credit card. Please note that you cannot leave the show and return the same day without paying parking again.

We like to eat a meal right before we go to the show. You can purchase food at the show if you like. They have the basics like pizza, pretzels and cheese, chips, hot dogs and such available at the concessions.

Cleveland Home and Garden Show

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Cleveland Home and Garden Show 2024

Once at the show you, there are rows and rows of contractors and vendors. The first few rows started out contractor-heavy. By the end we were seeing more vendors, random food samples, kitchen ware displays and $5,000 massage chairs (which I did try out!).

We spoke to many of the contractors and took business cards and brochures. In the years we have attended the show we have met and hired several contractors including a contractor to install a backyard garden shed and the roofing contractor we hired last year.

We also learned about a few services we weren’t aware of previously, such as bathroom tile refinishing, and heated gutter guards. We are keeping these services in mind for future reference.

Home and Garden Show with Children

The first time we went was in 2017. We took our daughter and I wore her in a baby carrier. It worked out great! Since then my husband and I have attended just the two of us. While the show is family friendly, we have found it’s easier to sit and talk with contractors one on one if we are not watching our child at the same time.

I almost went to the show in 2016 as a Master Gardener Volunteer and would have in 2017, but our organization did not participate in 2017. I’m happy to say the Master Gardeners have been able to return to the show and offer a question and answer booth at the show.

Gardening Displays Cleveland Garden Show

Cleveland Home and Garden Show

In terms of gardening, the Cleveland Home and Garden show also contains many flower and garden displays. I took a few photos of displays made by Petitti Garden Centers. This year they had some fun container gardens made from suitcases. This is my favorite part of the show every year.

This year the hyacinths and roses among all of the displays smelled wonderful! Many local garden centers and landscape companies put on these displays and maintain them throughout the show. You can walk through many of them and some of gardening displays also have themes.

There was also a great display put together by The Ohio State University showcasing the garden in winter or the off-season. I really found the display to be beautiful and informative. I included a photo of that display below as well.

Cleveland Home and Garden Show

Little did I realize the first year we attended in 2017 that there was an entire room of displays. When we walked in the show was massive and overwhelming. If it’s your first time attending and you feel this way, you are not alone!

I recommend you go visit the garden displays first if you are interested in plants and gardening because the lines seemed to mount as the day went on. This year we went through the displays first and then had extra time to check them out again before leaving the show.

Cleveland Home and Garden Show

The year we took our daughter and after four hours at the show she was exhausted and so were we! There was so much to look at, sample and people to talk to throughout the convention center. There are also display homes you can walk through at the show as well as live demonstrations and talks.

You can talk to as many vendors as you want or simply enjoy the sights and sounds. The show is really what you make of it. This year we tried the massage chairs twice which was great (there were two different models on display at the IX Home and Garden Show).

Cleveland Garden Show

Cleveland Home and Garden Show

In Summary

Overall the Cleveland Home and Garden Show is enjoyable and we plan to continue going back every year. It provided inspiration for me as a gardener, connected me with contractors and provided something fun to do on an otherwise dreary February day.

What questions do you have about the Cleveland Garden Show?

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