Organic Lawn Care in Northeast Ohio

When we first became homeowners, I wasn’t sure where to begin when it came to the lawn or garden. Everything was overwhelming. We knew we had to mow the lawn, so we started there. Over time we learned better mowing techniques to strengthen the grass, purchased a new mower and switched to organic lawn care in Northeast Ohio where I live.

I recall purchasing some non-organic grub treatment and putting it down, and I’m pretty sure I grabbed whatever fertilizer I saw on the shelf. A lot changed once we got our dog Lulu. I became increasingly aware of the negative impact of using chemical lawn treatments.

Organic Lawn Care in Northeast Ohio

Organic Lawn Care in Northeast Ohio

Lawn Care Treatment Options

There are really only two routes when it comes to lawn care, chemicals or organic. I think most people don’t think much about what they are putting down. Other time they trust a company name or promise and only think about what a lawn may look like – not the health.

In addition to the health of a lawn, there is also another huge factor. The health of those using the lawn, the community and the Earth. We realized very quickly after getting our rescue dog that chemical lawn treatment would not be the best thing for her. In addition, pets come into the home with their paws.

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Chemical Lawn Care

As I mentioned above, my personal use of lawn chemicals has been limited. However, I went to a talk early on regarding non-organic lawn care that also really opened my eyes to the dangers of chemicals.

During the roughly two-hour session my eyes were opened to the hazards of using pesticides to control weeds, grubs and other lawn-killers.Right then, I decided to stop using chemicals.

The talk was put on by the owner and founder of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care, an organic company based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company’s founder along with Beyond Pesticides Ohio, offered a round of public presentations a few years ago in the Cleveland, Ohio-area – one of which I attended.

Later when it came to applying a few more challenging lawn treatments, we decided to hire Good Nature Organic Lawn Care to provide the treatments. There are other organic turf companies in Cleveland. We’ve been happy with the service thus far so this is the only company we have used.

In conjunction with using the local company for a few treatments, we also purchase organic fertilizer and apply it ourselves. Along with that we manage weed control organically.

Organic Lawn Services

Dreaming of spring may be the only thing that carries me through the winter. Each year, I receive a notice from Good Nature Organic Lawn Care asking if I would like an early bird discount on services for the year. I like a good deal, so early pay is a no brainer for me.

Typically I order a late summer application of nematodes (microscopic organisms that help control grubs). I was once, just like you. I had never heard of nematodes. I didn’t know organic lawn care existed.

And I may have been throwing some Scotts fertilizer on my lawn along with some grub killing pesticide – thinking that was the best, and only – option. Enter the Cleveland organic lawn care company.

Organic Lawn Care in Cleveland

Organic Grass

There are both chemical and non-chemical lawn care options. Everyone can make their own choice and I realize sometimes a lawn may be in such disrepair that using organic methods may seem inadequate.

There is also the option of restoration or overhaul of a lawn in that case. I really just want to share reasons why having an organic lawn is good. My intention is to education and share those reasons because they might not be readily apparent.

As I said I didn’t think much about this either until we got a pet. Here’s why I only practice organic lawn maintenance.

For me, there are three main reasons:

  1. For Children
  2. For Pets
  3. For the Environment
Lawn Care Costs

Many people might assume keeping an organic yard is expensive. I do not think it is at all. In fact I wrote an entire organic fertilizer post about how we easily care for our own organically for very little money each year.

I have found maintaining a natural yard to be easy, cost-effective, and most of all, to give me peace of mind with both our daughter, and our dog Lulu. If you are curious about making the switch I highly encourage you to read more about the dangers of commercial lawn products and the benefits of organic lawn care.

What Fertilizer to Use?

I have purchased fertilizer through my local company, and I have also purchased Espoma Fertilizer (available in Cleveland at Petitti Garden Centers and anywhere online). The program is affordable and the package explains exactly how to apply the product and how much square footage the product will cover.

I apply the fertilizer myself using a Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader, which I bought at a garage sale. It takes about 20 minutes, four times a year.

My first application goes down around Easter. In April or so is the time to start thinking about your spring lawn. You can still apply that first spring application around Easter or play catch up as soon as you purchase the treatments.

Common Misconceptions

I believe there are still misconceptions surrounding organic lawn fertilizer and even organic gardening. These misconceptions are usually due to a lack of education – which is understandable. Most people buy a home or property and haven’t taken “Lawn Care 101” in high school.

Homeowners often feel pressure (self-imposed perhaps) to make sure their lawn is perfectly green and weed free and will do anything they think will make that happen – including using chemicals.

Additionally, for decades the companies and services using these chemical applications have promoted and marketed heavily to us – often including photos of children and pets on the lawn. Meanwhile, once an application is made you will see a flag indicating children and pets should not be on the lawn. It’s all very confusing and understandably so!

Many people believe that it’s too expensive to practice (the four step organic program is very affordable). This is literally the bare minimum investment for the program I am going to tell you about today. I supplement the program with a few treatments, but we still spend only a few hundred dollars per year on lawn care treatments, supplies and grass seed and everything combined.

DIY Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care in Northeast Ohio
In Summary

Lastly, people also believe that organic lawn care in Northeast Ohio does not work. Our lawn is lush, green and comfortable to walk on. Having an organic lawndoes work. However, it is not a quick fix or an overnight change.

You must be persistent, patient and seek long term results. Having a lush organic lawn is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep in mind if you don’t want to do the organic treatments yourself you can always hire a company too.

What is preventing you from trying a natural yard?

I’m not affiliated with Good Nature Organic Lawn Care in any way. I simply value their service and what they do for the environment.

26 thoughts on “Organic Lawn Care in Northeast Ohio”

  1. I’ve been doing an organic lawn for about three years now. Hired an organic company to fertilize, worm compost tea, etc. Best thing going organic did was reduce the weeds in my lawn. Healthier soil means healthier lawn means less weeds. I didn’t believe my lawn guy when he first told me this, but I’m a believer now.

  2. Hi Holly! Great tips, I sent this post to my hubby 😉 Since having my daughter we have been trying to go as organic as possible in all aspects of our life. So happy I found your blog from the BYB challenge!

  3. I don’t know if this is good or not, but I don’t do anything to my lawn! My backyard is mostly pavement and full of an unruly garden along the fence. I really don’t even water my grass or anything, just get the grass cut once every week or two… or three. It’s all self-maintained really lol! But then again, I’m not aiming for a perfectly manicured lawn.

  4. You are so right about doing this for pets. I’ve had 3 dogs in the past die of cancer because they stayed in a backyard that we had to keep treated for fleas with chemicals. The dog I have now, has lived longer than any of the other ones and our yard is not treated that way. Thanks for sharing.

  5. We went over to 100% organic lawn/garden a few years ago. I’m pretty sure our neighbors, who would live in Thneadville, given the choice, think that we are lunatics but maybe one of these years our beautiful sunflowers and abundant tomatoes will bring them over to our way of thinking.

  6. We do organic lawn care. I am committed to it -but, sometimes I can get discouraged -and, other times I am beating the neighbors with a greener lawn! Overall, I am satisfied, I just wish my one neighbor would control his dandelions… Any advice? I end up manually removing about 1 million (no exaggeration) because the neighbor does nothing with his lawn. Sad.

    • If it was me and the weeds are close to the line of my property I would probably just pull them and consider it volunteering my services!

      Hopefully in time they will understand why you do what you do. Don’t be afraid to bring it up in conversation. The “speedy weedy” tool may help with your efforts.

  7. Just think about all the chemicals breath in everyday during the summer. All those lawns being treated. Makes me sick, especially knowing my grand children are breathing all that in. Some day maybe we will all wake up 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  8. I worked in garden centres before I retired and in Ontario, many pesticides are banned. Grub control is only available as nematodes, they banned the grub control in lawn care years ago. Yes, organic gardening takes a bit to get used to and the results aren’t as fast as the old way, but it is so much better for the environment and as you said, kids & pets…not to mention the beneficial insects! For example, the monarch butterfly population is dwindling due to the over-use of Roundup killing off the weeds they live on. I hope more States get involved in organic lawn care & gardening by banning the harmful pesticides, too. And think of all the exercise we get from pulling out all those weeds by hand!
    Debbie 🙂

  9. I’m a big organic lawn n life gal too. So many don’t realize our kids are soaking up the poison as they play in the grass. We embrace our weeds and turn them into salads! 😉


  10. Having worked for an environmental non profit group that focused on clean oceans and estuaries I completely agree with what you are saying and promoting. Our actions in our small spaces have more far reaching affects than we can really imagine. Every chemical we put down affects some part of the ecosystem. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront!

  11. I really believe in this. We’ve had some children pass away here in Utah from a chemical lawn care company.
    It’s especially important with our garden… because we eat from there. But, our children and pets are outside rolling around. Thank you for posting this… great info!

  12. I tried some organic lawn care last year, and it didn’t work . After the winter, these killer weeds just popped out from everywhere and started taking over my flower bed. It was scary. I did the organic thing, and it did nothing at all. Finally, I just put cardboard and mulch over the weeds and that did it.

    Really, no chemicals are better for everything – but if I’m going to buy it, I expect it to work, you know? Not be food for the further growth of weeds. After my experience, I haven’t bought anything else. I just did the cardboard thing and put thins above ground in pots. I guess this was the cowards way.

    Thanks for this. I will definitely look into it.

    Also, thank you so much for participating in the 100 day blog challenge.

  13. I prefer to do organic lawn care and gardening because of my kids. It’s especially important for our backyard vegetable garden since we eat from it! I have a really hard time keeping critters out, though, and often lose a lot of good food to them.

  14. I need to find that fertilizer. I’ve been making my husband go pesticide and fertilizer free since I hadn’t found a replacement and our yard totally looks like it. Need to help it out without hurting the environment.


  15. It’s scary to think of all the chemicals that we encounter every day, notto mention chemicals that my kids would roll around on in the grass. It’s totally not worth it to have a weed-free lawn if it’s full of nasty chemicals. So organic definitely seems the way to go!


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