Yurbuds Review Custom Fit Ear Buds

The folks at Yurbuds in the past offered me an opportunity to try out a pair of their earbuds as part of a Yurbuds Review. I selected a pair of pink Yurbuds, with some of the proceeds going toward breast cancer research.

Yurbuds Review

Yurbuds Review

From the Yurbuds website

“Yurbuds Earbud Enhancers provide an unparalleled level of comfort and fidelity with a fit that ensures the earbuds stay in your ears, even during the most strenuous physical activity. Light and Intense style Yurbuds Earbud Enhancers guarantee a perfect fit.

Made from ultra-soft medical grade silicone for extreme comfort during extended listening periods. Yurbuds Earbud Enhancers are clinically proven to improve sound quality and deliver deeper, richer acoustics. Enjoy music and the world around you like never before.” – source

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Yurbuds Ear Buds

Yurbuds Review

Yurbuds Experience

Prior to using Yurbuds, I had purchased or tried no less than six types of earbuds in a four year period. Yurbuds was the first set that did not fall out during wear! For the most part I’ve truly been impressed during my Yurbuds review.

As soon as I opened the package up and felt the rubbery exterior I knew they would have some grip. And the shape of the actual earbuds is interesting, a little intimidating maybe at first, but within a few tries I figured out to put them in my ears with ease.

At the time of my original review, I had worn the earbuds at least half a dozen times. They withstood sweat and wind. If anything, when I’ve worn them I’ve been a little paranoid thinking they are going to fall out or find myself trying to readjust them – when there is nothing to adjust!

I guess that’s just become habit with all the crummy earbuds I’ve tried over the years. Yurbuds fit a little differently in that they take up the whole inside part of your ear. It’s a snug fit too.

They come with what appears to be the typical iPhone earbud set. I’ve had other issues with my past iPhone earbud sets with the cord – ie. shredding. This cord appears the same so I’m more worried the earbuds are going to wear out before the Yurbuds.

More About Yurbuds

As it says on the Yurbuds website, their product is not noise canceling or sound isolating. I noticed running in the wind that, like most earbuds, you have some wind noise going through your ears during my Yurbuds review.

Also the way the product fits on the earbuds — I found I needed to turn my iPhone volume up a bit, it seemed to muffle the music just a tad. Yurbuds have only a 90-day warranty. Most products have at least a 1-year warranty.

Yurbuds Earbuds

Yurbuds Review

In Summary

If you are looking for earbuds that don’t fall out, during your workouts or while sweating, try Yurbuds.

Do you listen to music while running? Why or why not?

Disclosure: I am not compensated for product reviews, unless otherwise stated. I was given a free sample of the product in exchange for writing a Yurbuds review. All opinions and thoughts here are my own. Some links within this post are affiliate links.