Won’t Cut Back Spending on These Items

I like a great deal as much as the next person. Okay, maybe a little more than the next person! Over the years I have enjoyed using coupons, shopping the sales and finding unique items at thrift shops and garage sales. However, I have also found a few things I won’t cut back on.

My list of items I won’t cut back on does not include what I consider necessary life spending or provisions, such as having health insurance or routine dental visits. Instead the list contains things that are personally important to my lifestyle and that I have decided the additional spending is worth it in terms of enjoyment, saving time or other reasons.

Won't Cut Back

Won’t Cut Back

Identify Spending Areas

I’ve shared the importance of having a personal budget and saving for an emergency. However, having areas where you want to spend is equally important. It provides a little pleasure in life and I also find, helps with staying on track financially.

In order to know what you won’t cut back on, you need to identify those items and add them to your personal budget. These items are going to be completely different for each person.

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In fact, when it comes to how I spend on my self versus my husband we are almost total opposites at times! That’s fine though as everyone is different and has different values. What’s important is we have identified the spending areas in advance.

Areas of Spending

Now I’m going to share a few areas where I like to spend. I have four areas of spending to share where I don’t like to cut back spending. Others may have more categories or fewer:

1) Name Brand Coffee: I’ve tried McDonald’s McCafe and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and I just cannot get on board. Maybe I’ve been drinking Starbucks for too many years now, but for chain coffee, Starbucks is still my go-to.

I also appreciate visiting local coffee shops. I do try to cut back on how often I purchase a freshly-brewed coffee (once or twice a week usually) versus brewing coffee at home. But I do mostly stick to Starbucks whole-bean coffee for at home.

2) High-Quality Running Shoes: When I started training for the Cleveland Marathon 8K, a few years ago I realized I was in dire need of new running shoes. I purchased my last pair in 2013 or 2014. When I was running regularly I would purchase new running shoes at least once or twice a year.

For my last round of training, I ended up switching to the Brooks Ghost running shoes and have now purchased them three times. Good running shoes are integral to comfort and performance while running and I’m not willing to increase my risk of injury due to inadequate shoes.

3) Salon Haircuts: I wish I could get by with going to Great Clips or Supercuts for less expensive haircuts but I just can’t. I’m also just a little bit jealous of my friends with straight hair who are able to get a salon haircut only once or twice a year!

My hair is thick and wavy and it takes a salon hairdresser to tame it. My salon haircut is now a reoccurring appointment on my calendar, and it’s budgeted for. I also normally get cuts on a regular basis.

4) Top Shelf Paint: I am a die-hard Sherwin-Williams fan. I’ve tried paints from the “big box” stores for my home painting projects and they just do not perform well. They go on watery, don’t provide adequate coverage and let brush marks show.

I also value supporting a local company, as Sherwin-Williams is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, where I live. For primer, my go-to is Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3. I’m also very particular about painting supplies and tools and rollers. If I’m going to spend the time to paint a room I want to do it right.

Cutting Back Spending

Won't Cut Back

In Conclusion

As I mentioned at the beginning, I enjoy saving and living frugally. I’ve also dabbled with making my own DIY projects and there are many ways I like to save money. However, I also realize the importance of spending on the right things.

By saving money on purchases, I find I have less clutter in my life. I’m able to live on a budget, meet goals and use money for experiences – rather than things. I shared just a few items that today I like to spend o.

What are the items you won’t cut back on?

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2 thoughts on “Won’t Cut Back Spending on These Items”

  1. I’m with you on salon hair cuts! I have very curly hair that has never been successfully cut at the cheaper salons. Once I actually came out with it ear length. Even the hairdresser looked mortified. She kept cutting and cutting and then made the comment that at least with it that short it wouldn’t curl as much – it was like she was unfamiliar with gravity! In the end, she confessed that she’d never worked with curly hair before. Apparently, it was not a required course at wherever she went for training. Sighs. Now I pay special attention to how I condition my hair so that I can offset the expense by extending the time between haircuts.

    • That’s awful! I thought they practiced on friends/family during beauty school. I’m sorry to hear you were a guinea pig. On the bright side, she probably learned a lot about curly hair after cutting yours.


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