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Holly Hammersmith is an independent writer and editor. She blogs about how to keep a healthy home and lifestyle. Topics include wellness, household, saving money, gardening and more. Holly lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, daughter and rescue dog Lulu.


  1. Penny deSaver says

    I’m with you on salon hair cuts! I have very curly hair that has never been successfully cut at the cheaper salons. Once I actually came out with it ear length. Even the hairdresser looked mortified. She kept cutting and cutting and then made the comment that at least with it that short it wouldn’t curl as much – it was like she was unfamiliar with gravity! In the end, she confessed that she’d never worked with curly hair before. Apparently, it was not a required course at wherever she went for training. Sighs. Now I pay special attention to how I condition my hair so that I can offset the expense by extending the time between haircuts.

    • Holly Hammersmith says

      That’s awful! I thought they practiced on friends/family during beauty school. I’m sorry to hear you were a guinea pig. On the bright side, she probably learned a lot about curly hair after cutting yours.

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