What to Do at Home? Stay Busy, Fight Boredom

When you are stuck inside it can be easy to feel bored or frustrated and not know what to do at home. Whether it’s crummy weather outside that’s keeping you in, tight finances or maybe you don’t feel well. There are many times to be at home. While you are home you can easily stay busy, fight boredom and have fun.

Today I’m sharing many ideas for things you can do inside from personal enrichment, self -are, hobbies and more. This list should give you plenty of ideas. Any time you are in a rut or need an idea this list can help jump start your creativity.

What to Do at Home

What to Do at Home

Things to Do at Home

Let me start by saying I’m sort of a homebody by nature. I believe I am part extrovert and part introvert. Most of my hobbies are home-based including things like crafts and gardening. However, I really desire time with friends and family.

Having a little kid now also prevents me from being quite as social as I once was. Most nights if given the chance I rather stay home anyway! It’s a different stage of life for sure, but one I’m embracing in the moment, knowing it will change again one day.

Also, living in Ohio our winters can be pretty terrible. This winter was actually kind of mild, but it’s still not the best time to be out. The roads are a mess, it’s cold and you have to put on multiple layers to avoid a chill. These are just a few other reasons why knowing what to do at home is helpful.

Things to Do Inside

What to Do at Home

Fun Things to Do Inside

Sometimes I think we get caught up in being on the go, when really we can take a lot of pleasure in the down time, the simple moments. Maybe this is why I really enjoy many of the hobbies and interests that I do.

This list of ideas will not only be helpful when you need something to do at home, but also when you want to take up a new hobby, activity or interest. I plan to use this list myself. It’s easy to feel bored at any time even when potential activities surround you.

Another note, all of the ideas I will share do not include screen time. It’s easy to default to watching TV or movies or scrolling on a smart phone. We all do it from time to time but there’s great refreshment to be found in non-digital activities as well.

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What to Do at Home?

I’m now going to share my big list of ideas along with a few notes or suggestions with each idea. I hope this list is helpful for you to decide on an activity next time you are wondering what to do at home.

Again these are all things that do not involve a screen:

Play Cards: There are a lot of games for all ages that can be played using a basic deck of cards. Spite and Malice is a favorite.

Listen to Music: Put on some music you haven’t listened to in a long time, if you are feeling up to it, dance.

Call Someone: Instead of emailing or texting, call a friend or family member and talk on the phone.

Write in a Journal: This could be daily journaling, a gratitude journal or journaling when it feels right.

Exercise at Home: From yoga to at home weight lifting to cardio. There are workouts for every taste you can do at home.

Tidy Up and Organize: Try a 10-minute tidy of your home, or dig in and do some real organizing.

Take Up Reading: Try reading the newspaper, a book (your own or from the library) or a magazine.

Play a Board Game: This could be with children or just adults, there are hundreds of games to pick from.

Cook or Bake: Consider cooking a homemade dinner or baking a new treat. Bread baking is a popular option.

Clean or Do Chores: If you haven’t done your weekly chores do them first, then consider a deep clean.

Declutter and Donate: As you tidy determine items you no longer need or use. Start a donation pile.

Pursue Crafts or Hobbies: Dive back into your personal hobbies or crafts, or find new ones.

Spend Time in Meditation: This looks different to everyone, but spend some time in quiet, self-reflection or meditation.

Do a Crossword or Sudoku: Grab a pen and do a crossword puzzle or sudoku puzzle, workbooks are available.

Get Enough Sleep: Busy lifestyles can often lead to lack of sleep, focus on getting the proper amount of rest daily.

Build Life Skills: Identify and pursue a new life skill and learn it, perhaps home canning or sewing, for example.

Feed the Birds: You will need to step outside to fill the feeder but enjoy watching birds from inside your home.

Launder Forgotten Items: Take time to launder items you might not normally think of rugs, extra bedding, drapes, etc.

Home Spa Day: Take care of yourself with a home pedicure, face scrub, or other treatment.

Tend to Houseplants: Make sure to give your houseplants extra TLC, watering, pruning or a leaf shine.

Work on Goal Setting: If you don’t already, write down your personal goals or write in a day planner.

Tackle Photos: Organize your photos, albums or scrapbooks. Also spend time looking at old photos for fun.

Take a Bath: Taking a bath can be a relaxing form of self-care, often overlooked during busy times.

Plant an Indoor Garden: Herbs, lettuce and sprouts are common plants you can grow indoors and harvest for food.

Fun Things to Do at Home

What to Do at Home

In Summary

I hope this list of things to do at home inspires you and gives you new ideas. This list can help beat boredom and all of these activities can be done at home when you are stuck inside.

A list can be helpful but often I think the harder part is getting started. Others might say getting motivated. Whatever it is for you, try to start small. Tell yourself you will read for five minutes, it might easily turn into 30-minutes or more!

Sometimes we are inside because the weather is bad, or we are not feeling well or maybe we are trying to reduce spending. There are a lot of things you can do inside that are budget friendly and also help inspire you and build new skills.

What would you add to this list?

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