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Holly Hammersmith is an independent writer and editor. She blogs about how to keep a healthy home and lifestyle. Topics include wellness, household, saving money, gardening and more. Holly lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, daughter and rescue dog Lulu.


  1. Leigha says

    Holly, thank you so much for sharing this. It is a huge help to know that I am not alone with my feelings of just wanting to quit. I had a blog in 2014 and managed to keep it going for over a year. However, I didn’t get any responses, only had 3 followers and it was a lot of work. Now here I am back in the “blogosphere” and reading that I need an email list and all these other things. I feel so overwhelmed.

    I am so glad that you were able to find a blogging accountability partner to help with things. I have not been able to find that.

    Keep up your good work.


  2. Debbie Gartner says

    I can relate to a lot of this. I originally started blogging around the same time as you…I started 3 months later in July, 2010. I blogged to get business for my flooring store, and it worked well…very well. I was blogging on a shared realtor platform (activerain.com)…with the original goal of meeting realtors (which I did) and then realized I stumbled on a gold mine – blogging for business. In July, 2011 I started my own self hosted blog and it did really well (after around 6 months or so). I would get consistent calls and appts each week.

    Now, I have to take a 2 year hiatus from my business (due to a non-compete) and I’ve been trying to monetize it and then maintain it so I can go back later…or do a combo. We shall see.

  3. Julie (@ROJRunning) says

    Congrats on 4 years! I can relate to so many of these topics. I think one thing I learned is how at some point you will want to change the direction or content of your blog and you will second guess yourself and perhaps even feel guilty about it. Life changes though and so do people and it’s a beautiful thing to watch them grow. Don’t be ashamed of your early work, it’s a part of who you are and without it you would be where you are today. Keep blogging!

  4. Rachel G says

    Happy 4 years of blogging to you!! That’s a good long time! I definitely agree with your points. If you blog, it makes it much easier if you enjoy and are passionate about it–and not taking yourself too seriously helps!

  5. Adrienne says

    This is a wonderful post, I am a new blogger with just 3 months under my belt. Blogging is definitely hard work, and I am glad to hear that from someone else!

  6. Katy Widrick says

    I love this SO much (and I thought I was the only one who had a non-blogging friend that I could send comments to for “is it mean?” feedback). Great food for thought.

  7. Amanda Hicken says

    Congratulations on 4 years! #5 is my favorite lesson. You really have to figure out what it is that you want out of your blog and why you want to do it. And that may partially be for your readers, but is definitely for yourself because you’re the one who is blogging and doing the work.

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