The Peach Truck Review Fresh Georgia Peaches

When most people think of fresh peaches, one state comes to mind. While many states grow and produce peaches, Georgia is undoubtably the state best known for peaches. When I heard a Georgia peach delivery would be coming through our area, we quickly decided to buy some Georgia peaches. This is The Peach Truck review.

If you are looking for Peach Truck reviews keep reading. I have now ordered from The Peach Truck four years in a row. I’ll explain the ordering process, box size, prices, how many peaches I received, how they tasted and if they are worth it. I also have a Peach Truck coupon to share.

The Peach Truck Review Fresh Georgia Peaches

The Peach Truck Review

What is The Peach Truck?

I asked my husband if he thought we would be able to eat all the peaches and if it would be worth the investment. He told me peaches are his favorite fruit, which I can’t say I knew for sure after a decade of marriage. In short, he said, we would have no problem eating the peaches.

I heard about The Peach Truck at the beginning of summer in 2020 through their clever, and persistent social media marketing campaigns. This company was founded in 2012 by a husband and wife team. Today the company delivers Georgia-grown peaches via truck to eight states, including Ohio.

It was after a few friends posted photos of their peaches from the truck online that I became intrigued enough to purchase. Some of them had purchased from the truck more than one time, and were happy with the quantity, taste and quality of the fruit.

Being frugal at heart, I quickly did some math to see if the per pound price would be a good deal. My initial projections in 2020, the year of our first order, were the cost would be equal or less than the per pound price for Ohio peaches at our local grocery store. When I found an online discount code for my purchase there was no turning back!

Please note that my review and experience has only been with The Peach Truck tour with local pickup where they bring trucks of peaches to Ohio and customers pick them up in person. This requires you to drive to the pickup location you select. The Peach Truck also offers a mail delivery option which costs more, and allows you to order peaches to be mailed to your home.

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The Peach Truck Review Fresh Georgia Peaches

The Peach Truck Tour

For our first order from The Peach Truck we simply ordered one 25-pound case of peaches. The regular price for this box was $42. There are different ordering options and you can also buy Georgia pecans from the company. Additionally, they offer home delivery of peaches. With home delivery I understand you receive fewer peaches because you have to pay for shipping costs.

With The Peach Truck stops you drive to the location on your designated date and time to pick up your order. This way there is no shipping cost. I didn’t mind the short drive. There were several stops on The Peach Truck schedule within just a few miles of our home. The stop we selected was just under 6 miles round trip.

I placed my order on July 7, 2020. At that time there was an end of July stop (the one we selected) and an early August stop for our area. Some of my friends had purchased peaches for the first July stop which I think was around July 3 in our area. The stops are limited quantity and do sell out so you need to order and pay to reserve your peaches in advance.

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The Peach Truck Schedule

The Peach Truck stop lasted two hours and you could arrive anytime to pick up your peaches. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling very well that day so my husband picked up the peaches for us. Our pickup stop was the parking lot of a local garden center. He said there was little to no line. He parked, got in line, held up his phone so they could scan a QR code embedded in the email from our order.

Then they handed him a box of peaches. The pickup was quick, safe and efficient. He took the peaches back to the car and brought them home. Once home I opened the box. The peaches were still cool from the refrigerated delivery truck. They came in a wax-lined heavy duty cardboard box.

I placed an old bath towel on the table and then carefully placed each peach on the towel. As you can see from the photos many of the peaches had a yellow to light green hue. They did not have a strong smell upon arrival. The day we received our peaches was Wednesday, and they were not ripe.

Fresh Georgia Peaches for Sale

The Peach Truck Review Fresh Georgia Peaches

Georgia Peach Delivery

We received instructions via email to let the peaches sit out to ripen. I checked the peaches 1-2 times per day. I also opted to turn the peaches once a day. On Friday we probably could have tried one of the peaches but I was on the fence about their ripeness. The peach smell was getting strong!

I wanted one more night and frankly I think they ripened Friday night into Saturday morning. On Saturday morning they were ready to go! My husband tried one right away and said it was delicious. Then I started the task of sorting the peaches and deciding how we would use them.

I carefully examined each peach, we had several with bruises but I was OK with this knowing how far they came. One ended up over-ripening severely and I gave it to the hubby for the next one to eat. He was able to cut away the over-ripe part and eat half the peach. The best looking peaches I placed in a paper bag in the refrigerator.

The Peach Truck Review Fresh Georgia Peaches

The Peach Truck Recipes

During my The Peach Truck Review, I also separated out some peaches for cooking, small peaches for quick eating, etc. All of the peaches ended up in the refrigerator to help them last longer. That day I pulled some back out and made homemade peach jam using my Ball Canning supplies and canning kit.

Then on Sunday I pulled out another five peaches and made a homemade peach pie. We continued to each some peaches fresh each day as well. As of Monday, we probably had consumed at least half of the peaches. The expected shelf life, according to The Peach Truck, once ripe is roughly one week.

We plan to continue eating the peaches fresh. In addition, I want to freeze some slices for future use. I also might make a peach cobbler or another peach dessert later in the week. It’s a lot of peaches to eat at one time but I knew going in we would have to be committed to the peach adventure!

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• Before placing your order, first create your Peach Truck account (by clicking my link). You will receive a $14 credit which can be used toward your first $60+ order from The Peach Truck.

Order Georgia Peaches Online

The Peach Truck Review Fresh Georgia Peaches

2020 Peach Truck Prices

As part of The Peach Truck Review, I ran some additional math after we received our 25-pound box of peaches from The Peach Truck. The box we purchased in 2020 contained 46 peaches. With my online discount we paid just under $39 for the box. The regular price in 2020 was $42 for a box. Our price came out to $1.54 per pound or 84-cents per peach.

In the past I have purchased Ohio grown peaches from our local supermarket. Ironically, the same week I picked up our peaches, the week of July 22, our grocery store announced peaches were available in store. The price for the Ohio peaches was $1.49 per pound, plus tax.

Our peaches in 2020 actually came out cheaper without having tax added on. I’ve purchased Ohio peaches before and have been happy with them but I had never had a Georgia peach. Peaches aren’t really a native fruit in Ohio. When ordering from The Peach Truck it was important to me to be eating peaches from a place they naturally grow and thrive.

2021 Peach Truck Experience

In 2021 the pre-order price (announced March 29 via email) was $45 per box from The Peach Truck. I waited a few weeks and didn’t order my box until mid-May. At that time I had a coupon code and the total cost for our 2021 box was $40 even. Again, this was for one 25-pound box.

In 2021, our peaches were much smaller. There were 75 peaches in the half-bushel box. As a home gardener I know crops can vary from year to year based on many factors including weather. However, this was a bit disappointing compared to our 2020 Peach Truck Experience.

I much preferred the larger peaches and we also thought the peaches tasted better the year before. Another factor could be supplier or type of peach tree. Our 2021 box said O’Henry Georgia Peaches whereas our 2020 box simply said Georgia Peaches. I also noticed the peaches came from two different cities in 2020 versus 2021.

In addition, the pickup for 2021 was not very pleasant. The pickup was at the same garden center as the year before. We experienced crowds, long lines and traffic backed up both entering and exiting the pickup location. I think this was in part due to poor planning and also more customers than the year before.

2022 Peach Truck Experience

The Peach Truck schedule 2022, the company is advertising additional pickup locations in my area, the pickup time has been changed from 2 hours to 1 hour. Similar to the year before I received email notice that starting in early April peaches would become available for pre-order.

The 2022 price for the box was $50 for one box of peaches, this is up from the price in both 2021 and 2020. The box remains the same size at a 25-pound box. I ended up purchasing one box of peaches. If you plan to order from The Peach Truck be sure to sign up using my referral code prior to placing your order.

In 2022 I also ordered two 10-ounce bags of Georgia Pecans. The pecans no longer appear to be available for purchase from The Peach Truck.

2023 Peach Truck Experience

In 2023 due to a hard freeze much of the country experienced in December 2022, The Peach Truck announced their boxes would be available for pickup in limited quantities and in a smaller size. The 2023 box was 10-pounds. This box was priced at full price $38 per box.

I did purchase one box and my box contained 21 peaches. All of the peaches were medium to large in size. Many customers had been wondering how many peaches in 10-pounds peach truck. This came out to $3.80 per pound. This pickup was in the parking lot outside of a local shopping mall and was less crowded than in years past.

2024 Peach Truck

In 2024, The Peach Truck announced their tour a bit later than the last few years. On May 1, 2024 the company announced via email that pre-orders were available from their Peach Truck tour for local pickup. To much disappointment to myself and other customers on social media, the prices have increased again.

While The Peach Truck had not mentioned any freeze or crop issues, the 2024 offering is a 12-pound box which is slightly larger than last year’s box but still less than half the size of the original 25-pound box I ordered in 2020. The box is priced at $45 for one box, amounting to $3.75 per pound.

This year a “bulk” discount is being advertised if you buy two boxes (24-pounds total) you pay $43 per box. This would total 24-pounds of peaches for $86, amounting to $3.58 per pound.

If you buy three boxes, you would receive a total of 36-pounds of peaches. The price per box for that offering is $38 per box. This would be a total of 36-pounds for $114, amounting to $3.16 per pound. As of right now I am unsure if I will order from The Peach Truck this year. Please continue reading for a breakdown year by year to see how the prices and offerings have changed.

New Update – On May 20, 2024 The Peach Truck announced another new offering which is a 3 pound bag of peaches. It’s being advertised as being sold in a brown bag. The pre-order price for this bag is $14.

Free $14 Peach Truck Coupon

• Before placing your order, first create your Peach Truck account (by clicking my link). You will receive a $14 credit which can be used toward your first $60+ order from The Peach Truck.

The Peach Truck Year by Year

To make it a little easier to see The Peach Truck offering in 2024 compared to years past I assembled this easy to read chart in this The Peach Truck review:

Year                 Box Weight               Box Price               Approx #            $/Per Pound
2020               25-pounds                $42                         46 large               $1.68
2021                25-pounds                $45                         75 small               $1.80
2022               25-pounds                $50                          –                           $2.00
2023               10-pounds                $38                          21  med/lg           $3.80
2024               12-pounds                $45                          TBD                      $3.75
2024               3-pound bag            $14                           TBD                     $4.66

The Peach Truck Reviews

The Peach Truck Review Fresh Georgia Peaches

Is The Peach Truck Worth it?

In terms of the price, quality and experience we were very happy with The Peach Truck. I will consider ordering peaches from them again this year (if so this would be our third year) and did sign up for their email list to be the first to know when ordering is available.

For 2021, the pre-order was announced on March 29. At that time there were two dates for my area, one at the end of June and another at the end of July. I do not know if more dates were added later on or not. The trucks stop in various states and at various dates.

We really had no complaints our first year about the product or the process. As I mentioned we did have several peaches with bruises. We easily cut away that part of the fruit and the bruising was minor. I felt like it was what I expected for arriving from a far away distance.

Once home, for my The Peach Truck review we made sure to handle the peaches with extreme care to not bruise them further. If we ordered again I might begin using the peaches a day sooner as I think we let a few over-ripen. I would like to better plan some peach recipes next time as well. The Peach Truck Cookbook might be a good resource for this.

Georgia Peach Truck

The Peach Truck Review Fresh Georgia Peaches

In Conclusion

This is my full The Peach Truck Review. We really enjoyed our first year experience with The Peach Truck. Our 2nd and 3rd year orders had some hiccups and while prices had increased we did order again. Year four, the box was quite small and while tasty I was unsure if we would continue ordering again.

Today in 2024 the offering continues to be a small box of peaches and prices have increased tremendously for the consumer. When comparing to prices of local peaches available in my area I believe The Peach Truck prices are now higher. Their price per pound has more than doubled in four years. I will be able to further check on this in July or August once they are available for sale in my area of Ohio.

While I hope the truck continues it’s Ohio stops in the future, I think the pricing has changed so dramatically they might lose their original customer base. The bulk discount in 2024 is new, however, in the past I had already determined that purchasing two of the 25-pound boxes would be too much for my family of three.

If you decide to order in 2024, the bulk offering is probably best suited for sharing with another family or a group buy. Don’t forget if you are a new customer and want to save $14 on your first order, sign up using my link to save.

Please note the May 1 announcement was described as “early access” and “special pricing” so it’s possible the the bulk discount will be removed in the future. However, in the past I’ve also seen coupons issued later to increase sales. Depending on your personal needs you may want to secure your order now or try waiting after reading The Peach Truck review.

Free $14 Peach Truck Coupon

• Before placing your order, first create your Peach Truck account (by clicking my link). You will receive a $14 credit which can be used toward your first $60+ order from The Peach Truck.

Questions about how The Peach Truck works? Comment below.

23 thoughts on “The Peach Truck Review Fresh Georgia Peaches”

  1. This is our third year purchasing their peaches, and we are incredibly disappointed. The first year was amazing. They were big, juicy, and full of so much flavor. The following year, we were disappointed because they were smaller, and just not as juicy as the prior year. This year they have been horrible so far. All of them must not have fully formed, because when I cut into them the seed came apart and slimy stuff was around the seed. I really don’t think we will purchase them any more. Mainly due to the price, as you discussed. But also because the quality has declined each year we have gone back.

  2. I live in the Akron area and have purchased Peach Truck peaches since the very first time they came to Ohio–I think 2012. That first year me and my family were blown away by how good they were. And, that year I did not lose one peach! I have continued to love them although some years are better than others. And, the price keeps going up while the size of both the box and the peaches has gone down. I feel they are now “corporatized” even though they like to appear ‘down home’ with picking up the peaches from a truck. And, this year they are coming to NE Ohio at the end of May for their first drop! Every previous year they have come around 4th of July for the first pickup. With that said, I am not sure if I will order them again this year. It’s kind of disappointing overall. Your review is very accurate.

  3. The peaches are the very best I have been ordering for years. Extremely delicious and juicy so good. So glad you are guys have come to NJ
    Love you ❤️

  4. Thanks for your honest review. We bought in 2020 and I was not impressed enough to order since. Was thinking of trying again this year, but with the price increase and the comments I read, I’ll stick with buying from the grocery store till our local ones come in.

  5. Haven’t received my last box of peaches Where are they? Have to say the peaches are delicious. But still waiting for my last box to arrive

  6. I just picked up my peaches this past weekend. Can’t say much about the peaches yet, other than at least 1 of the ones we’ve eaten had a split pit, but I have to say the pickup was AWFUL. First, the pickup location wasn’t clearly communicated and I ended up circling the shopping center until I finally stumbled upon the truck (to the north of the actual “shops” it mentioned). I wasn’t the only one that had trouble finding them either. HUGE crowd and line, and totally disorganized. Line did a big “S” loop around which meant I walked all the way to one side only to find the line going back the other way. Stood in line for 30 mins in 100 degree heat. No sure I’ll do it again. I’ve had local peaches taste as good as the couple we’ve eaten so far.

  7. I have ordered peaches from the peach truck for several years and I’ve always been 100% satisfied. However, this year my peaches were very green and seem to shrivel up before they were completely ripe. I left them on the table as instructed and I’ve never had this issue before.

    • I had same problem. Greeeen and stayed that way after ripening. Not that good to eat. However, the cobbler we made was excellent. Could have been the sugar. Past years were very good. Probably won’t do this again. Maybe it was the batch delivered to Clearwater.

  8. I started buying from the Peach Truck 4 years ago. GREAT product then. LOUSY product in 2021. Terrible peaches. The pits split on half of them and many rotted before they ripened. Got my money back they were so bad.
    The company got too big and are buying peaches from anyone now. Too bad, they started off so well.

  9. First time I a got my peaches from the peach truck. Well not happy because received a email saying I had to pick them up sooner. They were good about it an offered a refund if I couldn’t do it that day. And Father’s day of all days well it all worked out. I felt the peaches were so small. And I think I get better peaches at costco. Sorry but not happy here.

    • 4 yrs ago we started getting Peach truck . First two years got 45- 54 peaches per box , box said Georgia . Peaches were Great , last year the peaches were mealy (we got our money back) this year the the box Does Not say Georgia, Peaches are from South Carolina and small peaches approximately 70-75 per box —waiting for ripening

  10. I am very disappointed. I heard such good things about the peach truck. My peaches have an awful smell, they are not juicy, taste bitter. Big waste of $45.

  11. we recieved the peaches today.My husband is having diabetic problems with his legs and feet.I gave him the box of peaches and it put a smile ear to ear on his face.This is the 4th time I have orderedmpeaches fro this family and the peaches are always so sweet.thank you for your familys creation!


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