Stay Fit With This List of Workout Classes

At the beginning of the year I think there are just as many people making resolutions to get into shape as there are individuals seeking to stay fit. Most everyone lets their diet slide a tiny bit over the holidays and I think indulgence is healthy in moderation.

One part of trying to stay fit is workouts can become mundane and boring. Over the years I have tried a lot of different types of workouts and I look forward to trying the latest and greatest fitness trends to come. Today I’m sharing eight workouts I have tried over the years and have found them as fun, different and ways to switch up my routine.

Stay Fit

Stay Fit

Right now, for the most part I have been lifting weights (mostly free weights, some machines). For cardio I’ve been running or using the elliptical trainer. But even just this week I felt a little stagnant with my routine. I decided to take a spin class to switch it up. Whether you are wanting to change up your routine or find a new workout you are going to love and return to, this post offers a few ideas.

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How to Stay Fit

Stay Fit by Trying These 8 Workouts

I have personally tried and done all of the workouts in this post. My reviews are honest and I try to be as detailed as possible. If you have any questions about these workouts please let me know in the comments. I hope at least one of these ideas will help you stay fit this year.

Stay Fit

1) Orangetheory Fitness

One of the most popular current workouts is Orangetheory Fitness. I finally took the plunge in 2018 and tried an Orangetheory class. Today there are more than 650 Orange Studios worldwide and several have cropped up in my community. The company was founded in Florida in 2007.

Most Orangetheory workouts are 60-minutes in duration and include a cardiovascular component and a strength training component. At Orangetheory (or OTF for short), no two classes are ever the same, which is great for those who are bored with their workouts or like variety!

Classes are touted to burn at least 500 calories and aid you in burning additional calories up to 36 hours after the workout. If you are looking for an Orangetheory spin class, they offer a bike option instead of the treadmill if you desire. Read my full Orangetheory review.

• Needed for this Workout: Heart Rate Monitor (for most effective results)

Stay Fit

2) Barre3

Another workout gaining popularity is Barre3, which I tried a few years ago. The first studio opened in Portland, Oregon in 2008 and today there are roughly 100 locations nationwide. Barre3 was founded by a husband and wife team with two small children – thus Barre3 locations offer childcare!

There is an added fee for care but it’s an amazing resource for moms. Each Barre3 class is 60-minutes and structured the same: a warmup, leg work, combination work with light handheld weights, seat work, stretching and core. Classes can be customized based on student needs and instructor preference.

Many moves require you to hold a position or movement. How many calories do you burn in a Barre3 class? This will depend on your personal body size and effort during the workout. The moves are small but offer a big burn, read my Barre3 review.

• Needed for this Workout: Supportive Sports Bra (for the warmup)

3) Bikram Yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga for more than a decade now. While my favorite type is vinyasa flow, a few years ago I tried a totally different and equally invigorating style – Bikram yoga. This type of yoga is practiced for 90-minutes in a 105 degree room. There are 26 postures, each repeated twice. Every class has the same postures, this type of yoga was developed by Bikram Choudhury.

I found Bikram yoga to be more rigid but if you are someone who likes routine, likes to know what to expect in your workout – Bikram is worth a try. The classes are intense and you will sweat (detox your pores) a ton. Read my Bikram yoga review for everything you need to know before your first class.

• Needed for this Workout: Mini Face Towel (to absorb sweat)

4) Racing

I would be remiss to overlook road racing as workout to try! Sure there is running, but running for competition or fun in a 5K race is totally different. I’ve run more than 40 races from 5Ks to half-marathons. If you’ve run before but haven’t raced, this is the year to try this workout!

Running and racing is actually what got me started with blogging. During that time I wrote about everything from training, race recaps, fueling and running gear. A good place to start is by reading my running journey post, where I talk about how I got started and link to some running resources.

• Needed for this Workout: High-Quality Running Shoes (learn when to replace running shoes)

Stay Fit

5) Pure Barre

Not to be confused with the other barre workout mentioned, you should also check out Pure Barre this year. These barre classes are fast-paced and now there are even some barre workouts with cardio included. Classes take place in a carpeted room and you may use a few props and weights. Movements are small but intense – you will be sore the day after!

Pure Barre is nice if you like a workout where someone leads and tells you what to do. Classes are filled with upbeat music and instructors are mindful to help you with form so you get the best workout possible. Read my full Pure Barre review for all the details. This is another great workout if you are trying to stay fit.

• Needed for this Workout: Sticky Socks (to help grip the floor)

Being Fit

6) Supersets

I actually hadn’t heard of supersets until my husband wrote a guest post last year about them. According to him, supersets are combinations of exercises performed consecutively with no rest in between the sets. Supersets can be performed on the same muscle group, or different muscle groups, depending on your personal goals and preferences.

Supersets allow you to move quickly from one exercise to another without taking a break or rest. This is great for those pressed for time (including myself as a mom!). I now do supersets as part of my workout routine. My husband explained in his post the superset program is divided into three workouts. On one day I will focus on chest and back. On another day I will focus on legs, lower and upper back; and core. Read and learn more about supersets.

• Needed for this Workout: Weights (this Bowflex Adjustable Set is highly rated!)

7) Barefoot Running (or walking)

Many long-time readers will know that I got into barefoot running years ago. While it’s not something I practice a lot today, I am still an avid barefoot walker. If you haven’t tried barefoot walking or running it’s worth a shot. When I first started I found I worked entirely different muscles in my legs and feet than I would when running in regular cushioned shoes.

Barefoot pace is a littler slower, and you will want to start small like with only 0.25-mile walk or run but I was able to work up to running 6 miles barefoot with ease. I also ran barefoot 5Ks and ran on a treadmill barefoot. I have a few posts about barefoot running.

• Needed for this Workout: Barefoot Shoes (such as Vibram FiveFingers)

8) Spinning

I discovered spinning 8 years ago. I literally stumbled into a class at the YMCA and couldn’t believe what a great workout it was. Spinning is really just another name for a class where you ride a stationary (indoor) bike. If you enjoy bike riding in the summer and live in a place like I do where it snows in the winter, spinning is a nice way to enjoy a bike workout during the off-season.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post I decided to go to a spin class just this week to switch up my routine. Even a 30-minute class is a good workout and and burn a lot of calories. I easily ride 10+ miles in 30 minutes. You can read more about my spinning experience here.

• Needed for this Workout: Padded Travel Seat (I know someone who loves using a bike seat cover)

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Stay Fit

In Summary

Tired yet? I am just thinking about all these workouts! Don’t feel pressure to try them all at once. I like to stick to my normal workout routine but then in order to stay fit and not get bored I will try a new workout every once in a while. Some people get hooked and will go to the same type of class several times a week.

What new workout have you tried lately?

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