Running Clothing Tips for Women

After you have been running for a few years, you are suddenly a go-to source on all things running for new runners, including running clothing tips that are also practical. Even though I’m not pounding the pavement a lot these days, I still have eight years of experience and 40+ races under my belt.

When one of my friends recently got into running she asked me for some beginner tips. Before I knew it I had rattled off advice about training, diet, post-race recovery and more. Today I’m breaking down a few of my suggestions pertaining specifically to running attire.

Running Clothing Tips

Running Clothing Tips

Beginning Running

When I first started running for fun in 2008 I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t know anything about running clothes. I didn’t have special running shoes or moisture wick clothing. I ran my first 5K in a cotton tank top.

While having the right tools and running items can help making running easier and more enjoyable, they are not required. All you need to do is start by placing one foot in front of the other!


That being said if you are looking for some womens running clothes, todays’ post shares five simple items every runner should have. These are running gear items I have used personally with success and would recommend to anyone starting out running.

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Womens Running Attire

1) Shoes: No post about womens running gear would be complete without the mention of footwear. I recommend new runners go to a local running store and get professionally fitted for running shoes.

Running store employees are almost always avid and seasoned runners themselves. They may have you run on a videotaped treadmill to examine your gate and stride. They will probably also measure your feet, ask you about comfort and your budget.

2) Socks: I’m not super picky about socks but I would recommend something breathable, and not 100 percent cotton, as cotton will simply absorb and hold on to your sweat.

Of all the running socks I have tried I do like Drymax socks the best. My Drymax socks are the ones I wear when I run a 10-Miler or Half-Marathon distance.

3) Shorts: Do you wear shorts when you run? Many runners do, although I know some women prefer to run in capri pants. My favorite running shorts have built in underwear (another thing I didn’t know about until I started running!).

I have several pairs of the Nike Tempo Shorts in all different colors. I prefer the dark bottoms either gray or black.

4) Bra: This is for the ladies only. For any run 4 miles or longer, I wear an extra supportive bra. Hands down the best I’ve found is Moving Comfort, which is now owned by Brooks Running.

These running bras are expensive but if you buy a few and rotate they will last you a long time.

Running Clothing Tips

5) Headband: Again these running clothing tips are options are geared more toward the ladies but I have seen men wear these too. For years I have been running (and working out, in general) with these Goody Slide Proof Stayput Headwraps.

If you want a headband that absorbs sweat as well, check out Bondi Band.

Bonus Items

Additional suggestions:

I buy special sports detergent for my workout clothes which are all made of “moisture wicking” material. With running, you tend to sweat a lot, and clothing gets smelly if it’s not washed properly. Right now I am using Nathan Sport Wash Detergent.
Another one of my tips is related to comfort with all of the aforementioned running gear. Get some BodyGlide (for him or for her). It’s like a deodorant stick that helps prevent chafing. I use it in a few problem ares (you will find out what yours are after a few of those long runs) and even on my feet to help prevent blisters.
These special runner earbuds stay in and don’t come out while you run!

Running Attire for Women

Running Clothing Tips

In Summary

These running clothing tips are the same clothes I would recommend to anyone who is new to running or wants to know what basic items they need to get started as a runner.

These items are helpful for recreational running and for those who plan to race in 5Ks or longer distances.

What did I miss? Do you have any running clothing tips to add?

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