Race Recap: Celebrate Westlake 5-Miler (2017)

(This is a guest post written by my husband.)  This is second consecutive year that I chose to run the Celebrate Westlake 5-Miler on Saturday, September 2 in Westlake, Ohio. I also ran the race in 2013 and in 2012. As noted before – compared to the Bay Days 5-Miler in Bay Village, Ohio – the course to essentially is a lasso – out and back, with water stops at mile 2 and mile 4.

Celebrate Westlake 5-Miler

Celebrate Westlake 5-Miler


I modified version of Hal Higdon’s training regimen for an 8K in corporate some strength training as well.

Race Day

The weather was overcast, in the mid 60s. The course is mainly flat with the except exception of the first and fifth miles – the main road is pitched. Entering into the second mile takes runners into a wooded area. Running through the forth mile takes runners around a pond and a gravel access road exiting the woods before entering the fifth mile.

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Celebrate Westlake 5-Miler

Upon finishing the race, I was pleased with my results. I was almost a full minute faster compared to my time at the Bay Days 5-Miler. During the race I found that that I started out faster than I should have and had to pace myself for the remainder of the race.

My first mile time was at 8:00. I felt myself a little winded when entered the second mile. I think if I paced myself better I could have turned in a better time but I am happy with my performance overall.

Encountering Difficulties

During the race, I thought I had experienced technical difficulties with my Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch once I reached mile marker 4. As I passed the mile marker the Garmin was reading a tenth of a mile off.

Once I compared with the results – I saw my final time record by the Garmin matched the chip time. I think what had happened was that the mile marker was not exactly a mile. The first three miles of the race, the Garmin recorded each mile within ten feet of each mile marker.

Celebrate Westlake 5-Miler

Also, upon finishing the race I noticed the total distance was 4.95 miles. In looking at my post from the year prior I did not record the distance of the race, but from experience, the course was the same and the mile markers were in the same positions. My final time was the same on my Garmin and on the official race results. Here are my results.

Official Time: 42:32
Overall Pace: 8:36 min / Mile
Age Group Placing (M 35-39): 7/8
Overall Placing: 107/236
Mile 1: 8:00
Mile 2: 8:37
Mile 3: 8:51
Mile 4: 9:01
Mile 5: 8:02

Westlake Race

Celebrate Westlake 5-Miler

Post Race

I was glad to see Sibling Revelry Brewery (Westlake, Ohio) was back again this year. I thought they made a great addition the post-race festivities when they became a sponsor last year. The post-race massage this year was sponsored by Massage Heights.

I chose the get a massage this year as the folks from Massage Heights were experience as compared to other years as the race had folks from a training program. As always – there is a huge spread – fruit, wood fired pizza, water, sports drinks, cookies and more.

Celebrate Westlake Race

Celebrate Westlake 5-Miler

What’s Next

I am keeping my options open. More than likely I will choose to a 5K sometime in October. I am looking to build upon my training and find a balance between running a few days a week and a getting to the gym at least two days a week.

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