Pressure Positive Review Massage Tools

Pressure Positive offered me an opportunity in the past to try a few of their products and write up a Pressure Positive review. I was sent the Tiger Tail Muscle Roller Massage Stick, along with the Jacknobber II. In general, Pressure Positive personal massage tools range in price.

Pressure Positive Review

Pressure Positive Review

About Pressure Positive

The following is from the Pressure Positive website:

“It was our goal to produce a well-crafted self care product of practical value made of quality materials, and with a design grace of elegant simplicity. These same principles continue to guide us today in our continuing efforts to develop new and useful self care and manual therapy products.

Our tools, when used as they are intended, can help you to manage many of the common muscle aches and pains that can come from recreational, physical and occupational stress and overuse injuries.” – source

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Running Massage Tools

Pressure Positive Review
Tiger Tail Muscle Roller Massage Stick

I was very eager to try out the Tiger Tail Muscle Roller Massage Stick – having heard that rolling the legs can be good for the hamstrings and the quads, in particular for runners. I have used a foam roller, but was seeking a tool that could provide a more controlled and pin-pointed approach.

When I received the Tiger Tail as part of my Pressure Positive review I was happy to find a small instruction book along with the “stick” with directions on how to use it on different areas of the body.

At the time my foot was my main problem area so I took to rolling the bottoms of my feet. I’m sure this would prove beneficial as well to anyone who has suffered plantar fasciitis.

Pressure Positive Review

Jacknobber II

I have also used the Tiger Tail Muscle Roller Massage Stick to roll my legs (although it’s hard to take a picture of myself doing so). The quality of the Tiger Tail is apparent.

Right away I saw that the rubber coating was soft, yet durable with a non-deteriorating foam covering it. Additionally, this tool along with the other Pressure Positive items can be easily cleaned with antibacterial gel or spray. Overall I was very pleased with the Tiger Tail and will continue to use this item.

Pressure Positive also allowed me to try out the Jacknobber II during my Pressure Positive review. I will admit I have more learning to do with this tool. I had the husband rub my back with it and I found I am very ticklish!

Pressure Positive Review

Pressure Positive Massage Tools

Pressure Positive Review

In Summary

I have tried some manual massage with the tool on my legs as well. The quality of the Jacknobber II is very durable. The small compact size of this massage tool allows you to take it with you easily, for example, maybe when you travel to a race for a post-race massage.

Have you tried any at home massage tools?

Disclosure: I am not compensated for product reviews, unless otherwise stated. I was given a free sample of the product in exchange for writing a Pressure Positive review. All opinions and thoughts here are my own. Some links within this post are affiliate links.