Official 2017 Cleveland Marathon Ambassador

I’m not sure about you, but I am still figuring out my 2017 goals. I try to set goals in all areas of life, so I put careful thought into what I want to achieve over the course of the year. Many people begin the year with goals related to health and fitness, maybe as a marathon ambassador.

Of course, I am not skipping that category! One of my fitness goals for 2017 was easy to set, because as a 2017 Cleveland Marathon Ambassador I will be running the 8K portion of the race on Saturday, May 20.

Marathon Ambassador

Marathon Ambassador

Cleveland Marathon

Longtime readers may recall I served as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador back in 2012. I ran the Half-Marathon and that was the year it was 86 degrees on race day! I have not run much running much over the last few years, and my last road race was in 2014,k but one thing I love about running is that it’s easy to come back to.

It doesn’t cost much to run, you can run anywhere and it’s a fast and effective workout. I have selected to run the 8K distance because it’s close to 5-Miles which I think is a reasonable race distance for a “comeback race” and the shorter distance will allow me adequate time to train between now and race day in May.

I’m excited to be a part of the Cleveland Marathon Ambassador team once again and look forward to sharing more about the race series, my training plan and more over the coming months. Next up, I will be buying a new pair of running shoes and finalizing a training plan for the 8K race.

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Marathon Ambassadorship

Marathon Ambassador

In the meantime, I encourage you to consider running the Cleveland Marathon, or one of the family of races the weekend of Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21.

This year you can choose from: Full Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10K, 8K, 5K, or a combination of two of those distances as part of the “Challenge Series.” There is also a Kids’ Run. Registration fees increase again on February 9, so don’t delay!

Cleveland Ambassador

In Summary

It will be a great season!

Marathon Ambassador

Disclosure: As a 2017 Cleveland Marathon Ambassador, I will receive complimentary entry into the race of my choice, an ambassador shirt, along with special access to pre and post-race events, in exchange for writing about my training for this event.

3 thoughts on “Official 2017 Cleveland Marathon Ambassador”

  1. Can’t wait to follow along and meet you eventually! 🙂
    And yes, what Melissa said. I had to DNF last year (thanks to my knee!) but I stood in that crap the rest of the morning as my husband was running. No fun!

  2. Yay! Happy to have you as a fellow race ambassador. Let’s hope that this year’s weather is a little better than the last time you ran – 86 degrees yikes – and last year – snow and sleet!


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