Meet Lulu Our Lhasa Apso Rescue Dog

My blogging absence this week has been with reason. Last Thursday this little lady came into our lives. Meet Lulu.

Meet Lulu

Rescue Dog Experience

We adopted her from the Cleveland APL in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a 2-year-old Lhasa Apso/Mix. We are not sure on the mix but our guess is a Terrier because she has long legs for a Lhasa. This is my first dog and my husband’s second. Growing up the only pets I had were hamsters and goldfish, so needless to say, this is new territory for me in particular!

I know many of you are pet owners too, or may be considering owning a pet in the future. As a result I’ve decided I’m going to try to write monthly Lulu-related posts. Having a furry friend is a great way to strike healthy balance in your life so why not talk about it?

Here’s our story of adopting from the Cleveland APL. Today I wanted to share a little bit about our experience with adopting a rescue dog, and specifically for those of you who are local, adopting from the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL).

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Adopting from the Cleveland APL

Very soon in our search for a dog the husband and I decided we wanted to adopt an adult dog. This was for a few reasons: we didn’t have the time in our schedules to devote to the needs of a puppy, it would be financially less of a burden to adopt than to purchase a dog from a breeder, and lastly, we believed we would help save an animal who may otherwise be homeless, or put down.

When we walked into the Cleveland APL we were greeted and quickly shown to the kennel area by a staff member. Right away we saw Lulu (she had a different name at the time) and knew we wanted to meet her. After expressing interest we were asked to fill out a document with our contact information and answer a few questions about why we wanted a rescue dog and our lifestyle.

We then spoke to what I would describe as a “pet case manager.” She discussed whether the dog we were interested in might be a good fit. She then showed us to a private room where we could meet the pup.

We spent a good hour visiting with her, trying to play and figuring out if she would be good for us and us for her. We continued talking with the staff and asking questions. Eventually we decided we would adopt and placed a $20 “down payment.”

That would hold the dog until the next day. We came back the next day (now with some dog supplies purchased) and paid the remaining adoption fee, which in this case was about $150 total.

The adoption package includes a number of perks, listed on the Cleveland APL website. We also received a bag of starter food, a dog ownership book, a collar, basic leash and dog tags. Overall we were very happy with the friendly and helpful staff at the Cleveland APL.

They made the adoption process easy and non-intrusive. We could tell they truly care about the needs of each animal and making sure each adoption is a good fit. Learn more about adopting from the Cleveland APL online, or on Twitter and Facebook.

Despite Lulu being full-grown, we have had to go back to potty training 101 with her, which means keeping a constant watch. We are still trying to figure her out, as she is us! It’s been a fun, and trying week but all of the dog owners I know keep reassuring me it will be worth the patience and diligence in the end.

The long-haired photos are from before she went to the groomer. She did really well there from what we were told! So she must have been used to a little bit of TLC in her previous home.

Already we are seeing Lulu warm up to us and she has started obeying some basic commands. When she’s not up to mischief she’s a real sweetie. We are talking about enrolling her into an obedience school of some sort.

Rescue Dog Adoption

Meet Lulu

In Summary

Getting a rescue dog is a bit of a scary and hairy experience but over time the adjustment to having a new critter in the home will get easier. Lulu is our first dog and our first rescue dog.

Lulu is a Lhasa Apso mix and was approximately 2 years old when we rescued her from the Cleveland Animal Protective League in Cleveland Ohio. Thanks for reading to Meet Lulu!

Anyone with Cleveland-area recommendations on trainers please let me know!


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  1. I love her! She’s so cute! No trainer suggestions, sorry. But I am so glad you adopted! All my pets were rescued/adopted. Congrats!


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