Jo-Sha Wipes Review Yoga Mat Wipes

What’s the best way to clean your yoga mat? As someone who has practiced yoga regularly for more than a decade the importance of yoga mat cleaning is vital. One method is a brief cleaning after use, such as I will share in this Jo-Sha Wipes Review.

Yoga mat wipes can be used after each practice. Alternately, you can also deep clean your entire yoga mat via other methods such as submersion. Today I’m sharing my Jo-Sha Wipes experience using wipes to clean my yoga mat.

Jo-Sha Wipes Review

Jo-Sha Wipes Review

About Yoga Mat Cleaning

In the past, I tried cleaning my yoga mat in the bath tub, which worked when I had time on the weekend to devote to it. But between practices I wanted something easier. Enter Jo-Sha Wipes and this Jo-Sha Wipes review, an option for cleaning your mat after use or on the go.

I learned about Jo-Sha wipes from searching for my problem on Google. I used Jo-Sha Wipes several times before writing this Jo-Sha Wipes review, and I’ll be using Jo-Sha Wipes going forward to clean my Manduka Black Mat Pro yoga mat.

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Yoga Mat Wipes

Jo-Sha Wipes Review

About Jo-Sha Wipes

Here’s some information about this product from the Jo-Sha Wipes website:

“Jo-Sha Wipes are much more convenient than sprays, and unlike commercial wipes, Jo-Sha Wipes contain no alcohol or harsh chemicals, so they won’t dry out skin or other surfaces and will actually preserve the life of your equipment. Jo-Sha Wipes dry quickly and evaporate completely, leaving no slippery residue. Jo-Sha Wipes are ideal for yoga mats, pilates equipment, hands, feet, and just about anything else.” –

As I learned these wipes can be used not only to clean your yoga mat but also accessories such as blocks or straps. Additionally, Jo-Sha wipes contain natural ingredients and essential oils allowing individuals to use them to use them on their body safely. As with any product be sure to test and use with caution and watch for allergic reactions.

Jo Sha Yoga Mat Cleaning Wipes

Jo-Sha Wipes Review

How Yoga Mat Wipes Work

These wipes are easy to use. They are a one time use wipe. If you want you can flip the wipe over and use the opposite side as well. You can see in these photos what the wipes look like and how they cleaned my yoga mat.

After use these wipes are disposable. They come individually wrapped for on the go or in in a larger pack. The larger pack is good for cleaning at home or if you need more than one wipe at a time.

Jo Sha Wipes

Jo-Sha Wipes Review

Yoga Mat Cleaning Wipes


The wipes definitely removed the dirt and grime from my mat. Even with daily cleaning you would be surprised what kind of gunk can cling to a yoga mat! I also loved the essential oils which are infused in the wipes for a natural smell. I found it worked best to use the wipe on the top of my mat and then if possible wipe down the bottom as well.

Jo-Sha Wipes Review


These wipes are more than convenient to use. If you are on-the-go in between classes you can use the individually packaged wipes. If you practice at home, or maybe work at a studio, you could easily use the bulk pack and keep it on hand for daily use.

Yoga Mat Wipes Reviews

Jo-Sha Wipes Review

In Summary

For the price I think the bulk pack of Jo-Sha Wipes is reasonable which if you even practice once a week, would last nearly a year. The individually packaged Jo-Sha Wipes are a little more (for a 20-pack) but offer greater convenience.

t times I wished the wipes were soaked a little bit more, saturated, because sometimes I found I wanted more cleaner for my mat. But overall I was happy with this product and would use them again.

How do you clean your yoga mat?

Disclosure: I am not compensated for product reviews, unless otherwise stated. I was given a free sample of the product in exchange for writing a Jo-Sha Wipes review. Some links within this post are affiliate links.

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  1. I would get some of the lavender or the peppermint scented. My mat has been cleaned but these would work wonders!

  2. I would love to try these because I’ve had my yoga mat forever and I don’t think I’ve ever washed it. Ewww….

  3. I’d love to try them because when I make it to the yoga studio, it’s usually for a hot class, and my poor mat gets a lot of schweat abuse that needs to be cleaned from it!

  4. I’d love to try them because I’m a serious slacker about cleaning my mat. I can’t imagine how grimy it is currently.

  5. I’m already subscribed 🙂 I desperately need something to clean my mat with – my dogs walk all over it when I leave it out and when I practice outside. So I’ve got dirt paw prints all over it!!

  6. i subscribed! i want to try those wipes because i too am always looking for an easy way to clean my mat without ruining it!

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