Huntington Bank Headquarters Visit Columbus Ohio

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Several years ago I ran into a hiccup with my business banking when my bank suddenly told me I had to maintain a specified daily account balance or else incur fees. I immediately started looking for a new bank with fewer restrictions. This is how I found . Much to my delight, I recently visited the Huntington Bank headquarters in Columbus, Ohio where I received a warm “Welcome.” and learned more about the Huntington difference.

My tour was in conjunction with my role as a 2019 Huntington Bank Influencer Ambassador, which I am pleased to formally announce today! This ambassadorship comes years after I made the switch to for both my business (and also our personal accounts).  I’ve been incredibly pleased with my banking experience at Huntington.

Huntington Bank Headquarters

Huntington Bank Headquarters

In addition to already being a customer of the bank, I cover money and frugality on my blog so this relationship feels natural. The kickoff to working together began with the Huntington Bank headquarters tour which I would like to share more about with you, along with the topic of finances in general.

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About Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank was founded as The Huntington National Bank in 1866 in Columbus, Ohio. Today in addition to Huntington Bank Ohio, the bank has a regional presence with locations in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Huntington Bank is a full-service banking provider.

Huntington Bank Headquarters

Where is Huntington Bank Located?

As I mentioned I toured the Huntington Bank headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. There is a large corporate presence at that location. This is also the location of the bank’s very first branch! Today has a regional presence with locations in many states. The original branch contains 27 teller windows although most of them are not used today as banking has evolved and many services are available online or via mobile app.

The Huntington National Bank Headquarters has ornate and decorative detailing and really brings the visitor back in time to a different era! It was crazy for me to imagine most customers would have walked into the bank on foot or rode up on a horse back in 1866!

Columbus Ohio Bank Tour

Huntington Bank Headquarters

Huntington Bank Headquarters

During my tour of the Huntington Bank headquarters I met the 14 other bloggers who are serving as Huntington Ambassadors this year, along with key corporate personnel. In addition to touring the original bank and vault and learning about Huntington Bank history, we also toured the bank’s social media room where they are monitoring engagement and interactions on their accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). We also heard from key corporate personnel on their personal “why” and why they enjoy being a part of the Huntington team.

Why Huntington Bank?

As I mentioned earlier, I sought to move my accounts to Huntington Bank after feeling restricted and controlled by my previous bank. As a small business owner I cannot always guarantee account balances and I’m not a fan of excessive fees. When I researched banks, I saw that Huntington had a 24-Hour Grace® feature, meaning if your account is overdrawn, you have more time to make a deposit in order to avoid an overdraft fee. (Learn more about 24-Hour Grace at

Additionally, I liked that Huntington Bank offered a regional presence allowing me branch and ATM access where I travel most frequently, but still offers a “small bank” or “local bank” experience. I also had several friends in Ohio who were already banking with Huntington and had positive experiences.

Huntington Bank Headquarters

Huntington Bank Influencer Ambassador

As a Huntington Bank Influencer Ambassador I will share my personal banking experiences and talk about finances. Additionally I will be sharing some of the key service offerings of , along with their banking products, events and initiatives. Through my relationship I am receiving first-hand information and knowledge, which I’m excited to in turn share directly with you.

As I learned during my tour of the Huntington Bank Columbus Ohio Headquarters, the bank is constantly evolving and presenting new and innovative means to connect with customers. However, their “why” remains the same to look out for people. This approach is already being reflected with the bank’s new Instagram look as well as a new brand campaign “For People.” You might have already seen a few of the commercials on TV.

I like that the campaign offers a really personal touch, which aligns directly with the banking experience I have had at Huntington. I do not feel like a number. I feel like I am walking into my local, hometown bank when I go into any Huntington branch or even into Huntington Bank Columbus.

Huntington Bank Headquarters

Financial Goals and Intentions

My approach to finances is practical, with both my small business and our personal accounts. I set a budget for my business and my husband and I also have a personal budget for our household. We strive to live on less than we earn, to give and save wisely for the future.

This year we plan to continue to do all of that while funding a few projects, foremost a new roof on our home – which is a pretty big project! Next to that we are making some changes with our daughter’s schooling and my work schedule so we want to continue to live frugally and spend wisely. Keeping an eye on our budgets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is integral to having success with these goals.

While frugal living is important to us and I love sharing tips on how to save money and spend less, this year we will also be taking a vacation for our anniversary. We already have a line item in our budget for the vacation. I’m not sure what else might pop up this year financially for us, but I’m eager to learn more about some new tools is rolling out and how they might help us (and you) with financial goals.

Huntington Bank Headquarters

Huntington Bank Headquarters

In Summary

I’m excited as a 2019 Huntington Bank Influencer Ambassador to share about the tools and resources has to offer along with continuing to provide tips on how to live frugally. I encourage you to check out the website to learn more about the “For People” campaign and to check out some of the banking products available. You can also find Huntington Bank on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What financial questions do you have?

What can I help you with over the coming months during my relationship with Huntington Bank?

Disclosure: I am working with Huntington Bank as a 2019 Huntington Bank Influencer Ambassador and will receive compensation in exchange for writing blog posts about my experience as a Huntington Bank customer and highlighting the bank’s unique offerings. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. 

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