Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Anyone

Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14. This February holiday is often thought of as a day for lovers. Because of this, in order to have a Happy Valentine’s Day many believe fresh red roses and chocolate candies must be purchased and gifted. Today I’m sharing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for anyone.

These gifts can be given to anyone who you consider to be a Valentine, from a significant other, to a child, a friend or others. Since having our daughter, Valentines’ Day takes on new meaning. This new meaning prompted me to share my Happy Valentine’s Day gifts with you today.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine Day Gift

Today, I have both my husband and my daughter as my Valentines. Prior to being married I used to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my single friends. And even now as a married woman it’s fun to still have a Galentine’s Day celebration with girlfriends.

Just a few years ago a group of women from my church organized an event for this holiday which many now consider to be celebrated on February 13.

Going way back, when I was a child, my Valentines were my family members so it’s fun to share Happy Valentine’s Day to my daughter now. I also had classmates and teachers as Valentines.

Show Appreciation for a Happy Valentine’s Day

I have written before about the importance of self-care, but on Valentine’s Day, there is another area of importance to consider. The importance of others in your life and showing them just a little bit of appreciation or thoughtfulness.

Maybe this is called “others-care”? In any event, while we need to be at our best and care for ourselves, it’s also important to focus our attention on others as well.

What I like most about Valentine’s Day is this holiday provides the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for others, including Happy Valentine’s Day to a friend with a Happy Valentine’s Day message and a gift.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone

This blog post contains ideas for gifts that can be given to almost anyone. Oftentimes, Valentine’s Day is looked at as a romantic holiday between significant others.

However, your Valentine can be a girlfriend, your child, a nice or nephew, a grandparent, a person in need, or many others. Think about the people in your life and who could be best served by a thoughtful gift or sentiment. Valentine ideas:

• Significant Other
• Parent
• Grandparent
• Child
• Niece or Nephew
• Friend
• Person in Need
• Neighbor
• Classmate
• Coworker

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

After identifying person(s) who are your Valentine, consider the following gift ideas. To have a Happy Valentine’s Day there simply needs to be love and care for another person.

You don’t need to rely on extravagant gifts or complicated trips. Enjoy your loved ones and give them a small token of that appreciation you have for them.

1) Adorable Snoopy Fleece Throw: This adorable throw is perfect for a significant other, children or a girlfriend. It’s one of my favorite images of Valentines’ Day. Not only does it have adorable snoopy on it, but it is super soft and cozy.

The throw measures 50 inches by 60 inches and is affordable too. What’s not to love about The Peanuts gang and Snoopy? The fleece throw features color including red, white and black and is made from 100 percent polyester.

2) Coupons to Redeem Later: Another fun DIY gift idea is a coupon book. These can be made for a signifiant other, children, an elderly neighbor and so on. For a significant other it may include a romantic dinner out, an evening cuddled up watching a movie on the couch, or a day date to go golfing.

For children the book can include mommy and me activities, a trip to the library, going swimming in the summer or checking out a new playground. My favorite idea is a book for an elderly person, grandparent, or someone in need. It could include buying their groceries for the week, shoveling their snow in the winter or helping pull weeds in the spring.

Happy Valentine's Day

3) Fresh Rose Bush: Instead of buying roses one time, give a gift that will last many years. Order a rose bush! I actually grow long-stem roses, the same kind you buy at the store, and it’s so nice to cut them in my yard and bring them inside. This is the perfect Happy Valentine’s Day rose.

If you aren’t sure what plant to buy, you can uniquely package the idea and agree to purchase a plant together with your loved one. If long-stem roses are not appealing, there as also bush roses such as the easy-to-grow knockout roses and even miniature roses.

A nice accompanying gift for the plant is the book Rosehips on a Kitchen Table, which includes recipes using a rose bush. Parts of the rose hips are edible which many people do not realize. They can be used to make jams and jellies among other foods. They can also be dried and used in soaps and potpourri.

Now if you do decide you really want fresh cut roses I can’t blame you. I love fresh cut flowers and even used to work in a floral shop. I recommend ordering from Teleflora.

4) Thoughtful Card & Handwritten Message: Let’s not forget the importance of handwritten words. In today’s age everything is moving so quickly. The digital presence in our lives is almost suffocating and often-times people do not even send mail or cards anymore. I have written before about the importance of putting pen to paper. This is a great option if you are looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for daughter.

This gift includes buying a thoughtful card but then more time is spent writing a message in the card. Think of things you are thankful for, why you care for this person or words of encouragement. Add some flair to the card by using colorful pens or stickers. Also, usually the United States Postal Service also offers Valentine’s Day related stamps, which would make the perfect pairing!

5) An Experiential Gift: I’m a big fan of experience gifts. The experience can be whatever your loved one would enjoy. It could be a personal full body massage, or a massage tool, a class pack for the local yoga studio, or maybe a race entry to a fun road race!

You will want to think outside the box on this one for the best experience. And the thought is what really matters with any of these Valentine’s Day gifts. The experience gift could be purchased in a gift certificate form or simply written in a card as an experience to redeem in the near future.

If you want to be more practical, the gift could be something like a food subscription service. One example is ButcherBox.

Happy Valentine Gift

Happy Valentine's Day

In Summary

I hope these Happy Valentine’s Day gift ideas are helpful. Many of these gifts can easily be purchased today or used as ideas for next year. Let’s not forget the meaning of this day or the importance of showing our love and care for others.

Gifts are a small token of that appreciation. They need not be expensive or extravagant. In fact, I would argue that the most thoughtful gift is most giving. Don’t forget if you decide to order flowers online shop with Teleflora and save. This is ideal if you are shopping for a Happy Valentines Day rose.

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