Gift Ideas for Extreme Couponers You Know

How do you buy for the person who is able to find a deal on everything? They are the person who refuses to pay full price for anything. They will hit the brakes when they see a garage sale sign. And they are never without a handful of coupons in the checkout line. Today I’m sharing gift ideas for extreme couponers.

These people are the extreme couponer. While they might drive you crazy with their money-saving antics, it can be even harder to shop for them. This guide will give you some unique, creative gift ideas for people who love to save money.

Gift Ideas for Extreme Couponers

Gift Ideas for Extreme Couponers

Gifts for Couponers

You might be shopping for holiday gifts or Christmas presents. Or you might be looking to purchase a birthday gift or for another special occasion. Whatever the reason, the gift ideas in this guide will work for any holiday or occasion.

While your loved one or friend’s couponing skills may not reach the level as seen on the hit TLC show Extreme Couponing, this person you are buying for probably likes watching it! This list will help you find that perfect gift for the person who can be difficult to buy for.

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Coupon Gift Ideas

Where Do Extreme Couponers Get Coupons?

Theses shoppers already know the ropes when it comes to shopping the sales, price matching and finding the best coupons – your gift will help make their job a little easier, give them a laugh or simply put a smile on their face.

The best part about these gift ideas is you don’t need to be a shopping expert or coupon expert to purchase these gift suggestions. These gift ideas for extreme couponers will bring a smile just a little bit is larger than the one they get when they use coupons for savings!

My Couponing Story

I wrote before about how I started couponing back in early 2015. Three years into my couponing adventure there was no letting up! Although, on a few occasions, I have had to hold myself back from purchases. I started using coupons after attending a coupon class at my local library taught by Rachel of the Couponing with Rachel blog.

The class reignited my interest in saving money on items I buy every month. Today I use coupons mostly for toiletries and other non-food items. I’ve made a few mistakes along the way, and I’ve also learned what tools and resources can make this couponing job easier.

That’s where some of these gifts come in. Because I have been an extreme couponer myself I can share gift ideas that those types of consumers will need and use! OK let’s get to the gift list now…

Gifts for a Couponer

Gift Ideas for Extreme Couponers

Gift Ideas for Couponers

The items on this gift list are items the extreme couponer either will need or want, and many of these items are things they wouldn’t think of buying for themselves, which makes the gift even more valuable. It’s definitely little intimidating to buy a gift for the savvy shopper so this guide will help.

Gift Ideas for Extreme Couponers

1) A Savings-Focused Magazine Subscription: Magazine subscriptions are a great way to give a gift that continues to give year-round. Every month or two a new issue will arrive in the mailbox. For the coupon fanatic, a magazine such as Consumer Reports is a great bet.

Not only will this publication explain the best products to buy, but also includes ratings and options to select products based on price. They also produce a Consumer Reports Buying Guide for the best buys in each product category. Other money saving magazine ideas include: Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and Money magazine.

Gift Ideas for Extreme Couponers

2) Expandable Coupon Organizer with Dividers: This machine-washable fabric coupon organizer is highly recommended! I bought one for myself a few years ago and it remains in great shape through a lot of everyday use. It has a snap so you can attach it to your shopping cart handle, if you please. This is great for hands-free shopping and busy moms.

The coupon organizer also comes with dividers and labels and has a nice velcro closure. I have the black one, but they come in many colors and are the perfect way to organize coupons on the go. There is also a pocket in the front. If you are looking for a coupon binder instead, check out the Keep Calm and Coupon On binder!

Gift Ideas for Extreme Couponers

3) Forged Steel Scissors for Cutting Coupons: These are high-quality scissors for coupon fanatics. I have a pair that I saved from my grandmother’s house. They are the same kind of scissors she used to cut coupons. And she did a lot of cutting!

The blades are forged steel and stay sharp for a very long time. The scissors are large and allow quick and efficient cuts to paper. These are the Fiskars brand which also comes with a lifetime warranty. Believe me, these are the scissors for the extreme couponer in your life!

4) Entertainment Coupon Book: Anyone who loves to shop using coupons also values saving money in their everyday life, from eating out, to going to the movies, attractions and saving on routine services such as car repairs and tailoring.

The Entertainment Coupon Book is the perfect solution to save in all of those areas. The books are available for different cities so the specials apply to the same area where recipient lives. Not only are Entertainment Coupon Books a great gift, but they are also very affordable.

Please note effective in 2021, that was the last year you could purchase a printed book. For calendar year 2022 and beyond you can purchase an online Entertainment Digital Membership. When you make the purchase, don’t forget to use Rakuten to save more. In the past I have seen a Rakuten offer for 35 percent cash back on the books! Read my full Rakuten review to understand how this cash back site works and to earn a bonus when signing up as a new user!

5) Extreme Couponer Ornament: This ornament is the perfect addition to the extreme couponer’s Christmas tree. The saying is simple and to the point “This is How I Roll” with an image of a shopping cart. This is a good idea if you are looking for a Christmas gift in particular for the couponer in your life.

The ornament is made of lightweight white porcelain and comes with a gold tie so it’s ready to hang. The ornament is one item the extreme couponer will probably not buy for themselves because they are too busy figuring out where do extreme couponers get coupons.

6) Local Newspaper Subscription: Newspapers are not dead, in fact, they are thriving among the couponer crowd. That Sunday paper comes loaded with coupons and savings! It’s best to purchase a subscription to the newspaper closest to where the recipient lives – as the coupons are regional.

Sometimes more than one paper may be available for delivery, too. If the couponer already has a subscription, you can offer to pay to extend their subscription. Check out the Sunday subscription deals for the best coupons. This is one way extreme couponers get coupons.Gift Ideas for Extreme Couponers7) Reusable Shopping Bags: Washable shopping bags not only promote sustainability and green-living, they are also often more durable and roomier than plastic or paper grocery bags. They are also becoming more of the norm at many stores as companies move toward greener business practices.

Some bags also provide built-in insulation to help keep perishable items cool on the ride home. You might opt to buy a high-quality insulated set for the coupon lover to keep their perishables cool – or for fun – buy this crazy coupon lady tote – perfect for quick shopping trips!

8) Computer Paper: You might think I’m joking but I’m not. Hear me out even though this might sound like one of those extreme gifts. Many coupon lovers print their coupons online today. That requires office paper. Buy the extreme couponer in your life a ream of office paper – or an entire case of office paper – to help fuel their coupon passion.

This can make for a fun gag gift, especially if you end up buying the entire case. But it’s also an item they will actually use. The paper will allow them to save money printing costs for future couponing adventures too.

9) Extreme Coupon Shirt: This “Coupon Queen” shirt is way too cool. The wearer will not only be able to show off their love of couponing but they also will give a little hint (or advanced notice) to the cashier before they check out!

This shirt comes in five different colors and sizes from kids, to womens to male 3XL, meaning it will fit anyone on your extreme couponer gift list. There are also other styles of shirts such as one that just says COUPONING. This one is more neutral in design if you are shopping for a male couponer.

Gifts for Couponers

Gift Ideas for Extreme Couponers

In Summary

Buying a gift for the extreme couponer in your life does not need to be intimidating! This list will help you with gift ideas for extreme couponers.

Even the person who loves a great sale or to get an item for free, will appreciate a thoughtful gift – and in particular – a gift that supports one of their biggest passions – saving money!

Who else in your life is a challenge to buy for?

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