Gardening With Petittis Garden Center Ohio

I was recently approached by Petittis Garden Center about partnering with the company and shopping at one of their local stores for some of my own home and garden projects. Today I’ll share about Gardening With Petittis.

I immediately said “yes” to this opportunity as it completely fits in line with my blog content and I already shop at Petitti’s for my own gardening needs so it was time to officially start gardening with Petittis.

Gardening With Petittis

Gardening With Petittis

Cleveland Garden Center

Petitti’s is a locally owned and operated home and garden center chain with nine locations across Northeast Ohio. While I also shop at a few “big box” stores for quick gardening needs, Petitti’s is my go to spot for organic lawn and garden products, high-quality plants, seeds and more.

I have yet to have any quality issues or concerns with Petitti’s products. Their stores are clean and welcoming, and for someone passionate about all things lawn and garden – simply fun to shop at!

I went into this partnership without a specific pet project in mind. As I have mentioned before, I entered the Cuyahoga County Master Gardener program last fall. Through the course of this program (from which I graduate from in November!) I learned a lot of my own garden maintenance routines were not quite up to par.

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Petittis Garden Center

Gardening With Petittis

As a result, I decided 2015 would be a year of maintenance for my lawn and garden. I grew a small garden, which did wonderfully, but my main focus was on making sure my own gardening practices improved.

These practices included the “not so fun” parts of gardening such as pruning, removing spent blooms on flowers, amending soil, fertilizing and feeding plants. I’m happy to report these small changes are already paying off.

This year I harvested close to 100 potatoes from my vegetable garden, dozens of cherry tomatoes, a dozen heads of hard neck garlic, more than two dozen carrots, dozens of cucumbers and squash and more. All of this came from four garden boxes totaling 48-square feet!

Cleveland Garden Centers

Gardening With Petittis

So what did I purchase at Petitti’s to help with my garden? I purchased a large bag of Espoma All Purpose Fertilizer (this is my go-to fertilizer for my vegetable garden, perennials and annuals). I purchased a brand new pair of high-quality gardening gloves that actually fit (I have small hands).

I also purchased some of their in-house grass seed at Petittis Garden Center and some peat moss for a lawn seeding project. I purchased a bag of potting soil to repot some of my plants (this should be done annually if possible).

Gardening With Petittis

More About Petittis

My “fun” purchase was a small flat of thyme. I wanted to use this as a ground covering near two window wells. I divided the flat into smaller “plants” and spread them out. By end of season the thyme had covered the entire area just as I had hoped. Take a look!

Now is not the time to overlook end of season garden chores and maintenance. From fall fertilization of your lawn, to preparing your garden beds for 2016, pulling the last of those seasonal weeds, fall pruning and planting of mums and other hardy perennials, there is still plenty to be done outside with the help of Petittis Garden Center.

Gardening With Petittis

Garden Box

Garden With Petittis

In Conclusion

If you aren’t into the real hands on aspects of gardening, you can also purchase pre-made potted plants and planters at Petitti Garden Centers and fall decor, perfect for spicing up your patio or front porch this season.

Find Petitti Garden Centers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram or visit one of their Northeast Ohio locations.

Disclosure: I was provided  with a $100 gift card to Petitti’s Garden Centers in exchange for my partnership on this blog post. All opinions and thoughts here are my own.

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