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Holly Hammersmith is an independent writer and editor. She blogs about how to keep a healthy home and lifestyle. Topics include wellness, household, saving money, gardening and more. Holly lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, daughter and rescue dog Lulu.


  1. Keri says

    I collect what I wish to purchase and haggle on the whole rather than piece by piece. If I think an item should be less, I examine it carefully and point out imperfections in my haggling. Many times the seller only remembers their items as they were new and may not realize they had a problem.

  2. Deborah Brauser says

    Great tip about staying out late. It hasn’t often worked out for me (everything always seems so picked over once the afternoon hits). BUT, I have given incredible deals to shoppers who have come near the end of the day to my own sales. It’s sooo nice to just not have to re-box everything.

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