Is Barefoot Running Dangerous

Is Barefoot Running Dangerous?

As many long-time readers remember I really became invested in “barefoot” running with my Vibram FiveFingers back in 2011. I got the point where I could run about 6-miles in the shoes and ran a few barefoot 5Ks with them on. I wondered though, is barefoot running dangerous? When I first began barefoot running I … Read more

One Obnoxious Honk

One Obnoxious Honk Getting Honked At

Well it happened again, one obnoxious honk during another run outdoors around my neighborhood. This time I was running 4 miles when I was jarred by the sound of a car horn. Apparently I’m not the only runner who has had this happen so I wanted to address it in today’s post. One Obnoxious Honk … Read more