Meet Jake Gyllenhaal

The Time I Met Jake Gyllenhaal

Over the past few weeks I took part in a two different ice breakers where I was asked if I had met any celebrities. Everyone’s definition of a celebrity is different: from local TV news personalities, to regional chefs to A-List actors. But everyone has a story. Here’s mine of the time it came to … Read more

The Time I Shot a Gun

The Time I Shot a Gun and What it Was Like

Sometimes I write posts based on experiences in my pre-blog life. This is one of them. Depending on where you grow up, shooting guns may be normal for hunting, clay pigeon shooting or target practice. Today I’ll share about the time I shot a gun. I grew up in a family where hunting was normal … Read more

Welcome Home to Cleveland Ohio

I had prayed to God about the day we would move. I didn’t know when it would happen, but I wanted this day to come. As God would have it, the timing took me by surprise. I have written this post in my head half a dozen times. But when it came time to type, I … Read more