Racing Budget

Racing Budget Use it Help Save Money

Has anyone ever told you running is a low-cost sport? I agree and disagree with this statement. Running starts as a frugal sport but most runners eventually find themselves wanting a challenge. This challenge often takes the form of running their first 5K race and figuring out a racing budget. I was there myself, back … Read more

Gift Ideas for Poshmark Sales

Gift Ideas for Poshmark Sales

You joined Poshmark, a popular clothing selling app and website. You listed some of your clothes for sale and finally made your first sale. Now how to package your item for shipping and what kind of gift ideas for Poshmark sales? Many Poshmark sellers like to include a gift or freebie in with their item, … Read more

Best Shopping Apps

Best Shopping Apps to Save Money

Smart phones make many tasks easier – from posting on social media, to quickly checking email, to looking up the address or phone number of a business. One of the most pleasant experiences to come with my upgrade was learning that my smart phone could help me save money by using the best shopping apps. The … Read more

Garage Sale Shopping Tips

Garage Sale Shopping Tips for Best Deals

You have seen the signs in the neighborhood – estate sale, garage sale, rummage sale. Garage sale season begins in the spring and continues full force through summer. Today I’m sharing my favorite garage sale shopping tips. I’m passionate about smart spending and scoring a good deal, so garage sale season is one of my … Read more