Cheap Grocery List

Cheap Grocery List 18 Essential Foods

Sometimes grocery shopping can be a fun experience, especially if the store offers free samples. Other times it can be pure drudgery. Am I right? While sometimes I will shake up the shopping experience by going to a new store or buying a new item to try there are a handful of basics I stick … Read more

Filling Breakfast

Filling Breakfast Foods and Quick Recipes

When I commuted and worked in an office I preferred packing my breakfast during the week. The only hindrance was it was difficult for me to come up with “grab and go” options. I struggled with figuring out how to make a filling breakfast that would keep me satisfied until lunch. Now working from home … Read more

Homemade Window Cleaner

How to Make Homemade Window Cleaner

Like many people, I had grown accustomed to buying window cleaner to clean windows in our home. Usually window cleaner is dyed a bright, unnatural blue color and has a strong odor. I started to question using an artificial cleaner in my home especially after we got our rescue dog Lulu. I decided I would … Read more