Home Canning Gifts

Home Canning Gifts for Home Canners

Do you know a home gardener, someone who appreciates organic food or who wants to save money? Home canning is a wonderful hobby that supports all of these interests. That friend or family member would appreciate home canning gifts, which are actually quite affordable too. Home canning gifts do not need to wait until a … Read more

Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwich

Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Today I’m sharing a quick and easy breakfast recipe that I first started making many years ago. This sandwich covers several food groups and will provide a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats in a meal. I’m sharing a recipe for bacon egg cheese sandwich. This recipe does include meat but I will also … Read more

Dog Ate Bread Dough

Dog Ate Bread Dough? Here’s What to Do

Well we had a little scare when my dog ate bread dough. It was sourdough bread dough. For years I made homemade sourdough bread on a weekly basis. Here are the details of exactly what happened leading up to when my dog ate bread dough, how it happened and how my dog recovered. The incident involved Lulu, … Read more

Traditional Polish Foods

Traditional Polish Foods Complete Food List

Many Polish foods are popular among people from all backgrounds. You might enjoy traditional Polish foods, such as pierogi, and not even realize their origin. Pierogi is probably the most popular Polish food enjoyed today in America. Today I’m sharing some additional foods from Poland that I have enjoyed or made over the years. If … Read more