Shakeology Challenge

Shakeology Challenge Pack Meal Plan Idea

Have you ever felt like it was time for a reset on your health? I’ve had this feeling many times before. It might be stress getting in the way of my healthy habits, the holidays or struggling to stay active during the winter. One time when this happened I tried something different a Shakeology Challenge. … Read more

The Next Martha Stewart

The Next Martha Stewart in the Making

Has your year been filled with cooking and baking? Mine sure has. This made me think of when I wrote about becoming the next Martha Stewart. I want to revisit that story today and share what kind of cooking adventures I’ve been up to lately. A lot of people have been working on their cooking … Read more

Cheap Grocery List

Cheap Grocery List 18 Essential Foods

Sometimes grocery shopping can be a fun experience, especially if the store offers free samples. Other times it can be pure drudgery. Am I right? While sometimes I will shake up the shopping experience by going to a new store or buying a new item to try there are a handful of basics I stick … Read more