Can You Sleep Too Much Causes and Tips

Have you ever found yourself in a pattern where you were sleeping more and more? It could be during a stressful time, or during the winter or when you are cooped up at home. Can you sleep too much? I wondered about this after I found myself sleeping for long periods of time.

A few years ago, I was sleeping a lot. I can even remember saying to a friend or two at that time that eight hours of rest just wasn’t enough for me. I needed more. Nine or 10 maybe. I wondered if this was normal and decided to find out.

Can You Sleep Too Much

Can You Sleep Too Much

How Much Sleep is Too Much?

But the weird thing is I also knew I had not always been this way. I used to rest less. Need less. This made me wonder is it possible to oversleep? Over time, I allowed myself to rest a little more thinking it would help me be at my best and that it was what I needed.

Fast forward to recent years. I’ve been eating even healthier and I’m back on my multivitamins. Sleeping eight hours has been plenty for me lately. Even seven will do. I wake up refreshed and eager to tackle the day.

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Is Too Much Sleep Bad for You?

This whole slumber experience left me thinking maybe my body didn’t need that much rest. Maybe I was coping. Maybe I had nutritional deficiencies that were leaving me exhausted each day. Maybe I was caught in a cycle of oversleeping which can lead to depression, stress and more.

Today I want to share a few facts about the amount of sleep adults need daily, and to answer the title of this post. Yes, you can oversleep much which answered my question about slumber.

Is Too Much Sleep Bad?

Here’s the information I learned about the proper amount of overnight rest for grown adults, along with what oversleeping means and the health risks involved with too much slumber:

  • It’s called oversleeping and there are real side effects including: diabetes, heart disease and increased risk of death.
  • The amount of overnight rest you need varies throughout life. During times of stress or illness you may need more.
  • People who oversleep can feel symptoms of anxiety, low energy and have memory problems.
  • Oversleepers typically slumber 9+ hours a night on a regular basis.
  • In rare circumstances someone may need 9+ hours of sleep per night. A doctor can help advise if this is the case for you. Less than 2 percent of the population falls into this category.
  • What should you do if you fall under any of these categories or symptoms? See your family physician, ask questions and get assistance in finding out why you may be oversleeping.
  • How many hours of sleep is normal or needed for a typical adult? Experts say seven to eight hours per night for adults.

Sources: WebMD, The Washington Post, Mayo Clinic

What Happens if You Sleep More

Can You Sleep Too Much

In Summary

I hope this information is helpful in determining how much sleep you need as an adult, what is normal and what your body may require during specific times of need. Sleep can vary from person to person and during different life changes the amount of sleep required to feel rested may change.

It’s important to know how much sleep you need personally, but also be aware if you are drifting into the category of sleeping too much. If so, you might want to examine lifestyle factors including stress, depression and seasonal affective disorder.

How many hours do you sleep a night?

2 thoughts on “Can You Sleep Too Much Causes and Tips”

  1. Sleep is grossly underrated in our culture. Left to my own devices, I get between 8 and 10 hours of sleep a night. And that makes me happy! (Left to a regular family schedule, I am lucky to get 7.)

    I refuse to believe that oversleeping is a thing, but maybe it is.

  2. Good article on a subject that we don’t pay nearly enough attention to these day. Although getting little sleep is much more common than too much, I wonder if they aren’t related. Even though you’re spending more time in bed perhaps the quality of sleep is so poor that it’s really too little. .


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