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Holly Hammersmith is an independent writer and editor. She blogs about how to keep a healthy home and lifestyle. Topics include wellness, household, saving money, gardening and more. Holly lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, daughter and rescue dog Lulu.


  1. Darla says

    I love money saving apps. I will download the key ring. It’s nothing like being at the store and your trying to use you phone number because you don’t have your card. But your not sure what number you signed up with so you just go through them all.

    • Holly Hammersmith says

      Definitely. I have had the same issue with remembering phone numbers or it simply taking too much time. Other times the cashier will try to type it in and maybe can’t hear me and gets it wrong and we start over again!

  2. Kristy @Runaway Bridal Planner says

    I really need to get an iphone, everyone has been telling me to get one, but I have put it off. But it seems like all the great apps are created for it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Holly Hammersmith says

      I put it off forever. I finally purchased a smart phone in September and went all the way to the top of the line with the iPhone 5S. It’s been amazing for blogging and social media. There were so many things I used to do on my laptop that are so much easier on the phone! Also being we link into our wifi at home and work, it really helps on the data costs. My husband and I use less than 2GB per month combined. As someone who is budget conscious it was important to me to not be breaking the bank!

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