Shakeology Challenge Pack Meal Plan Idea

Have you ever felt like it was time for a reset on your health? I’ve had this feeling many times before. It might be stress getting in the way of my healthy habits, the holidays or struggling to stay active during the winter. One time when this happened I tried something different a Shakeology Challenge.

Shakeology is the name of a powdered shake packet that you mix with with water or milk. These are made by BeachBody and are usually sold through coaches. I decided to try this product as a meal replacement to jumpstart my health, this was my experience.

Shakeology Challenge

Shakeology Challenge

What is Shakeology?

Before trying Shakeology I did some research. I talked with my readers about feeling fed up with my weight and some poor eating habits. A lot of you could relate and asked if I had tried any shakes for meal replacement. I had not done this before, Shakeology was the first time I tried this.

I did some research on meal replacement shakes first. I’ve read about other healthy living bloggers trying meal replacement shakes such as Shakeology and Body by Vi so I thought it might be a new way for me to jump-start my healthy eating regime again.

After some careful research I decided I would try Shakeology for a Shakeology challenge because the ingredients seemed more natural. This being said there is some debate as to whether these shakes are safe if you are pregnant or nursing. I was not at the time.

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There is also debate about children consuming these shakes. I would recommend adults only based on the research I performed. I also decided that only eating shakes would not be a good idea for my overall health. I decided I would have one shake a day as a meal replacement, primarily breakfast.

eBay Shakeology

One of the big deterrents initially to this challenge was cost. I wasn’t willing to commit financially to 30-days of shakes, so I just purchased enough shakes for a 7 Day Shakeology challenge. The cost of the shakes can add up quickly.

I don’t think this is technically allowed by the Beachbody reps but I ended up finding the shake packets for sale on eBay. A lot of people are interested in Shakeology Amazon or Amazon Shakeology as well. As of Fall 2021, I did see the product for sale on their website! It is now available in the following flavors:

If you know a Beachbody coach they might offer you Shakeology sample packets. It ended up that Shakeology eBay was my source for the shakes. My shake packets arrived on a Friday. I had one shake a day as a meal replacement since then. I tried to weigh myself but I have no idea if I made any weight progress.

Beachbody Shakeology Challenge Pack

I purchased only one flavor for my challenge although the shake packets come in multiple flavors. The chocolate shake mix was 160 calories per shake in addition to whatever liquid I added. I used mostly whole milk which was roughly 150 calories per serving, rounding out my shake to 300 or so calories.

Other options would be to make the shake only with water, this would probably work better if you are only having a snack versus meal replacement. Alternately you can add different milks such as almond milk or coconut milk. Another idea is to beef up your shake even more by adding not only the powder and a liquid but fruit, nut butter, spinach, etc.

If you try this you will need to blend your shake in a blender. IF you are only using the powder mixed with a liquid you can do this with a hand held shaker cup.

Shakeology is marketed as a meal replacement and dietary supplement. Other claims include the shake will help you lose weight, reduce cravings, feel energized and will help improve digestion and regularity. What is in Shakeology? The company says protein and essential amino acids, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

7 Day Shakeology Challenge Meal Plan

Shakeology Challenge

My Experience

I was not hungry after a “meal” of Shakeology, which was great. There were 17 grams of protein in the Shakeology mix alone which I found impressive. The only thing I didn’t like about the mix was it was sweetened with stevia. While natural, I simply don’t like the taste of stevia.

I prefer turbinado sugar or honey. Overall I enjoyed the shake and would use them again if they weren’t so expensive. The shakes helped me in that as a result of having one each day, I was extra conscious to plan healthy options for my other meals of the day.

While the shake challenge ended up not really being about weight loss, I really enjoyed trying shake meal replacements in this form. This challenge prompted me to try other shakes and protein bars over the years. While I do not have these replacements regularly I have found them helpful from time to time if I am need of a body reset.

Shakeology Challenge Pack

Shakeology Challenge

In Summary

This was my experience with the shakes. I had one Shakeology shake with whole milk as a meal replacement each day. I did this for one week. The shakes typically replaced my breakfast each day. This is a nice option to jumpstart your health. As a reminder if you are looking for Shakeology on Amazon I found it available in Fall 2021 in these flavors:

Have you tried Shakeology? What was your experience?


6 thoughts on “Shakeology Challenge Pack Meal Plan Idea”

  1. Great post and I am so happy to hear you’re happy with Shakeology! As a Beachbody Coach, I am a huge fan of the drink and its benefits, and its helped me to lose over 20lbs!

    Couple of things I did want to mention, though:

    A) Buying any food products through Ebay, etc, can be risky. You truly don’t know what you’re getting and there are no guarantees
    B) Beachbody Coaches are strictly PROHIBITED from selling BB products (including Shakeology) via websites like ebay, amazon and craigslist. So anytime you do so you may not be getting what you expect,and you are honoring dishonesty (even if you have the VERY BEST intentions, which I’m sure you do!)
    C) There are no guarantees on Shakeology from anyone but Beachbody. BB offers a “Bottom of the Bag” Guarantee that states that even if you finish the whole bag at loathe it, you can return it for a FULL refund.
    D) You don’t have to buy a full bag right off the rip. BB Coaches (like myself) often times offer sample packets so you can try before you buy.
    E) There are a TON of ways you can save $ on Shakeology through BB.

    Please let me know if I can give you any further information on Shakeology or BB. I am happy to share the info!

    PS – I apologize if this came off as preachy. I just stumbled across this blog/post and thought this was important info to share with someone starting off with Shakeology.

    PPS – Great local blog! I am also a fellow Cleveland-er 😉

    • Not preachy at all. Welcome Shannon. You have valid points. I think the #1 deterrent for me was seeing you could only buy the 30-day supply. I would love to see BB offer a week supply or maybe even half month. Thanks for the info.

      • No problem Holly! And thanks so much for your reply. I TOTALLY agree with you. However, I think they have it set up the way they do to connect coaches with new members – for example when I started BB I was in the same position as you and spoke with my Coach about how I felt – that it was a lot of money to “try” something out. So she sent me about 5 or 6 sample packets of the shake, that I tried for a few days and just fell in love with it. It was easy to make the purchase at that point, because I actually *missed* the shake after the 6 days! LOL But I do agree with you, I think more people would be willing to “try” at a lower price point. That’s why I try to share packets/samples with people who seem interested, like my Coach did for me =)

        PS – Once again sorry for the double message yesterday. Is it Friday yet? LOL

        PPS – I’ve added you to my Blogroll =)

  2. Oooo ebay, you’re so smart. I’ve always wanted to try this but no way am I paying those prices. I would pay the ebay price though.

  3. I’m on a roller coaster with my feelings towards my weight too! I’m down a pound yesterday after eating Chipotle the previous day, eat healthy yesterday, and now I’m up a pound. I need a lifestyle change and I think I’m having a hard time seeing how my eating habits will affect my body long-term.

    I agree that shakes seem out of the price range but your review makes me want to try it for a few days or a week!


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