Why I’m Enjoying Not Running

When I ran my first half-marathon I tried running only a few days afterward and ended up at the beginning of a six month ordeal involving a hip misalignment. When I ran my second half-marathon I played it much safer, opting not to run for probably 10 days. I think I’ll do the same again this time.

I was actually tempted to run Thursday night. My IT band was no longer bothering me and it was a hot one outside. The kind of evening where you would have a run and really sweat it out and feel hard core. Instead I opted for the elliptical and a few up dogs and downward dogs. And you know what? That was just fine.

I’m enjoying not running right now for a variety of reasons…

• The first two days post-half I didn’t exercise at all. And it was kind of marvelous. Suddenly I had so much more time on my hands!

• I’m able to enjoy a little bit of vino, without worrying about needing to hydrate for my next run.

• I’ve also been able to enjoy some good eats — nothing extravagant — but just rewards for finishing another training cycle and 13.1.

• I’m not hovering over a Microsoft Excel sheet, allowing it to determine how I spend every waking fitness moment.

• I’m going to actually take some time to do something I haven’t done in ages — hit the golf course. Walking and swinging are good for the soul.

• In the meantime I plan to leisurely scope out some 5Ks. I want to get back to running for fun and not feeling stressed over my training or that missed long run.

• I need more yoga in my life. I am hoping to attend some outdoor classes this summer, and when I’m not able — to get back to practicing at home.

• Oh and the deep-tissue massage I had Tuesday night — as a reward. Absolutely divine!


How do you reward yourself after the completion of a race and training cycle?

How many days do you take off from running?


  1. says

    I’m kind of at a point right now where I’d love to take a little time off running – I’ll probably take 2-3 days off after Monday’s race, then just do some light training for the 5k I’m running two weekends after. I’m missing my “wine without worry” time and stepping away from the stress of “UH OH MUST RUN OR ELSE I WILL FAIL”

  2. says

    I wish I could be happy when I’m not running, but I’m not! I haven’t run since the 1/2 b/c I really need the rest. I’ve still been cycling and swimming, but it’s not the same. Good for you for enjoying the other side of life!

  3. says

    I took 2 days off after Cleveland. No days off after running the full in April. But its my own fault, I can’t stop signing up for stuff! So I feel perpetually in training. Did you look into seeing Dr. Keyes for your IT band issues? I know we talked about this and I promise you, you won’t regret it. Let me know if you want more info. It will help, I promise!

    • Holly says

      I haven’t yet… I am such an ornery one when it comes to medical care. I hate paying out of my pocket. My deductible is kind of high so I avoid care unless it’s absolutely necessary. :-/

  4. says

    Me too! I haven’t done jack since the marathon and had a beer (2 or 3) every night this week :) but I’m heading out for my first run today. I’m excited to not be on a “plan” for the next month! Enjoy it while it lasts!

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